Thursday, August 25, 2011

Angels Playing Happily Block 2

The angels have been whispering in my ear, “Vikki…  it’s time to reveal block two… we want to share in our fun and frolics!”

Angels playing happily block two photo

So without further ado, here it is!  Or should I say, “Here SHE is!” 

Evangeline is one of the most playful angels in the clouds! She is always seeking out some fun or creating entertainments of her own, and never fails to put a bounce in to the step of every person she touches!  One of her favourite pastimes is blowing bubbles, and popping them with her fingers and toes!  She just dips her bubble-making wand in to the nearest cloud to get the mixture; Then once the bubbles have been blown and popped they fall down to earth as summer rain showers.

I hope you enjoy creating Evangeline with fabric and thread.  Just click on the image to take you to the free download

There are three verse blocks in this project, which will be available on 26th September for you to download, plus I’ll be giving you the complete pattern (wings and all) to create this truly sweet wall-hanging!  I would LOVE to see your creations – so please email me with some pictures if you are making this BOM!!  My email address can be found on the (right-hand) side bar!


I look forward to catching up with you again next week once my children’s birthday celebrations are at a close.  Today I am finishing off my daughter’s mermaid costume… and parcelling up a surprise giftie for my son!  Plus, making cupcakes and other baked goodies…. wrapping up ‘pass the parcels’….  and trying to control my excitement of collecting my son from the airport tomorrow night!  He’s been in England for four weeks and it really has flown… but sheesh I’ve missed him!

Until next time!

Angel hugs!

Vikki xo Smile

Sunday, August 21, 2011

One beary cute finish!

Teddy painitng 1 pic

Let me introduce you to Jemima!

This beary sweet teddy was painted on to homespun fabric a few years  back now – I can’t believe I left her in my UFO box for so long!  I painted her from a pattern by Luanne Wykes that was featured in Australian Bear Creations Annual (Vol 11 No 1).

Teddy painting 2 pic

The original design  is called ‘Jemima bear quilt’.  I used different borders on mine rather than following the quilt pattern.  The button on Jemima’s hat is laser-cut, and I coloured it using pink and green Prismacolour pencils.  The wee buttons on the dress are minis manufactured by Dress it Up.

Teddy painting 3 pic

Temporarily hanging in our family room until I can find a space on Rosie’s wall for her…

Teddy painting 4 pic

I shall be back in a couple of days with the next sweet block of Angels playing happily

See you then!

Vikki xo

Monday, August 15, 2011

A sweet surprise and thrift shop finds!

There are times when your breath gets taken away by someone’s thoughtfulness, and I had one of those times last week when I opened a surprise parcel from my sweet friend, Dawn!

Dawns parcel 1 pic

Beautifully wrapped in one of my favourite new fabric lines – Grace by 3 Sisters for Moda… and don’t you just love that jumbo ric-rac?!!

The textiles were a gift in themselves, and then I opened up the squishy parcel to reveal this:

Dawns parcel 2 pic

A pretty hand-blown-glass pendant (pictured centre), a pretty pink pen, a plaque with a word that is so important to both Dawn and I, “Family”.  Some rose-scented handcream and this amazing hand-made sewing purse…

Dawns gift 1 pic

With even more treasure inside!

Dawns gift 4 pic


I just sat and looked at all my pretties for ages.  I kept them in a little bundle on my dining room table and admired them, not wanting to put anything away because I just enjoyed visiting its beauty!  Do you do that too?  When I get a wee pile of birthday or Christmas pressies I always leave them a day or two to admire them, before finding new homes for the items!

THANK YOU so very much, Dawn!!  You made my week honey and I feel completely spoiled! x

If you would like the pattern for this sweet little sewing purse, I left a clue for you in the picture as to where you can find it!  Do you know someone “Gawjus” like I do?!  Yes – it’s the lovely Joy from Joypatch!  She is the talented designer of this little cutie that Dawn has made so beautifully.

Talking of treasures – I discovered a few during my visits to local thrift stores last week!

Thrift shop 1 pic

A blue woollen skirt ideal for some softies… appliqued and crocheted doilies, and an old copy of my favourite craft magazine, Australian Homespun.  It has one of my favourite doll patterns inside designed by Karlene Atkins of Katkins Designs!

Thrift shop 2 pic

The pattern is called Lizzie, and if you haven’t got this copy of Australian Homespun (No 10 Vol.3.2) then it is available for sale on Karlene’s website, here.  I’m looking forward to making my own Miss Lizzie!

