Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Master bedroom makeover

Hubby took a week off work during the school holidays and we set to redecorating our bedroom - the last room in the house to still have the canary-yellow painted walls that we moved in with - 11 years ago!

Just before my little family emigrated to Australia 12 years ago, I did a big shop at IKEA, thinking it would be my last chance for a long time to stock up on essential household items. I came home with a car-full of floral bed linen - and hubby was really confused - not only did I go and buy a heap of stuff to squeeze in to the container that we were shipping overseas - but apparently - Australia has IKEA too!!  Who knew?!!

The range I purchased was known as Rosali.  Some years later it made another debut for Cath Kidston, this time being named, Antique Rose.  The background tone may be a little more ivory than white, but it's the same print.  So I bought two rolls of wallpaper and had them shipped from England, three years ago.  I obviously don't like to rush my interior design decisions!  Ha ha!

Well, I had underestimated the amount of wallpaper I needed, and was off by about ten inches. Because I'd purchased it so long ago it was going to be near-on impossible to get the same batch number, not to mention the expense.  A friend suggested putting a decorative rail up on the feature wall  - using less wallpaper and adding another design element in to the mix.  It worked out really well. We are both really  happy with the room and I had to take some photos before the boxes went back under the bed, and the piles of laundry made their way back on to the sofa... you know how it is?  The first night we slept in the completed room, hubby left a can of fly spray on his bedside table - which I promptly swept up and put in the bathroom cupboard - I just wanted ONE night of the room looking like it was perfect!  He laughed and rolled his eyes!  Just like he did 12 years ago when I had a car full of bedding!!

I hope you are having a good week. lovelies?
Till next time!  Hugs! Vikki xoxo


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