Monday, September 19, 2011

My new Creative Journal and a giveaway!

Do you keep a creative journal?  By that, I mean do you keep pictures and record all of the things you have made over the years?

I used to keep a comprehensive journal many moons ago.  This page records a dragon that I designed for my son when he was seven years old. 

Creative journal dragon page

I included details about dates, inspiration, costs, techniques and fabrics used, etc.  But as time went on, and my creativity became more prolific, I was hard-pressed to even print off all the photos I had taken let alone find the time to write up about them in my journal!  Plus, I didn’t need all that information, I was really only interested in keeping  a visual together with knowing when I made the item and who for.

The way we use technology has changed so much in the past seven years since I scrawled all those notes about Aaron’s dragon!  We live in a digital age where our photos are stored on our computers – where software is user-friendly – and it’s all becoming so much easier for the ‘non-techy’ person (like me) to navigate their way around “stuff” (do you like my techno lingo?!!!)

So when I was asked if I would like to review the My Memories Suite of digital scrapbooking software, I didn’t hesitate in saying YES!  It was only seconds before I thought how great it would be to keep a quilting/creative journal that I could add to easily and required no “printing-off” of photographs! 

I had a play over the weekend and this is what I came up with:

Test Two-001

The software is easy to navigate, very intuitive.  You can choose templates already set up with pretty graphics and drop your photographs in, and add text.  Or you can design your own template which is what I’ve done here.  There are different background papers, textures and colours.  You can manipulate your photographs and text, and add all kinds of sweet, vintage or funky embellishments.  Not only did I feel good about getting back in to keeping a creative journal – but it was so much fun!  I also found it really interesting playing with different colours and thought this would be a great way to play around with colour palettes for future sewing projects.

Test Two-002

I shall show you more of my journal pages as I create them!  Of course, this software can be used for any kind of digital scrapbooking – family memories, special occasions, recording achievements etc.  You can even add music to your albums if you so wish.  Or like me, you can save them as stand alone Jpeg files and publish them on your blog! 


My Memories has given me a second set of software to give away to one lucky reader.  Smile 

To enter, please leave a comment on this post and if you so desire, tell me what your favourite digital paper pack is after visiting 

This giveaway is open to everyone and the winner will be drawn at 10.00am (Melbourne time) on Tuesday 27th September.

Good luck!  Vikki xo

If you can’t wait until next Tuesday to see if you have won, My Memories is giving my readers a $10 discount off of the full price of the My Memories suite, together with a further $10 coupon to choose digital paper pack/s of your choice.  Please copy and paste this code:  STMMMS99044  to receive these discounts.  This offer will still be open to my readers after the giveaway has been drawn.



Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your aticle on your old journal. I have still got an on-going one, but it isn't up to much.I find I blog rather than write.Pity really.
Love the tecup pincaushion. I adore pincushions.i have dozens!!
Now to check up on your link.

Teresa F. said...

I loved the idea of a journal. Sometimes we make stuff and forget to take photos or keep records of it. A digital journal is an even better idea. I love " Sweet Caroline". Thanks for the chance.

hueisei said...

Interesting!! I am sure a digital journal will saves a lot of time :) thanks formthe chacne to win! I love the Cherished Pack!

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

oh how fabulous Vicki, I love the idea of keeping a journal, and did make a very good start, but like you it has waned over the years, how inspiring are your pages!

Larissa said...

Oooh! That looks fabulous Vikki ... even though my current computer wouldn't run such an application (old), I am hoping to get a new one some time in the future (so please include me in the chance to win!!!).
I Love your pages shown so far - and that teacup pincushion is to-die-for!!! Can I ask where you found the pattern??
Also, dragons don't necessarily need arms - I'm sure your son didn't even care about that!! The fact that you made him the toy, designed and made by you would have been enough!! It is very cute!!

sunny said...

What a great idea! I love the Roots and branches paper pack. I've never really understood how these programs work, so maybe it's time to figure it out!.

Allie said...

Oh I love your dragon - and your pincushion, and of your Rosie's nappy stacker! Your photos look brilliant with this software. But don't include me in the give-away - it looks fun, but I know I'd never use it! Love ya gorgeous girl!

Dolores said...

Ohhh, no fair. There are way too many to choose from but if I must, because I love solids with texture and because I have a brand new grandson, I would choose "That's My Kid Papers." I love your teacup pincushion.

Val Laird said...

Wow, that looks fabulous software. I really like the Beauty Blossom Clusters paper - gorgeous. Thanks for a great giveaway.

Vicki ♥ said...

Hi Vik! I am very intrigued with this program and would love it for my sewing and other things. I love your dragon and loved reading about it all. Thanks for the chance to win the journal creator. Hugs Vicki x

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi, Vikki! What a great idea. I love Cherished, also Beauty Blossoms- they are so pretty. :)

Cecilia said...

Thanks for the inspiration of having a digital journal. I looked at My Memories before, but I was just thinking scrapbooking. Which I am not good at doing. I never thought of a creative journal. I like the Pretty in Pink set. Thanks for the giveaway.

denise said...

HI, I always start a journal and THEN it slowly tapers off to nothing! I get too busy sewing and forget to journal! LOL! As I also travel a lot I think the Road Trip would be a nice set to have. Cheers and Thanks for all you do....
Cheers Denise

retdairyqueen said...

What a great idea for memories of your creations
I keep an album of photos of things I have made No journaling

Kim said...

I like the sweet caroline package. What a fun way to journal, I haven't included photos in my journal yet. But this gives me some inspiration.
Thank you for the giveaway.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

What a terrific idea Vikki. I too used to keep a design journal but like you, it's now long gone - lol.
I think very few of us actually hand write anything these days, so this program is a quick and easy way to keep the journal process going.
Being that I'm in Christmas mode I headed straight off to their Christmas/holiday page... so many lovelies!!
Thanks for a great review,
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Jude said...

Wo what a good idea my quilt photos sit in folders on my computer and having a journal with them all in one place would be great. Love that teacup pincushion.

allsewnup said...

Your teacup pincushion is lovely, just lovely!
The idea of a journal is an eyeopener, thank you. I sew & create and more often than not I fail to take the time to chronicle them.
Thank for the chance


KMSC said...

What a great way to keep track of all the wonderful items you create! I would love to create a digital scrapbook for my daughter who married in August.

mamàmaga said...

I love your blog...thanks a lot for your projects...they give me imput to go on doing!

Paula Lemos said...

This looks wonderful and would come very handy as I tend to forget to keep records of what I make. Thanks for the chance!
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

Wendyb said...

What a generous love you are gorgeous Vik!!!...and what a wonderful giveaway! I did try to log onto the website but it would not link....never mind!...I adored your pincushion so much I've just gone and ordered the pattern!!! LOL
take care sweets..hope all is well with you
XXX big sugary hugs
Wendy :O)


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