Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tilda's Toy Box

I've been busy in the sewing room this week working on a new design with the latest fabric line from Bonnie & Camille.  It's called Vintage Picnic, and yardage is just hitting the stores in America now... shouldn't have to wait too much longer in Australia!

I'm also working on a Tilda doll from the newest in the series, Tilda's Toy Box.  I'm making this little sweetheart and her toy doll, plus an array of outfits... all body parts have been stitched and turned right sides out... now to get on with the stuffing!

What are you up to this week?

Hugs!! Vikki xoxo


Deb said...

Hidihi gorgeous, can't wait to see wait you have been making and the finished articles.

Julie said...

Oh Vikki, your fabrics are just mouthwatering :-) Everytime you make anything "tilda-ish" you inspire me to get out my Tilda books & create something. Look forward to seeing your creations x x x

Christine M said...

Your little doll is going to be gorgeous. I love the fabrics you have chosen for her clothes. xx

Sue Niven said...

So cute!

webbsway said...

I am looking forward to seeing your new little Tilda.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Nobody makes dolls the way you do, sweet sis. They're always adorable! xx

Createology said...

I adore everything Tilda however not made anything yet. Love you thread selections.

It's A Wonderful said...

I've been looking for a little help on the Internet with the Tilda doll. I am so happy to come across your blog; I do have a question, which I hope you can help me with. When sewing the little dress, how do you work the shoulders? The directions in the book aren't clear, I think I have followed the instructions, but the seams on the shoulders are all sewn up one you attach the skirt to the bottom of the bodice. Do you know what I am missing? I would so appreciate any tips you could offer. Your blog is lovely.

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