Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tilda dolls donne their posh frocks!

The Tilda doll, and her wee toy dolly, are ready for an afternoon out in their posh outfits!  Where do you think they might heat out to?  I've got them down for a visit to the theatre... maybe a fruit smoothie taken al fresco by the marina before they take their seats?

It's certainly the type of weather for cold drinks... 38 degrees today in Melbourne and I'm sat with the fan going in the study!

Till next time!
Vikki xox


Sue Niven said...


Julie said...

Just beautiful Vikki ... LoVe them to bits. LoVe the fabrics you have chosen. Yes definately I think a visit to the Theatre is in order :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vikki ,wow they are so cute Rosie will love them,well done my friend xx

Createology said...

Your Tilda dolls are precious. I love that they are sipping cool smoothies and going to the theater with you. Super Cute!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

They should definitely choose freshly churned gelato enjoyed in deck chairs overlooking the ocean on a visit to Townsville, where they can stay with me forever. xxx

It's A Wonderful said...

Absolutely adorable!

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