Friday, January 3, 2014

Cute little Kokka bag

With all the hub-bub of Christmas I almost forgot to show you my most recent published project…

Mom is Sewing 1

I found some sewing-themed Japanese Kokka fabric in Patchwork with Gail B, matched it with a cool retro circle print, and designed a sweet bag and mobile phone carrier.

Mom is Sewing 2 edit

Mom is Sewing 3 edit

The phone carrier is decorated with a button card, I think the French word for buttons, Boutons, is really cute! Not sure why!

Mom is Sewing 4 edit

The bag-flap is secured at the back with two large boutons!  The straps are pieced and tied at the top for decoration. 

Mom is Sewing 5

The bag is published in the current Inspiring Country Threads magazine, Vol 14 No 10.  I have been asked about the Kokka fabric and unfortunately, try as I might I haven’t been successful in finding out what it’s called.  But you could try contacting Patchwork with Gail B, my local patchwork store which also, I believe, sells online.

Okay!  Back to sewing my Tilda Skating Angel!  Catch you soon!! xx

Vikki xo Smile


Thursday, January 2, 2014

First new project of 2014!

Tilda book edit 1

Happy new year lovely peeps!  I hope you’ve had a happy start to 2014 and have some time up your sleeve to do the things you enjoy?! For me, that time involves a wonderful new book I received for Christmas together with some fabrics, fur and feathers…

Tilda skating angel


Because I’m just about to cut out the pattern pieces for the Skating Angel.  Isn’t she a cutie?  She is one of 10 projects in ‘Tilda’s Winter Delights’ book by Tone Finnanger.

Tilda book 2 edit

I gave Mr SUDs a wee Christmas list in case he was stuck for what to get me, and this book was top of it!  He purchased the book, and I added the delicious fur fabric, from the wonderful Woodberry Designs online store (aka Shabby Art Boutique).  The fur is SO soft and its quality is excellent.  I can’t wait to sew with it!  The package on top of the fur contains some grey-coloured feathers (also available at Woodberry Designs) to complete the ensemble.  After all, an angel needs her wings!  With owning both wings AND ice skates, this angel is going to have some magnificent take-offs and landings!  Wish I could join her, do you?

Being on a Tilda-roll, I also purchased some of the Tilda Corner Shop fabrics from Wrapped in Fabric, while they were on special.

So what are you creating?  Are you finishing projects or are you starting new ones?

I’ll leave you with some flower-pics taken in my garden this morning, just because!

Flower Jan 2 2014

Those petals sure would make great fairy wings wouldn’t they?

Flower Jan 2014

With lots of love!

Vikki xo


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