Friday, September 20, 2013

Stitching snow and my Spring garden

Following on from the glorious sunshine bestowed on us during the onset of Spring, Melbourne has put on a more traditional trend and commenced its Spring showers!

Spring garden blossom 1

The garden has come to life in a mass of blossoms and new fresh green foliage.  I love the contrast between the deep pink Maples sat beside their lime-green brothers…

Spring garden 5

Spring garden blossom 2

Plus I had the pleasure of meeting this little fellow… an adorable Rosella…

Spring garden Rosella 2

They are usually so shy and scare easy, so I was so glad to get a half decent photo.  This one was alone, so I hope it hadn’t lost his mate because they’re always in pairs, they mate for life.

With the weather feeling cooler I felt right at home stitching this cute design to be featured in the October issue of Elefantz Home magazine.  I was delighted when Jenny asked me if I’d like to pop on over to be her guest… because the e-zine is Jenny’s Christmas issue, and designing for the festive season is my all-time favourite thing to do.  This lovely lady knows me too well!

Snowy cottage 1

Are you already a subscriber?  If you aren’t already but would like to be, then head on over here to find out what Jenny offers in each of her issues… Trust me, when reading Jenny’s mag, it’s like having a cup of tea with an old friend, such is her easy-flowing and gentle style.  The subscription is fantastic value, but individual issues are also available through the Elefantz pattern store.

Brrr… okay, looking at this snow is making me feel chilly now.  In all honesty, it’s so cold in the house that my hands are like ice blocks!  Time to go and make a cup of tea I think and return to some machine quilting.  I’ve got my sewing machine set up on the dining room table and am determined not to remove it until my quilt top is complete.  We’ve been having TV dinners this past week!  I wonder how long that will last?!!

What are you up to this weekend?  Christmas crafting perhaps?  Pottering about in the garden?  Or resting up?  Whatever you decide on – I hope you have a good one!

Warm regards! 

Vikki xo  Smile

Friday, September 13, 2013

A sewing day, quilting, new fabs, Dad’s chair and a restoration project!


Tilda fabric 1

Some Tilda goodness arrived on my doorstep this week… I like to take in waifs and strays such as these!  I couldn’t resist the special that Wrapped in Fabric advertised on its Facebook page – I’ll give you the low-down after my update!

Alisha sewing 1

Let me introduce you to my friend, Alisha.  Isn’t she cute?  We got our ‘brothers’ together for a day of sewing this week and it was great fun.  Alisha is working on a ‘Round the world’ quilt using her Pam Kitty and Sugar Flower stash. 

Give us a smile, Alisha!?

Alisha sewing 2

She’s having a giggle!  I really must stop wearing that clown’s nose when I’m taking photographs!

I finally sandwiched and began quilting the ‘Christmas Fun’ (by Lynette Anderson) quilt-top I finished a while back (see this post).  it has been a practice piece for me in terms of needle-turn applique, so I thought I’d just ‘go for it’ with the free motion quilting, too.  Not perfect, but that’s what practice is all about (insert smiley face).

Quilting 1

Quilting 2

On the home-front, Mr SUDs and I have been very busy.  We inherited my mother and father-in-law’s house contents 18 months ago due to the loss of Dad and my MIL going in to care.  It has been a slow and long process sorting through things, finding new homes for furniture and de-cluttering our home.  It still continues but we have made great headway.  I’m hoping to be able to park my car back in the garage before the heat of summer sets in.

There is one piece of furniture that has always been dear to us, and that is ‘Dad’s chair’.  I had envisioned it beside our fireplace, and last weekend it became a reality.  The former cream armchair was banished, and after a couple of hours of lovingly cleaning and conditioning its leather, Dad’s chair sits in its rightful place.  I feel really close to him when I sit there.  And I smile to myself when the kids do, as I know Dad would just love it.

Dads chair

I want to make a new cushion for dad – one with a postal theme - as dad was a philately fanatic.  I’ve found the perfect pattern called ‘Vintage Postcard’ by Crabapple Hill Studio:

Crabapple hill postcard


I might have to wait until the summer school holidays to stitch this one as I’ve so many other items to make first – and I want to really take my time and sew this with love while I indulge in happy memories of Dad.  It’s a warm fuzzy feeling.  All good stuff!

Okay – now for a restoration project! 

Kitchen dresser

I picked up this cute cabinet off EBay… it doesn’t need too much doing to it, a clean, a sand, a polish and a tiny bit of structural work.  To skill-up for the job I’ve been reading this e-book, written and published by my shabbilicious friend, Kerryanne English over at the Shabby Art Boutique.



There are some great tips in this book together with Kerryanne’s own recipe for making the-very-popular chalk paint.  Thanks Kerry for a great book!  I’ll be sure to show you the finished cabinet in the next few weeks.

Wrapped in Fabric

A heads-up for you – online store, ‘Wrapped in Fabric’ is having a ‘Friday the 13th sale’ with up to 20% off fabrics; and the Tilda sale (from which I got my pretties) still continues at $15 (AUD) per meter!  Click here to go and check it out… you’ll probably see me there peering through the virtual windows because I’m restraining myself from purchasing anything else!

Till next time – have a great weekend peeps!  What are you up to? My daughter is having a ‘Grade 2 sleepover’ at her school tonight and I’m staying over with her, together with a few other mum’s and a large bunch of very excited eight-year-olds.  I’ve written tomorrow off already!!!!  Ha ha! 

Enjoy!  Vikki xo  Winking smile


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