Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Garden Love stitchery

It’s been a busy few weeks full of appointments and special birthdays to celebrate!  One of my dearest darling friends celebrated her 40th, then my two kids had their 8th and 16th birthdays respectively… within three days of each other.  It will be the only time in history that Rosie will be exactly half of her brother’s age… and literally half of his size as well!  I wish I could show you but Rosie has decided that she doesn’t want me to put photographs up on my blog, so I respect her wishes.  But gosh they’re cute!

Just this week the weather in Melbourne has turned a full 360 degrees and it’s mild and warm with the occasional peek of sunshine glimpsing through the clouds.  I’m getting out in the garden this afternoon to do a spot of weeding before Spring arrives in all its glory and everything shoots up like a rocket!

Which leads me nicely on to today’s subject of my garden themed stitchery that is featured in the current issue of Inspiring Country Threads (Vol 14 No 5).

Garden stitchery 4

Garden stitchery 5

Garden love 1

I used a mini charm pack for this project, a range called Buttercup by Joanna Figeuroa, Fig Tree & Co. for Moda.  I love the soft muted tones, they make me feel relaxed and cheerful!

Garden stitchery mag 1

I’m off to mow my lawn!  I can’t start the mower myself so my DS is going to do the honours for me.  I really LOVE mowing grass.  I enjoy weeding too – but my back doesn’t quite agree with me – I have to keep telling it to shut up and be quiet!!!

Okay, so am I a wee bit crazy or do you talk to your bodies as well?!!! *&%#!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

… and the one I made!


Pincushion bird

For my swap partner I adapted my sewing machine cover design (you can read about it here), added some embroidery, ric-rac and buttons.

I hope my secret swap partner likes it!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Pincushion swap!

Be Insightful…

Pincushion swap 1

… what a profound message and a very good one for a designer, too!

Pincushion swap 2

I took part in a pincushion swap hosted by the lovely Maree over at Ollie and May, and this is the new craft accessory my swap partner, Lyrebird & Lamb, made for me.  Isn’t it bright and cheerful?  I’m enjoying looking at it while I sew… it’s keeping me inspired!

I’ll show you the one I made next time… till then I hope you have a bright and insightful weekend!

Hugs! Vikki Smile


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