Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holiday part 2… and meeting friends!

Life has been a whirlwind of unwell children and tissues these past two weeks!!  But at last I’ve found a niche of time to sit down with an afternoon brew so that I can share some more of my holiday memories with you, my lovely blogging buddies!  Okay… I promise not to sneeze, I could still be contagious!

Well, some very special memories were made during a day trip to Brisbane.  It had been a long time coming… but at last I got to meet up with two of my most favourite people! 

Cheryl and Joy cuddle 2

From left to right, Let me introduce you to the gob-smackingly-gawjus Joy of Joypatch, and the equally-as-splendiferously gawjus Cheryl of Willowberry Designs!  We met virtually, in 2009, when we were designing and collaborating together as part of a larger group of lovely women known as Among the Gum Trees.  Do you remember those days?!!  We formed special bonds during that time and our friendships have continued to blossom.

Cheryl and Joy cuddle 1

 I was absolutely elated to meet these girls and to give them a real hug – like in REAL life!  Our meeting was exactly how I’d imagined it would be… we teased each other like only close friends dare to do, we lunched together, we stroked fabric together, we shared anecdotes of family life, and we laughed together.  We certainly did plenty of the latter!  Thank you darling girls for both taking the time out of your week, and for travelling to meet me.  I was even blessed to meet one of Cheryl’s daughter’s who is a real sweetheart with a cheeky little glint in her eye just like her lovely mum!  And next time Joy has promised to bring her Grandbaby so I can have some cuddles… haven’t you Joy?  {hint hint}!

Later that night we went to support our soccer team, Melbourne Victory, at Suncorp Stadium.

Suncorp stadium small

It was great to go to a different stadium… and although our boys didn’t play at their best that night, it was still a great experience.

After seven glorious days we left the Gold Coast behind us and headed south. 

Goodbye Queensland…

Good bye Gold Coast 2 small

And hello country roads!

country road small I love this pic, Aaron gets the thumbs up from Mr SUDs while waiting to cross the road after I stopped to get coffee!

Aaron gets thumbs up small

Catching up with close friends is absolutely wonderful… and especially so when you don’t get to do it as often as you’d like.  Our friends moved interstate a year ago, and now reside in a sweet country town in NSW known as Bellingen.  We were fortunate enough to go to the infamous Bellingen market when we visited.  After being advised by Caz that: “we never get really hot days” (famous last words, Caz!!), Mother Nature put the thermostat up to 43 degrees for us!!!  Phew!  Rosie still got a pony ride… but instead of a trip around the paddock, it was just up and down a short track so that the wee pony could soon rest up in the shade!

Bellingen market Rosie pony ride small

Fruit is plentiful in this part of the world… and the market was abundant with local produce!  On such a hot day, the freshly squeezed lemonade was lapped up!

Bellingen market overview small

Even this big fella was enjoying the live music and chilling out in the shade of a tree…  we didn’t make conversation though… he was a bit tied up!

Snake small

Bellingen market ASh and babe small

Dad and babe have a cuddle (after Dad catches babe running across the Oval!)… do you remember this sweet little dot?! (See this post)  She has grown so very much, and she is so very cute!

Eloisa in park 1 small

Peekaboo, gorgeous girl!!

There were too many precious memories to recall here (it would be a very long post!), but two of favourites are captured beautifully in these next photos.  Caroline’s (Caz) parents live on a farm way up in the hills.  I’ve met her beautiful mum in the past and was absolutely delighted to meet her dad as well and to visit their farm.  Gosh, I just can’t tell you how beautiful it is!  The scenery was spectacular… and their property reminded me of a film set, it was just so picture perfect… and so utterly quaint!  I was away with the fairies for a while as I took it all in… I mean, Imagine growing up and living here?

Caz family farm small 2

Caz family farm small 1

Caz family home small 1

Wowsers!!!  Isn’t it just the cutest place ever? 

Caroline’s parents are so warm and welcoming, and we shared a lovely afternoon together.  I loved listening to stories about Caz growing up here!  I had to giggle because Caz and I share many of the same traits, and being sleepy heads in the morning is top of the list!  Her mum was telling me that the school bus driver would always park up at the top of the drive and wait… because her daughter was notoriously late!  I remembered back to when I was a teenager, on the other side of the globe, still frantically brushing my teeth, putting on the blue eye-liner and spraying my fringe until it resembled the texture of candy floss (it was the Eighties!!!)… while my ever-punctual best friend would be waiting in the hall for me so that we could ride to school together.  We always made it to school on time, but bless her heart, I sure cut it fine for her!

Caz family and all of us small 1

Here is the lovely family I speak of!   We put the camera on timer and stood in the front yard while the hills just kept on rolling behind us!

Another of my favourite memories was of our last night spent with together.  We took a late drive down to Sawtell beach.  It had been a hot day so we didn’t get to the surf until tea time.  Completely unprepared, our mad mate Ash stripped down to his shorts and went running in to the sea!  It didn’t take long before Aaron joined him and they caught the waves for a good hour!  Never mind that we didn’t have any towels – who needs to dry off anyway?!!!!!  He he… they had a Ball!  

Sawtell beach Ash and Az small

It was about 7pm when these photos was taken!  It had been such a hazy day and the beach was spectacular…

Sawtell beach 1 small

Sawtell beach 2 small

Sawtell beach 3 small

Sawtell beach Vik and Caz small

Me and Caz, the sleepy-head twins!

Scott and Vik Sawtell beach small

A rare photo of hubby and I…

Sawtell beach scene  small

Our trip to Sawtell, followed by the best fish and chips meal I’ve ever eaten, was the perfect end to the best holiday!

I’ll leave you with two of my favourite photos… and next time we chat I’ll show you some of what I’ve been up to lately!

Hugs! Vikki xo

Lookout point 1 small

Surfers paradise beach Rosie 3 small


Sunnybec said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time! Don't tell me those fish and chips were better than the ones you have had in the UK!! We are planning a holiday to UK next year, can't wait to see everyone again. Hugs xx

Vicki ♥ said...

Lovely memories Vik and such lovely photos too. So glad you finally met up with Joy and Cheryl...I am looking forward to March next year to meet Cheryl!! :) hugs Vicki xx

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

I'm thrilled you had a beautiful family holiday together. Bellingen is so beautiful and that was a spot of luck being there for their market weekend. So close to Port, but not quite close enough... next time hopefully :)
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Deb said...

What wonderful gorgeous memories of an amazing holiday Miss Vikki. And as for the terrible trio, hehehe, I am so jealous but don't you worry one of these days I am going to come knocking on your door just to surprise you!! You just wait. Love ya

Unknown said...
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What a memorable holiday. These memories should be cherish and to boast to inspire others. Glad you meet new friends. It's nice to widen your acquaintances.

Sue Niven said...

Looks like a really lovely time,

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