Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa’s little helper!

vikki handface header

Sorry… we need to do a few jobs first!

Like fold the washing…

vikki handface cholthes

(Oops!  Did you put your toupee in the wash?!)

And then give our friends a tour of our special tree ornaments…


Including the little fairy that has adorned Vikki’s family Christmas tree for as long as she can remember… and…

Sharon ornie

This cheerful bear that her dear friend, Sharon, painted for her a couple of years ago… and…

painted santa ornie

The first decoration she painted herself!  And…

Linda xmas ornie

This cute love-heart that her darling sister, Linda, sent from England. Linda has the same decoration so that they can each gaze upon their heart and know the other sister has been doing the same!!  And…

Aaron xmas ornie

One of the most treasured of all… the glittered cardboard star that her DS, Aaron, made for her when he was aged Four.  It has perched on the tree for eight years now! 

Okay… now it’s time for tea…

vikki handface cuppa

vikki h andface drinking

You have been such a good hand this year, sewing and making and pouring cups of tea…

…so what would you like to ask Santa for this Christmas?

Rosie handface


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas treats!

Gosh, it’s hard to believe it has been two weeks since my last post… where has the time gone?!

For me, the time has gone to good use!  Making special gifts for friends and family, socialising with those I hold dear, cooking and baking, wrapping and card-writing… I could go on – but don’t worry – I won’t! he he…

My family and I caught up with our group of friends yesterday for a Xmas picnic lunch, and I made the always-asked-for Feta and Rosemary stuffed cherry tomatoes:


They really are very tasty!  Would you like the recipe?

Ingredients:  24 large cherry tomatoes; 100g soft Feta,crumbled (about 1 cup); A few sprigs of chopped fresh rosemary; Approx 2 tablespoons basil (or black olive) tapenade

Method: Wash tomatoes and remove the stalks.  Turn the tomatoes upside down so the stalk-side is at the bottom.  Now cut a cross in the top of each (but do not cut completely down the tomato).  In a small bowl, combine the Feta and chopped rosemary.  Spoon a small amount of tapenade in to each tomato and top with the Feta mixture.  Place on a greased oven tray and cook in a hot oven (200c)for approx. 25 minutes, or until tomatoes are just tender.  Serve warm or cold, garnished with a little extra fresh rosemary.

Before I left the house for the get-together my dining table looked like this:

Xmas wrappings

What do your tables look like at this time of the year?  I bet they’re tidier than mine! LOL…

Rosie and I received some exciting parcels in the post this week too!  Rosie’s special little friends in South Australia made her a cute ornament for our tree – one that will be treasured for years to come!  Here is Rosie putting it on the tree…

Rosie on tree

And here is a pic of the little angels who made it for her!  Their mum, is the gorgeous Dawn, a fellow gum tree designer, and she is an absolute angel, too! :-)  Thank you darling girls!!! {Hugs!}

he he he… I must share this!  As I write, Rosie has been running around with a a small blanket in each hand, flapping her little arms and pretending she is a fly!  I stopped writing and have been chasing her around with an imaginary can of fly spray (making “pshhh” noises) and she has been giggling her little head off!  Ahh – kids are so much fun aren’t they?!!!

Getting back to Christmas treats!!!! The second surprise I’d like to share with you was from the lovely Deb in New Zealand.  I opened her parcel to be greeted with this beautifully wrapped gift…

Deb ornie wrapped

And opened it to reveal this stunning hanging heart ornament…

Deb ornie on tree 

Deb chose the Dickins quote especially because I am English!  Thank you darling Deb!!! {{Hugs}}!!

Gosh I feel so spoiled!  Next time we chat I will show you some more of my precious Xmas ornaments.  For me, Christmas is about remembering the ones we love, sometimes it’s hard not to get caught up with the busy-ness (is that a word?) of the crazy season – but it’s because we like to “give” that it becomes crazy!  I have quite a few sentimental ornaments that have been made or gifted to me, and it’s wonderful that each year they trigger special memories… they are what I will share with you!

Until next time – enjoy the season!!! 