But before I get around to making any more dolls, I’m a bit busy with another project!  I’m only two weeks away from both of my children’s birthdays!  They are eight years and three days apart in age!  The invites for Rosie’s party went out last week…

Rosie invite pic

Aaron is still in England at the moment and will celebrate his birthday the day before he travels back home… but we’ll have double celebrations once he returns, for sure!  But I’m guessing his will be a little less…


Till next time!  Hugs! Vikki xo

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vintage leather bags

I’m very much a 70’s “chick” at heart…

I was a young child during that era and lived with three teenage brothers – all of whom donned long hair and were obsessed with motorbikes and the legendary rocker, Suzie Quatro!  I was only four years old when my eldest brother married, and I smile now as I remember his attire included the wearing of platform heels – so COOL!

It’s no wonder that I grew up with a love of the fashion and music, and it wasn’t long into my twenties before I began seeking out retro clothes in thrift stores.  By then my brothers and their wives were cringing at my choices – but I just couldn’t get enough of 70’s fashion!  I began a collection of leather coats and jackets, mostly purchased on eBay.  It became a bit of a hobby.  I still have these coats (and a small collection of Gunne Sax dresses purchased from America) but unfortunately I have expanded in size over the past few years and they no longer fit me!

But there is one accessory that always fits…. our much-loved…


I purchased this one off eBay and collected it just this morning.  Genuine leather and more than 30 years old…

Vintage bag

I love it!  I was experimenting in Picnik (online photo-editing software) and used the “1960s effect” for this next image:

vintage bag 1960s style

It’s amazing how just the look of an old photo can set you back down memory lane, isn’t it?!!

The bag lining is quite tatty but I like the idea of keeping it as part of the original bag.  So I’m going to deodorize it and make a fabric insert to go inside.

I also picked up this little leather satchel bag from a thrift store a few months ago:

Vintage small bag

It needs a long handle but I’m not sure whether to make one of out of fabric (do you think that would look odd?) or to buy a leather handle from a bag making supplier.

My little Kayla made me laugh while I was staging the bags to take photos – she was quite wary of them!

Kayla bag collage

Maybe 70’s vintage just needs to grow on her a bit?!!!

If you have any vintage handbags then I’d love to see them!  Give me a shout if you’d like to see some more of my bag collection.  I don’t have as many as the lady who sold the large bag to me on eBay.  Can you believe she had a collection of 2000?  That isn’t a typo…Two THOUSAND!!!!  Whoopee-doo!!!  Yep – my chin dropped to the floor too!!!!!

Hugs! Vikki Smile


Monday, August 1, 2011

Springtime blocks and Ipod pouches

I sure am looking forward to Springtime!  There are some very early signs of it in my garden - albeit premature!  Daffodils are blooming and buds are forming on the Japanese Maple trees… a lovely teaser for what is yet to come!

Daffodil smaller

If you have followed my blog for a while you may remember that I held an auction back in January to raise money for Flood Relief.  The auction was for a complete set of ‘Springtime’ blocks, a quilt designed by the recently disbanded Gum Tree Designers, of which I was once a member.  Well, the wonderful Debra from Outback Crafter made the winning bid for the patterns and has made terrific progress on her stitchery blocks!  Debra emailed me recently with this photo of the block that I designed, named ‘Sharing’.


Debra is more than half way through the stitcheries now, and you can see more pictures on her blog, here.  She’s a fabulous quilter, too!  I am in awe of her work – check out this post!!

As part of the auction I promised to make a bespoke quilt label for the winning bidder.  I asked each of the Gum Tree Designers to sign a small block of fabric, then put each designer’s ‘signature’ in the same position as their blocks in the quilt design.

Gum Tree label

I’ll leave you with a photo of the completed quilt.  The ‘Springtime’ pattern is available at Fresh Hope Patterns and is distributed by Creative Abundance Smile

Springtime QUILT

I’ve been sewing a lot recently, making gifts for my son’s family in England.  My brave boy, all five foot ten of him (he’s 13, will he ever stop growing???), embarked on a 24-hour flight to the north of England last Friday night.  He arrived safe and sound and is staying with his Dad, step-mum and two little sisters, for the next four weeks.  I miss him like crazy so have been keeping incredibly busy!  But before he left I made two little bags for his young sisters and these I-pod covers for his Step-mum and Nana.  They’re designed by Janelle Wind and the pattern can be found in her book, Pieces of me.  They’re so much fun to make!!  I shall most definitely be making more!!  (Lisa put me on to this pattern – she’s made quite a few – check out this post!)

Ipod covers

Till next time! 

Hugs!! Vikki xo  Smile


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