Friday, September 25, 2015

Two quilts finished!!

Here we are heading towards the close of another calendar month... I swear, each year flies by quicker and quicker, like a well-walked path!  But my path has been both pleasurable and memorable, as I hope, has yours?

August was a month of family celebrations for the SUDs household, which I'd love to share more of in my next post, but for now I thought you might like to see some finished projects?  I completed two quilts within a week of each other (don't be too impressed, I actually started the latter one pictured close to two years ago!!)  But hey - it sounds so much better to admit to two close finishes - so we won't dwell on that!

In late August, my nephew and his fiancee welcomed their first baby in to the world, little Lily. I'd promised my three nephews that I'd make them a quilt for each of their first-born, and if they didn't have any children then I'd buy them a pipe and make personalised carpet slippers - You know, just so they didn't miss out on any keepsakes! (wink)

I started designing, stitching and piecing Lily's baby quilt a couple of months ago, as my nephew knew his baby was a girl and the name Lily had already been agreed upon.  I chose Leanne Beasley's first line of fabric, Hearts and Happy Flowers.  How I love those prints!!  I kept to a pink palette as the new parents had requested.

With one of Rosalie Dekker's prints thrown in for good measure!

The quilt has since been completed and is now wrapped around sweet Baby Lily (I'll ask my nephew's permission to post a pic of her - she's so gorgeous - do you love babies as much as I do?!!!) Unfortunately I haven't been able to have a cuddle with sweet Lily because she lives in England and I am on the other side of the world in Australia.  But at least I know that something I've made especially for her can be wrapped around her in the place of my arms.

It was challenging to piece with the stripes on the heart & stripes print - but that was all part of the fun for me!  I was very pleased with the quilt, but would probably choose to make it a wee bit larger if sewing it a second time.

This next quilt was made with a layer cake of Celebrate by Sweetwater & Co.  I just added some white sashing, and Rosie's favourite print became the border.

It was a quick and rewarding make, but I had problems with my sewing machine when it came down to quilting... the stitches skipped or sewed way too close together... so I got my machine serviced and started again.
The second time I made the mistake of stopping and starting the machining at each intersection between squares, which resulted in hours of my time spent pulling threads through to the back and tying off.  The look didn't add anything to the overall look of the quilting so it wasn't worth the effort.  But I did develop a whole lot of patience - Lesson learned!!

Next up for a finish is a sweet needle book project designed by Melissa Grant of One Day in May, called Daisy Dance (you can find the pattern here).  I've finished all the embroidery, now I'm cutting all the fabric pieces out, all good stuff!  The delicious mix of Tilda (TM) fabric with Cottage Garden Threads... yum!

That's just about it until next time... what have you been up to?
Warmest wishes dear friends!

Vikki xoxo

Monday, June 8, 2015

Belated birthdays!

There was a meme doing the circuits on Facebook recently which read, "I love you so much I'd use my best fabric on you!" A close friend sent it to me, and it gave me such a giggle.  True to her word, my girlfriend gifted me this beautiful wall-hanging for my birthday using her fave Japanese designer fabrics.  Isn't it exquisite?

The strawberries in my birthday cake 'icing' look delicious don't ya think?!

My sweet friend, Alisha, is such a cutie!  (Thank you so much precious girl!) xx

Do you have a favourite stash of fabrics that you don't know quite what to do with yet because you love them so much you don't want to cut in to them?  I have a stash of 'Far Far Away' by Heather Ross that I feel that way about.  Just waiting for the right project to come along...

But I digress!  It was my birthday in May but we had a flu bug doing the rounds in our family so I didn't really celebrate with friends until two weeks after the event.  My sewing machine was also unwell and I had it fixed over the Easter period, which was pretty busy for my local sewing machine shop...  it was so difficult to be patient when I was itching to get on with a new project!!   Hence, a belated gift to another close friend who is only a couple of weeks older than me.  Simone is an Aussie who believes she was born in to the wrong country because she has such an infinity with England. She loves the countryside, the history, but especially the Capital with its London buses... so when I found this fabric, it had her name written all over it!  It is called "British Invasion' and I purchased it from here.

Can you guess what I designed?

I'll give you a clue...

Simone has a beautiful family of four children and a hubby, so I designed a passport holder that holds six passports and boarding passes.

I didn't want to detract from the print on the front cover, but needed to secure the passports inside, so I matched the print on the flap with the print beneath so when the flap is closed it looks like the same image.  A magnetic closure works a treat.  To prevent the passports slipping out of the top of the holder I added a leather button strap.

Top left is a transparent vinyl pocket that houses a card with details of Simone's address (and a prayer on the reverse).  The top right pocket is for whatever and I fussy-cut a London bus to applique on the front as it looks so good on the polka dot fabric.  But then, what doesn't look good with polka dots?!

Inside is where the Parisian fabrics can be found (yes, Simone loves France too!)

