Monday, June 16, 2014

A cute new bed for Kayla!

Hello gorgeous friends xx

I have been busy home-schooling my young Rosie this past few weeks while she undergoes some occupational therapy… it’s intensive and has taken most of my time and energy, but it’s a lovely experience bonding with my child although it hasn’t been plain sailing by any means!

I’m currently writing a blog post about the various challenges we have faced with Rosie’s “sensory defensiveness” issues in the hope that it may help someone out there who is drawn to read it.  I’m such a private person, but after chatting with friends and acquaintances on Facebook, and mum’s I have met at the local parks, I realise that the telling of my experiences has opened their minds to the kind of therapies that are available to help these special children.  It’s taking a while to write the post because time is something I am short on, and because I want to be as accurate and factual as I can be.

However, I did find time to make my gorgeous pooch, Kayla, a new bed to relax on.  She is always under the chair at my desk, lying on my feet, and I was hoping that she would use a bed as I constantly worry about moving my chair and hurting her! 

Kayla bed 2

The pattern is in a book by Mandy Shaw called Stitch at Home.  I sourced the main fabrics that Mandy used in her version as I had fallen in love with the fabric as much as the pattern!

Kayla bed fabric

Having no idea where to look, I did a Google search for ‘Scotty dog fabric” and eventually it popped up somewhere, I purchased it off eBay from a supplier in the UK.  It’s upholstery-weight fabric with a loose weave, so a lot of over-locking was required to ensure that it would wash-up well for years to come.

Kayla bed 1

Trying to get Kayla to pose for a photo was challenging!  She was finding it hard to sit still!

Kayla bed 3

Being short of time, I machine blanket-stitched around the five little dog kennels decorating the sides of the bed.  I embroidered the names of five dogs’ that are, or have been, special in my life.  Of course, Kayla was pride of place at the centre front stage! 

The outer bed cover is removable for washing, and the inner bed was made out of an old cot sheet and filled with the beans from an old bean bag we were no longer using.  Hmmm… was I right to go for a white background fabric?  I’ll let you be the judge of that!!

Kayla bed 4

Love this photo!  I’m sure she’s looking at Mr SUD’s thinking, “Dad… can you pleeeease get Mum to stop taking pictures?”

Kayla bed last pic

Okay Kayla… you can get off now – we are finished!

So the million dollar question – does she USE it?  Well, Mum’s feet are still the resting place of choice… but the bed suffices sometimes!!

It was great to whip something up relatively quickly with little hand-sewing. My mind is so full that sometimes an hour in front of the telly before bed is just about all I want to do!  Talking of which, have any of you seen The Great British Sewing Bee?  It’s just being aired in Australia now, but the UK is currently airing its second series.  Set in a funky wharf building on the London Thames’, ten contestants compete in three dress-making challenges each week in the hope to be named Britain’s best home sewer.  It’s addictive viewing!!

Till next time!

Vikki xoxo


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