Sunday, March 4, 2012

Do you fancy a song?

Singer 1_picnik


Singer sepia

… I know…

Singer brick wall

… a lovely Singer.

Singer landscape

Do you????

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ladybird, Ladybird fly away home…

Ladybird bag 1

A gift for my ladybird-fanatical friend!  I made this sweet sewing tote before Christmas but didn’t see my friend until just the other day, and she loved it!

Ladybird combo 2

Complete with needle-keep and scissor fob… and of course some ladybird ribbon (you can find the tutorial for the covered spool, here).

Ladybird combo 1

This stunning project was designed by the gorgeous Cheryl over at Willowberry Designs.  I love all the little details – like the additional stitchery ‘envelope flap’ inside the needle-keep!

Ladybird needlekeep 2

Ladybird needlekeep 1

My lovely ladybird friends’ name is Karen, and she’s recently started a new creative venture – making the most decadent-smelling soy candles and selling them at markets.  They’re so beautifully poured in to the cutest little jars… Karen is a perfectionist (you should see her neat stitching!!!!) and everything she creates, whether it be of fabric, paint or soy (!) is made to perfection!

Ladybird Candelbrites

Here are two of her candles – the pink is watermelon scented and the other Christmas-scented candle has a home-made cinnamon star added for a little extra touch!

You can find Karen and her Ladybird Candlelites over on Facebook – pop on over and say Hi and see what new products are on the horizon!  Smile


What have you got on the agenda for today?  I’m going to light my pink candle to sweeten my senses and then get to work on a magazine project.  It’s all a bit French, ya know!

Whatever you are up to – I hope it’s fun!

Vikki xo

ps. Stephanie – another PIP finished!!! YAY!!!!


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