So as my friend Alisha corrected me when I told her my mojo had returned, "Don't you mean, SEWJO?"

Yes!  That's exactly what I meant!  

Till next time!
Vikki xoxoxo

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Snapshots of Christmas 2014...

A covered diary for Rosie's teacher using some cute Tanya Wheelan fabric.  Did you ever give your teacher an apple?  I'm not sure that I did... but I do remember giving her poems.

I have always loved this design by Jenny (of elefantz), and stitched it for a lovely new Church friend I made this year.  It's something I've not ventured to talk about on my blog, or much anywhere else for that matter... but this year I trusted and gave myself to Jesus for the very first time, it's a relationship that has accelerated rapidly and liberated and healed me through the months that followed.  Just when you think it impossible to fit any more love in to your heart... so it opens and receives in abundance... which means there's more to give!  Yay!!

Decorating with vintage ice skates this year... loved this vignette.  A sweet friend gifted me some child's vintage ice skates too, which I then hung above the adult version... too cute!

I collected the pine cones back in Autumn when I was walking the dog (I got some very strange looks off people!); and then more recently sprayed them with fake snow.  I also sprayed some old plastic tree branches to include in the scene.  The white sprigs in the boot were an op-shop find and I made laces from jute twine.

We had a fun Christmas party earlier on in the month, my friends are a bit shy with sharing photos... but my children are quite happy to - so here's a couple of pics of them, growing up too fast!

Well, a new year dawns for us all in a few hours time... wishing you a fun, relaxing, restful evening - whichever your preference may be!  I'm off to watch a Hobbit movie with Mr SUDs before we quietly see in the New Year together.  With love and blessing to each and every one of you!

Vikki xoxo

Monday, November 10, 2014

Did you ever wonder what a Skating Angel looks like?

Then look no further...

This gorgeous Skating Angel is one of many glorious projects by the fabulous Tone Finnanger, from her Tilda's Winter Delights book.

She was a pleasure to make!  I fell in love with the faux fur when I made this doll and that's what spurred me on to design some projects using the same material.  But it is a little trickier to sew with than my usual cotton choices.  It tends to slip and slide around, so getting seams to match up is challenging.  But I can live with that knowing how soft and luxurious it both feels and looks on the finished project!

I've just ordered Tone's latest book, Tilda Homemade and Happy,  and have seen projects from it popping up all over social media... so I can't wait until it arrives!!

Are you a Tilda fan?  If so, what's your favourite project or book?  I bet that's really difficult to answer - not sure that I could - there are just too many aren't there?!  What I love about the books isn't only the stunning projects, but the photographs and illustrations are sublime as well, it makes a really good coffee-table book (unless you're a sports car fan, then maybe not so much?!)  Do I have any sports car fans reading my blog?!  he he he... you never know!

I am chomping at the bitt to get my Christmas decorations out, but hubby wants to refrain until the end of the month!  I do have a sweet friend who has indeed got her tree up and displays looking all pretty!  (Deb - you have me drooling!  Are you going to put some photos up on your blog? xx)

Until next time - happy sewing!
Vikki xoxo

Friday, November 7, 2014

Simply Shabbilicious Christmas magazine

It has been a very exciting week for this Christmas-crazed-gal...

Because... (drum roll please)

...This week welcomed the release of Kerryanne English's Christmas 2014 issue of Simply Shabbilicious magazine!  You're in for a real treat.  There are pages full of inspiration to get your seasonal mojo happening with articles featuring the most amazing shabby homes with the most jaw-dropping vignettes,  by some very talented bloggers.

There is an awesome tutorial by a guest contributor for how to make chalkboard tags, and a recipe for festive-flavoured macaroons that will have your mouth watering.  All this and more, and the magazine is free to download.  How generous is Kerryanne?  You also have the option to purchase a digital copy or a printed paper version, all details are over at the Shabby Art Boutique.

There is another design in the magazine that I hope you will like!  I was delighted when Kerryanne asked me if I'd like to contribute a project, and I decided to follow my inspiration for snowmen... well, more accurately, snow ladies!

The Snowlady Festive tag fits in rather nicely with her big sister, Mademoiselle Snow, don't you think?  The tag is made from felt and faux white fur and is really quick and easy to whip up with minimal sewing.  There are so many uses for this sweet tag - decorate your tree - add to a wrapped parcel to add an extra touch, or include in one of your own Christmas displays.

Another exciting thing this week is that Kerryanne is running Simply Christmas!

My friends and I have found the guest posts, ideas and tutorials so valuable during previous seasons, so I'm really looking forward to getting my daily dose of inspiration again this year.  (smile)

If you're still reading to this end... then I'm very impressed by your staying power!  I'm sure most would have nicked on over to the Shabby Art Boutique by now!  (giggle)  I don't blame them!  Are you like me in that you do not sneak peeks of pressies?!!

Till next time... let the merriment begin!
Vikki xoxo


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