Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Mermaid’s tale…

Rosie birthday mermaid 1 pic

This little Mermaid finds it really hard not to pull silly faces when the camera is pointed at her!!  It’s one of those ‘withdrawal’ things from being out of the sea for too long!

Rosie birthday mermaid 2 pic

Balancing on ones ‘fins’ takes a bit of practice, too!!

But this little Mermaid had a birthday party to go to last Saturday – on her very own birthday.  SIX years old?  I remember when she was just a little egg sitting on a coral leaf!

Rosie (accompanied by Mr SUDs) had an absolute ball at her friends’ party, while I recooperated on the couch from picking up my  Mer-Man from the airport during the early hours of the the morning!  Aaron and I got home at 3.15am and stayed up chatting for a while before getting a couple of hours sleep before the birthday girl awoke.  Her best gift was having her big brother back home!!  (Yes, it was my favourite gift too!!)

Our young Mermaid loved her costume, and that in itself was a wonderful gift to me!  I couldn’t find a pattern I liked so made it up myself.  I really don’t enjoy working with sequins and satin – give me 100 per cent cotton any day!

Mermaid costume top close up pic

This two-way stretch fabric was good to work with though, it didn’t fray and was a dream to sew with, helped by using a special ‘stretch’ needle in my sewing machine.  I learned quite a few new things too.  I was aiming for the pleated halter neck top to look like clam shells – and it did UNTIL I top-stitched it.  The secured edges took out the pleats.  So I made individually quilted clam shells out of the leftover fabric and hand stitched them to the bust area.

Mermaid costume tail close up pic

I also learned that sequined fabric (tail fins) is not kind to sewing machines.  Luckily I’ve had enough sewing experience to think to put tearaway beneath the fabric before I sewed with it – as this prevented all the little bits of plastic sequin from going in to the feed dogs of my machine and leaving debris.  But I didn’t realise that the sequins could break machine needles…  I took it really slowly after that incident; and to cut down on sewing time, rather than over lock the seams, I used a product called Fray Stop ™ .

The very next day… our little Mermaid transformed in to a Fairy!

Rosie birthday cake candle blowing pic

Just about to blow out the candle on her gluten-free Kitty-cat birthday cake!

Cat cake 1 pic

Isn’t that the weirdest Kitty-cat cake you’ve ever seen?! LOL  I ran out of icing sugar to make the fondant… after six hours straight in the kitchen on Saturday night I didn’t have time to purchase more!

Rosie birthday cake at table pic

But just look at that smile…  every single minute of preparation was ALL worth it!

I love my little Merma-Fairy!  And I love my gorgeous jet-setting Mer-Man, too!!

Till next time – enjoy the moment!

Vikki xo Smile


AnitaS said...

She looks so lovely. What a pretty little girl.

Linda said...

How adorable! You did a wonderful job on the costume!!! She looks so proud of it!

Maria said...

Your little Mermaid looks gorgeous. You did a great job of the costume.

Sheila said...

So precious , love the mermaid costume , you are so creative and she looks equally as adorable in the fairy costume . Cute cake too!

Allie said...

Oh my GOODNESS Vikki you are BRILLIANT!!! I am so in awe! She looks absolutely adorable and you are such a wizard with the needle - wow. The little touches on the mermaid costume take it right over the top - you couldn't buy a pattern that good! I think the cake is darling and I love her smile - you are the best mama!

So glad you have your boy home too, I'm sure he had a lot to tell you!!!

Unknown said...

Fantastic Job on the Costume..and the Cake..
Your Little Miss looks One very Happy Little Girl!

Vicki ♥ said...

Fantastic Vik!!! You made a fabulous mermaid costume and then a fabulous cake! wonder your little mermaid was happy ...she looked gorgeous! Give her big birthday hugs from me too and its good news to hear your boy is home all safe and sound sweetie :) hugs Vicki xx

Jo in TAS said...

Oh Vikki your little mermaid/fairy is just the most sweetest little thing! Bet you're so happy to have them both under the one roof again.

retdairyqueen said...

Oh You are one super Mum
SO So cute

PDTE said...

Oh Vikki the mermaid costume is gorgeous. Every little girl on the planet would love one of those. Well done persevering with those horrid fabrics, it was worth the effort and I expect a mermaid will be spending much more time 'swimming' around your house.

I hope you have caught up on your sleep after collecting Aaron from the plane and the following excitement.
Take care.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

I'm so pleased Vikki that your precious family is all back in one place again. I hope Aaron had a great time in the UK.

Rosie looks so gorgeous in both her outfits. That mermaid costume is divine and I can imagine just how many hours you spent working on it. A smile is always the best reward too.
Love to you all ~ Kerryanne xx

Chris H said...

Your wee girl looks adorable in both her outfits.
I have a 9 year old son/grandson who pulls silly faces when I'm trying to photograph him too. Grrrr.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Awesome!!! Girl, you are amazing.
Looks like your Mer-Fairy loved her cake - as she would because it's made with love from Ma. :-)

Sparky said...

scrumptious every juicy part of you....your mermaid, your cake you..tell MUMMY she is missed..

webbsway said...

O MAN! Break my heart! I don't know which I love the most. If only I could have a "kitty-cake"! How cool is that!

As I was admiring the mermaid handiwork I remembered back when I was a little girl and the Christmas catalog would come in the mail - they had ballerina outfit and a cowgirl outfit. How really neat it is that you make it possible for your little mermaid to step outside of herself and dream.

simplestitches said...

what a gorgeous costume...well done you! love the kitty cat cool!


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