Hugs! Vikki xo

Saturday, December 5, 2009

RAKs, a ‘win’ and a secret fairy house!

I had just written my blog post when we had a power cut! LOL… yes… you’ve guessed right – the post wasn’t saved! So here I am again with ‘take two’! Although, I have a prediction as to why the power went out…

I reckon Clerk Griswald is on vacation in Australia and must have turned on the Xmas lights down the end of our street!! Do you love that film as much as I do? National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, with Chevy Chase? It’s a ‘must watch’ every December in the SUDs household!!

Anyhow, before I was so rudely interrupted *giggle* I was just telling you how beautiful, kind, caring, warm and considerate you all are! But you knew that already didn’t you? *smiles*.

I had a wonderful and heart-warming surprise last Friday afternoon when a parcel arrived all the way from the lovely Dolores, in Canada. This is what Dolores kindly sent me:


An incredible embroidery magazine that I’ve never seen on the news–stands in Aus; some green and pink fat quarters (my favourite colours – as Dolores knows!); and some ‘kitty’ fabric for my DD, Rosie. Thank you SO much Dolores!!! You’re so very kind and thoughtful! Knowing how much Rosie loves her kitties and sending her some fabric was so very touching {hugs!}. So, I wasted no time at all in whipping-up some little blankets, pillows and sheets for Rosie’s two favourite kitty toys. Here they are tucked up in their beds…

Kitties in beds

I’ll let you into a little tip for having non-bumpy stuffing in little ‘things’ such as these pillows… adhere a fusible wadding to the back of the fabric prior to cutting and sewing. When you ‘stuff’ the pillow, the fabric will already have a nice thick layer over it so any lumps and bumps won’t show through.

This isn’t the only Random Act of Kindness I have encountered as a blogger… several weeks ago my dear and darling friend, Simone, sent me a ‘kit’ to make some cute pixie dolls for Rosie. Simone made these for her own children when they were young… and I feel so incredibly humbled that I will follow in Simone’s footsteps to create these delightful characters for my very own little real-life pixie!

100_1717 100_1721

The kit is to make the little pixies and mushroom in the left-hand picture – aren’t they just adorable? The other picture is a beautiful card containing something even more precious… Simone’s love! I am really excited about getting ‘stuck into’ this project… and it’s getting higher and higher on my ‘to do’ list! Thank you SO much, Simone!!! {hugs!}

I really have been blessed haven’t I? Not just with such beautiful gifties but with the friendship of such thoughtful and loving ladies! Now I am going to share one more of my blessings with you… I was one of seven lucky winners to receive some glorious fabric from Homespun’s competition: “hope chest”…


The fabric range is called Roses de Noel from Dayview Textiles and I now have 32 fat quarters to play with! My intention is to make two quilts – one for Rosie and the other to be donated to charity.

Hey – this will tickle you! I was attempting to be creative when taking photos of the fabric so added my ‘wooden shoe-makers’ mold’ into the mix!


I bought the “shoe” from here because I loved it’s worn charm, but since doing so I’ve never really quite found the right place to display it… or the inspiration for what to display it with! Any suggestions?!!

Talking of suggestions… can I ask for a few more?!! Cheeky aren’t I? Just as cheeky as one of Simone’s little pixies!! he he he…

I am finishing a fairy house for Rosie this Christmas (Shhh!!!) and thought I’d try some ribbon embroidery around the outside walls of the house to give it some textural charm.



However, this is my first attempt at ribbon embroidery and I think I’ve made the spider roses a bit too big! Do you think I should continue on… or do you think I should undo the roses and add some buttons instead? To get a better idea, click on this link (if you want to of course! What a bossy boots I am!) and it will take you to a previous post about the two fairy houses I have already made (from a pattern by Julie McCulloch).

Righto – I’m off to sup on some more flu remedy and then I might sneak in a bit of sewing before bedtime!

Are you enjoying the Advent posts on Among the Gum Trees? I hope so! :-)

Warm wishes my dear friends!

And Hugs… *always* Hugs!! Vikki x


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