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Hi and welcome to SEW Useful Designs!  My name is Vikki and I have been designing and making sweet patchwork items for the past eight years.

I emigrated from England to Melbourne in 2004 along with my Australian-born husband, and my son, Aaron. We settled in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, a place full of rustic beauty, and a stones-throw from where hubby grew up.  On moving in to our new family home it shortly followed that I fell pregnant with our sweet daughter, Rosie.  It was during this time that I first dabbled with design.  I knew that I was going to be having a girl so set about looking for linen and accessories for her nursery... but I couldn't find anything close to what was envisioned in my mind's eye.  I wanted something traditionally floral and feminine but without baby-themed motifs... and I couldn't erase the idea of a nappy stacker shaped in to a little girls' dress.  So I made it!  That very first design was published in Australian Homespun magazine back in 2010 and is still a sentimental favourite.

My love for design was born along with my sweet baby and so it has grown with her.  I love to design for the Australian patchwork magazines and I would guess that my style falls in to two distinct niches - fun and quirky - and sweet pretty country.  In the past I have designed quirky items such as a guitar-shaped plectrum holder for the men in my life, and a 1950's-inspired recipe card holder to be hung in the kitchen.  But as my passions have evolved, I'm more inclined to draw up stitchery designs of adorable animals, and design small patchwork items.  I can not imagine a day where sewing and designing isn't a part of my life!

I hope that my blog will inspire you to create, and if you have any questions or fancy a chat please don't hesitate to contact me!

If you would like to learn some quirkier things about me - then have a read of
this post - it might give you a giggle!!!

With warm regards!
Vikki :-)


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