Saturday, February 6, 2016

Strawberry delight - have you bitten?

It's no big secret that the humble strawberry has taken centre stage in the fabric industry; its association with sweetness, cute-as-a-button form, and vibrant red tones - have the majority of us drooling with more than just hunger - but with sheer delight!

I have to admit, I am head over heels in love with the cute strawberry prints that are on - or about to hit - the market.  But there are other cutie-patooties out there in the big wide world to relieve your cravings for this sweet red fruit, and I've found a few of them to share with you today...

I NEED these shoes!!!  Don't you??  You can find them for sale here. I'm not affiliated with any of these stores, just so that you know :-)  But a girl has to share the love!!  I picture these heels with a 50s style red polka-dot dress... very kitsch, and to be honest, something I'd never have the courage to wear let alone the conviction to pull it off!

These little sweethearts were a find on eBay, here.  I love shoes that do not match... I'm a big fan of Birkenstock and Papillio, both of which produce ergonomically-designed shoes with some designs that complement, rather than match, each other.

When I'm not daydreaming about cute shoes, I'm at home drinking tea... ("You can take the girl out of England, but you can't take England out of the girl!" as my husband likes to remind me!!)  I'm not being stereotypical at all (wink!)

I discovered a new shop in Melbourne before Christmas called, MOZI, and  I LOVE it!  I'll have more to show you in a future blog post pertaining to the shop, but in the meantime, this strawberry tea-pot is on sale and you can find it here.

Not forgetting the littlies, how cute is this little tea-set?  It's called 'Strawberry Feilds' and designed by Tiger Tribe.  I found it here.

Of course, you need some dessert to go with your tea, don't you?  My daughter, Rose, has Coeliac disease, which means that ingested gluten attacks her body.  Unlike an intolerance, there is no chance of 'growing out of' this condition, and no known cure as yet.  But there are some terrific recipes out there, and I'm keen to try this one so graciously offered freely by Audrey Snowe, author of Unconventional Treats.

The recipe for this Strawberry Lime Macademia Cheesecake can be found here.  Thanks Audrey!!

So now we are donned in our new shoes, we've enjoyed some tea and dessert... I think it's time to head in to the sewing room, don't you?!  Come and grab a seat, I've fluffed the cushions for you especially!  Let me show you my strawberry stash!

I keep my stash in this wooden box that I picked up from my local thrift shop.  I think it must have housed a child's tea-set or something similar.  Just love the cut-out shape in the lid!  (Take note of the little pink button - will share more on that in a tick!)

These prints are from the Vintage Market range by Tasha Noel.  You can view the full range here.
Tasha is one of my favourite fabric designers, I'm really excited about an upcoming Christmas range she has coming out soon called Pixie Noel - but that's for a whole 'nother time!  :-)

There are two prints pictured here, but I'm focusing on the strawberries still... (those bees on the Art Gallery print just couldn't stay away!!!)  The 'Strawberry-cream' print is from the Everyday Party range by Emily Isabella for Birch fabrics.  it is the softest most exquisite textile... as soft as a tana lawn, perfect for dress-making and quilting, alike!  I purchased mine from a close friend who has just opened an online fabric store called Ministry of Fabric.  Her service is exemplary!  She makes me coffee and feeds me cake while I browse through her collections... but I know she offers the same high standards to everyone else - because we no longer have fluid conversations, they're interspersed with messages from her valued customers, and she always responds promptly.  She is a real sweetheart to boot, and I have mentioned her here on my blog many times in the past as we've shared lots of fun and quilty days together.  I'm chatting about the adorable Alisha Orlando.  Doesn't her name rock?!!  Alisha stocks beautiful dressmaking and quilting fabrics along with some dressmaking patterns and notions, and the most adorable buttons designed and produced by Barb Smith of Theodora Cleave.  I believe that Alisha and Barb collaborated on the colours of these buttons which are exclusive to the Ministry of Fabric (MOF).  Remember that little pink strawberry button?  You can find that at the MOF along with some cute sewing-related buttons... and mushrooms that are the cutest I've ever seen!  To view all of the buttons in Alisha's store, click here.

So this is my bundle of my fruitiness in its entirety!  The two prints I haven't yet mentioned are pictured in peach and aqua blue (a bit difficult to see, sorry), and they are part of the Hello Darling range by Bonnie & Camille for Moda fabrics.  I am secretly coveting these ranges too...

The Shabby Strawberry is available in stores now.

Strawberry Biscuit by Elea Lutz will be available for retail in April this year.

The Berry Sunrise Studios #2 range by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse is for sale at the Fat Quarter Shop, and is without a doubt, one of my favourites.  This is my favourite print from the range:

Then of course there is the delightful Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree & Co for Moda.

Did you know that The Fat Quarter Shop is having a quilt-along using this divine range?  It's for a great cause, here is a pic of the finished quilt and you can find out more on the Quiltalong blog here.

This next range has been around a while and possibly quite difficult to come-by, but it is so gorgeous that I just have to share it with you.  Alisha introduced me to this world-renowned Japanese fabric designer named Atsuko Matsuyama.  Her prints are so delicate, kitsch in a very cool way...  I borrowed this next photo from Krystyne Czepuryk, author of  Pretty by Hand.

Alisha made me a very special birthday cake last year which featured some of these prints, here it is again for those of you who are new to my blog (you can read about it here):

If you're looking for a sweet strawberry quilt pattern, you can't go past this one by Margot Languedoc Designs, available as a pdf download from the Fat Quarter Shop.  It is called Strawberry Social.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed reading about this sweet little fruit!?  Did you know that you can buy heirloom strawberry plants/seeds that come in a variety of colours?  There is the White strawberry, known as Pineberry; a blueberry version,  as well as black, yellow and even PURPLE fruits!!!

I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted thinking about all the possibilities that this little fruit has to offer, so I'm going to go and put my feet up, take off my glasses, and indulge in some social media on my IPad... any guesses what's on the cover???

Aww!  You guys know me too well!!! (wink)
See you next time!!
Much love!  Vikki xoxo


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