Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stitching progress, Homespun and one cute find!

Hi all!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as I am?  Spending time at home with family, stitching and watching the weather alternate between sunshine and hail storms has been all part of the charm.  I’m such a homebody!  How about you?

I haven’t touched my sewing machine since making Rosie’s mermaid costume (thank you so much for your lovely messages!!), but instead I’ve enjoyed some needle turn applique and hand stitching while working on Lynette Anderson’s ‘Christmas Fun’ BOM.  Two more stitchery blocks are now complete…

LA BOM tree block pic

Each block comes with a hand-painted wooden button.  I’ve placed the angel button on the top of the tree for this photo, but will sew them all in place once the quilt has been put together.  The tree is my favourite so far – I love the white snowflakes on the beige background.

LA BOM angels block pic

This row of angels are yet to have their faces added – as I am yet to make the yoyo’s for them.

Since taking these photos yesterday afternoon I have stitched another block – once I get going I just can’t stop!!  But here’s a photo of progress to date without the block I’ve just mentioned.

LA BOM update sept11pic

My children have been homebodies this week too, due to some viruses that are travelling about at the moment.  So I popped out yesterday afternoon to buy them a sweet treat and spied the latest copy of Australian Homespun while I was at the grocery store – what a bonus!

Homespun Sept11pic

This issue (No.100 Vol 12.9) is brimming with inspiring projects from front to back cover!  I love the colour palette on the front cover, do you?  This is the ‘Romance’ issue!  I was first struck by the pretty handbag that is featured on the cover… and was delighted to read that the beauty is designed by my sweet friend Joy over at Joypatch!  There is also a pretty sewing set by Lisa over at Cubby House Crafts, and the most feminine cushion designed by Melissa Grant of One Day in May – someone I will be definitely watching out for from now on!  I am giggling as I write this because I’m sure I sound like a marketeer!!  Truth is, I can’t help but wax lyrical about the things I love, and I REALLY love Homespun as I know many of my friends do!

I am aware that it’s been difficult for overseas fans to purchase this magazine but that is now a thing of the past, because Homespun has just gone DIGITAL.  How cool is that?!!  You can now purchase a subscription and get the magazine sent direct to your inbox each month – just click on this link to take you to online subscriptions.    Just in case you’re wondering – no, I’m not on commission! *giggle*  I’m just very excited that my overseas friends will now be able to read this wonderful magazine each month if they so wish!

The last thing I wanted to share with you today is this wonderful tablecloth that I bought last week from my local thrift store. It’s in the above picture, and this is what it looks like on my side table…

Tablecloth 1 pic

Tablecloth 3

I haven’t ironed it yet because it needs a gentle wash first – but I couldn’t wait to show you!  I had thought about making a vintage-style apron out of it, but it’s just too beautiful to cut up!  All those cross stitches… it must have taken someone a long time to create.  It has gone to a grateful home, and it got me to thinking about the work I put in to my own creations.  If they ever end up in a charity shop in the future I have no problem with that at all – I’d rather a creation give someone pleasure than sit in a cupboard somewhere!!

Before I say goodbye for today I’d just like to say that I’m really happy that you came for a visit!  I really enjoy sharing my life and creations with you and never take it for granted.   I haven’t been visiting many friends’ blogs recently because I have been investing my time with the children and at home… but it’s important for me to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you, and that you are treasured friends!  I think this is the ‘way’ with blogging – it ebbs and flows – and it has to be flexible just like everything else in life.  It’s sometimes difficult to put things down in writing and convey them in the way that you’ll hope they’ll be received… so please know this…

…I value you! 

Whether I’m being vocal or quiet… I think you’re awesome!

Sincerely!  Vikki xo


Deb said...

Hello there gorgeous girl. How funny, when I saw the photo of the Homespun I immediately thought what beautiful colours on the cover and then I read you had the same thoughts- great minds!! Love your find at the thrift shop, I have a couple of cloths like that also which my Nan made and I adore them and certainly couldn't cut them up either. Its so lovely to hear of you having a lovely time with the family but sad to hear they haven't been well. Hope they are all brighter soon.
Hugs galore.xx

Cubby House Crafts said...

Thank you for the link...I am still waiting for my copy of Homespun and ready to wrestle my postie if he doesn't bring it Monday! lol!
Love your tablecloth and looks like the perfect home for it on your table

PDTE said...

Hi Vikki

I am like you, I tend to 'rescue' linen from op shops. Most are intended to be cut up, but I rarely can go ahead with the chop, so they just get added to the collection.

Good to know all is still okay in your world. Hope your kids are on the mend soon. Mine are counting down, only 5 days until holiday at home YEAH!!! (We are all a little excited).

Catch you soon.

Maria said...

OH Vikki your stitchery's are gorgeous. Now I think I must get my out and start stitching. I LOVE the tree.
Lovely Vintage table cloth and I HOPE my Homespun is at the newsagency tomorrow.

retdairyqueen said...


Chris H said...

I just love your stitchery.
AND the tablecloth is adorable, very like ones my Grandmother made.
I am very much a homebody too.

Larissa said...

What lovely stitcheries Vicki!! I Love Lynette Anderson's designs too (doesn't everyone?!!, lol) and your work is gorgeous!!
So sorry to hear your clan's not been feeling well - we've had the flu the last few weeks too ... especially knocked me for six this week!! Hoping and praying for quick healing!!
Looking for my Homespun at the newsagent first thing tomorrow morning :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your Christmas BOM looks lovely - and will do doubt be a treasured project that you will display each Christmas. Hope your children feel better soon.

Allie said...

You're doing really well on those blocks, sweetie, they're lovely! I hope everyone is feeling better now. Yes, Homespun is my favorite magazine in the world, always such gorgeous projects and just a lovely publication. Your tablecloth is awesome...good find!! I value you too, sweetheart!!! Love and huggies!

Birgitte aka Bietje said...

My favorites are the cute little angels. I am making them right now. So in some days they will be on my blog.

Joy said...

Ooooh Vikki I love your blocks, it's going to be a gawjus quilt - I'll enjoy watching how it's coming along :o)!!! I read your post about 'Homespun' and had a little chuckle to myself ... we both sound like members of their fan club lol, I've written similar stuff on my blog too he he he. But it is my fave mag at the moment - especially this latest issue - I just love Melissa's cushion, I can see some Peonies will have to be made for my little house too ;o)!!
Love ya hon ...
Ethel xxxxxxx *mwah*

Jo in TAS said...

Oh Vikki, I'm so envious that you've found your mojo, mine's still having a holiday somewhere. Sorry to hear the kiddies haven't been well. I'll have to see if Homespun has hit our newsagent yet, this issue looks so pretty!
Anyway Sweetie have a lovely day!

John'aLee said...

Your blocks are sooooo cute!

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Love that thrifted tablecloth Vikki. I don't think I could cut into it either.
Hope everyone is on the mend.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Fee said...

And I think you're awesome too :) Hugs - Fee X

Zirafka said...

Как нежно, как красиво, очень-очень душевно!!!


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