Saturday, February 27, 2016

What does the Fox say?!

Twinkly eyes, twitchy whiskers, slinky fur and fluffy tail
Red or white, sighs and whispers, keeping still to watch your trail
Shy or sly, the jury's out, wish I could keep you safe and warm
pat your back, stroke your snout, marvel in your perfect form.

My little ode to the humble fox.  Gosh I love them.  I know they're pests in a lot of farming communities, but aren't they magnificent??  If you share my adoration of this humble animal, then I know you're going to love this post.  If not, then please pop back again with a cup of tea in hand next week when I share another of my loves... (I'm being a minx and not telling!)  ;-)

Let's start with some great fabric finds!  I'm a sucker for the duck-egg blue and burnt-orange colourway especially!  Which is your favourite?

Rustic colourway

From top Left to bottom right, clockwise:
  • Mr Fox by Tara Put, can be found over at Spoonflower, here
  • Foxen by Holli Zollinger, another Spoonflower fabric sold here
  • Meadow - Vine, organic knit fabric by Monaluna, found here
  • Socks the Fox by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller Fabrics, found here
  • Red Fox Paw Prints by mrshervi on Spoonflower, here
  • Fox Family Tangle by Micklyn on Spoonflower, here

Did you know that the Spoonflower prints are available in wallpaper as well as fabric?  It's a really cool site!  See the Foxen print in the top right?  It is featured in this tutorial from Spoonflower on how to re-invent furniture with wallpaper!  Click here to follow the tutorial.


Blue colourway

From top Left to bottom right, clockwise:

  • Foxes and hearts, by kickywiggles, on Spoonflower, here
  • Dancing Fox by els_vlieger, on Spoonflower, here
  • Mr Fox, curtain fabric found here
  • Socks the Fox by Patti Sloniger for Michael Miller Fabrics found here
  • Foxes on Copses fabric by nouveau_bohemian, on Spoonflower, here
  • Foxes - Cambridge blue by Andrea Lauren, on Spoonflower, here

Tula Pink's latest release has a dramatic fox print , it's called Chipper and is being released in stores next month.  I tend to like individual prints in Tula Pink's fabric ranges, and have ordered the Fox print in the three colourways pictured below.  

I'm still kicking myself that I didn't pick up the fox Acacia print (pictured, bottom left) when it was readily available in store. I used to pick up the bolt, admire it, then think, what am I going to do with it?  Undecided, I'd return the fabric to the shelf until the next time I'd ponder its beauty.  Now I know that if I love a fabric that much, I should just buy it and decide later!  Do you do that too?  Have you ever kicked yourself for not making a purchase?

The Acacia print is so hard to find, so if you see any at a reasonable price, please let me know!  I like all of the colourways  ;-)

I thought I'd show you a couple of my recent fox fabric purchases...

Print from Forest Frolics range by Heidi Boyd.  It can be found on Etsy, here

This print is called Forest Fellows - Foxes in Wild, by Sea Urchin Studio for Robert Kaufman.  I purchased mine from Clair's Fabrics, here.  Clair very cleverly puts together fat quarter bundles, here is her "Fabulous Fox"  FQ bundle (foxes with moustaches, awesome!).  You can find it for purchase, here.

Okay, so now we've got the fabrics covered, here are some patterns and hand-mades I think any fox-lover would covet!

Can you knit?  I'm learning!  I need to learn quicker because I so want to be able to make these  Foxy Mittens by JennyPenny!  The free pattern can be found on Ravelry, here.  I tell ya, I'm squealing with delight over these!!

How's this for a fun and easy sew?  If you're new to the craft - this pattern and tutorial would be a perfect project to get you started!  It can be found over at Pretty Prudent, here.

If you're a more experienced sewer and a lover of EPP, this inexpensive instant-download PDF pattern by SchenleyP is, I'm sure you'd agree, totally adorable!

Sewn by Katrina, image courtesy of Make Something
Perhaps you like to spend time relaxing on a Saturday afternoon with some cross stitch?  Love the abstractness of the Argyle design in this pattern by Winsome Stitches!  It can be found on Etsy, here.

Are you more in to papercraft?  I've got you covered!  This free origami pattern is kindly offered by Daniel Chang of Keep Folding On.  It can be found, here.

If you reside in Australia, and you love sewing, it will come as no surprise to you that Homespun magazine launched it's BOM this month.  Designed by the gorgeous Natalie Bird of The Bird House, this quilt is nothing short of stunning!  I am gathering up materials to make it!  If you can't find Homespun magazine easily in your country, did you know that you can purchase digital issues through Zinio?  

Isn't that great?  Here's a pic of the cover:

I have a wee fox keeping me company in my sewing room.  Heathcliff was a gift by my sweet friend Simone, over at May Blossom.  He's a bit shy, but agreed to let me take his photo so you can meet him!

Photos by SEW Useful Designs

Isn't he cute?  If you'd like to make your very own Heathcliff, you can find the pattern by Simone Gooding of May Blossom, here, where you can also find the soft-toy pattern for Foxglove, too!

I am currently working on a fox design for my sister-in-law.  Her father has called her The Fox since she was a little girl, and since last year she has been known as Nanna Fox, with the arrival of her first grandchild, Lily.  My sister now lives in Greece and is writing stories for her grandchildren... so I have something in mind to make and send her.  It's a big secret at the moment though!  But you now know why I've been thinking about foxes a lot, of late!

Okay, before I go I will leave you with the theme tune to the title of this blog post!  A crazy novelty song by Norwegian band, Ylvis, that hit the charts in 2013.  Just click on the caption to take you to the video - very tongue-in-cheek and a bit of a giggle!

Click here to play song
Stay foxy!  ;-)
Vikki xoxoxo


Sue Niven said...

I love your themed posts! I too adore foxes, I have little story to tell you. My little sister once upon a time when she was single was living in a rental property and the back of it was facing a bank with the railway line. In the bank was a fox hole with a mother and her cubs and they allowed my sister to see them. They used to play around her while she sat quietly. That was a magical season for my sister.

Deb said...

Cute fabrics hun. Young Heathcliff is adorable and actually in his photo on the front of the pattern he reminds me of Basil brush.--boom boom

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