Monday, June 8, 2015

Belated birthdays!

There was a meme doing the circuits on Facebook recently which read, "I love you so much I'd use my best fabric on you!" A close friend sent it to me, and it gave me such a giggle.  True to her word, my girlfriend gifted me this beautiful wall-hanging for my birthday using her fave Japanese designer fabrics.  Isn't it exquisite?

The strawberries in my birthday cake 'icing' look delicious don't ya think?!

My sweet friend, Alisha, is such a cutie!  (Thank you so much precious girl!) xx

Do you have a favourite stash of fabrics that you don't know quite what to do with yet because you love them so much you don't want to cut in to them?  I have a stash of 'Far Far Away' by Heather Ross that I feel that way about.  Just waiting for the right project to come along...

But I digress!  It was my birthday in May but we had a flu bug doing the rounds in our family so I didn't really celebrate with friends until two weeks after the event.  My sewing machine was also unwell and I had it fixed over the Easter period, which was pretty busy for my local sewing machine shop...  it was so difficult to be patient when I was itching to get on with a new project!!   Hence, a belated gift to another close friend who is only a couple of weeks older than me.  Simone is an Aussie who believes she was born in to the wrong country because she has such an infinity with England. She loves the countryside, the history, but especially the Capital with its London buses... so when I found this fabric, it had her name written all over it!  It is called "British Invasion' and I purchased it from here.

Can you guess what I designed?

I'll give you a clue...

Simone has a beautiful family of four children and a hubby, so I designed a passport holder that holds six passports and boarding passes.

I didn't want to detract from the print on the front cover, but needed to secure the passports inside, so I matched the print on the flap with the print beneath so when the flap is closed it looks like the same image.  A magnetic closure works a treat.  To prevent the passports slipping out of the top of the holder I added a leather button strap.

Top left is a transparent vinyl pocket that houses a card with details of Simone's address (and a prayer on the reverse).  The top right pocket is for whatever and I fussy-cut a London bus to applique on the front as it looks so good on the polka dot fabric.  But then, what doesn't look good with polka dots?!

Inside is where the Parisian fabrics can be found (yes, Simone loves France too!)

So as my friend Alisha corrected me when I told her my mojo had returned, "Don't you mean, SEWJO?"

Yes!  That's exactly what I meant!  

Till next time!
Vikki xoxoxo


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