Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The new and improved Studio/Study!

Happy February everyone! 

I know the communications from SEW Useful Designs has been quiet of late… and I wouldn’t be at all  surprised if you had imagined tumble-weed rolling across my studio floor (or bunches of tangled threads!)  But in fact - I have been a busy little beaver - and the SEW Useful Studio has been a hive of activity!

Just before Christmas, Mr SUDs and I took the plunge and re-decorated our shared office/studio space.  I’ve never been brave enough to show photos of the “teenage boys’ den” area (aka the office) before because it honestly wasn’t a pretty sight.  A mish-mash of op-shop desks, shelves that didn’t quite fit on the wall properly and were held up with wood off-cuts… cables, sticky notes, pieces of computer hardware discarded by others and finding their sanctuary under Mr SUDs’ desk (to befriend the dust bunnies)!   You get the picture?  Yep!  Not pretty!

I had a wee make-over just more than a year ago and it has worked well for me in every aspect except for one – storage.  And I really was over the yellow walls!  Our entire house was painted yellow (both the walls and interior doors) when we moved in eight years ago, and we are still in the process of painting it neutral, room by room.  So the new Studio/Study was born!  After lots of measuring, planning, and visits to IKEA, we are delighted with the results.  Let me give you a tour!

Studio desk view 1

Here is my studio space, currently neat and tidy (but don’t let that fool you!!!)  The Expedit bookshelf system from IKEA fitted perfectly in to my storage nook and holds so much more ‘stuff’ than the reclaimed pine sideboard I used to have there.  It’s so much easier to keep organised now that everything has its own place. I even have a box labelled “new fabric” so that I know where to head when I want to fondle my recently acquired goodies.  (I’m sure there is a word for this kind of behaviour… but its maybe a bit rude for the blogosphere?!!!)

Studio desk view 4

Being able to see the floor space makes me feel calm and serene. I guess if you could sum up my style it would be ‘organised clutter’. I like to be able to view lots of things, but they have to look like they should belong where they are.

Studio desk view 3

The lighting over my desk is wonderfully warm and bright.

Studio desk view 2

The door opens out in to our garage, so this room is a through-route which is another good incentive to keep my fabrics from spilling on to the floor!

Studio view 2

The ‘printing station’ (I just made that up – doesn’t it sound posh?!) sits in front of the window, and holds our family files and magazines.  And of course - no room would be complete without an indoor plant!

Studio view 4

Mr SUDs added legs to this Expedit unit so that the heating vent wouldn’t be obstructed, and as they keep telling me on Better Homes & Gardens, having raised furniture gives the illusion of more floor space.  I think I agree with them!

Studio view 3

The office area accommodates Mr SUDs and young Miss Rosie.  But in case you’re wonderin’… yes I did tidy the desks profusely for this photo shoot!!

Studio view 5

I have allowed one shelf of my desk to be just for displaying sweet things… so that I can change it periodically to keep my mojo happy.

Studio desk shot 1

Studio desk shot 2

But this is my favourite place to be…

Studio desk shot 3

… sat at my desk, in front of my sewing machine (smile).   There’s been a lot of action here this past few weeks!  I’ve just completed a quilt top, and have been designing for some magazine commissions, and my mojo has returned with all tails blazing!  I have planned to blog twice a week because I really have missed you guys – so  I  look forward to chatting with you again on Friday with some more show and tell!  In the meantime I’d love to find out what you would consider to be your dream studio?!  What is it like?!!!

Till then!  Vikki x Smile

(ps.  If you are interested in seeing my last studio makeover, check out this post xx)


Outback Crafter - Debra said...

HI Vikki
Your studio looks lovely. Well done. I am sure it will stay usably tidy as it is so well designed.


B J Elder said...

Hope my keyboard doesn't short out from all the drool that spilled on it. Love what you did!

Deb said...

Bewdiful dear girl, absolutely Bewdiful!!!!! And so blimin organised. I am so so so jealous.One day I may have photos like yours to show but it won't be till the earthquake repair team come and do the work, then watch out kiddo. Love Rosie's wee sewing machine. Anyway as I said I love it ALL!!

Fee said...

My dream studio?? You're sitting in it girl - It's divine. Well done - It's all just beautiful and so very you xxxxx Hugs - Fee xxxx

barb's creations said...

Missed you! Glad to see you back and I LOVE your room makeover,just gorgeous.Can't wait to see what you've been up to with your sewing machine :) Barb.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

It all looks lovely Vikki. So glad to hear your mojo has returned and you are back designing. Can't wait to see your latest projects.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

retdairyqueen said...

Lovely Iam sure it will be a much nicer place to create

Sue Niven said...

So good to hear from you Vikki! I love your shared space, very cool indeed.

Anne Thompson said...

Wow, Vikki, what a transformation! We will have to plan a shopping date soon!

c said...

i thought the older one was out of this world, but now you really busted my dreams. I never can imagine having either one, what color of paint or brand did you use for the white or offwhite???? I want to paint my walls pink. and I am in the midst of moving out of my sewing space my living things, such as a couch and bed-lol and it will ONLY be sewing. Now is the time, money is not. But I can buy paint! thanks

Anne said...

Just beautiful and so organized! Will you have time to come and do mine!?? lol Happy Day!! :)

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Absolutely smashing!! :-)

Larissa said...

Wow Vikki!! Can I come move in with you?!!! ... Lol! This is an absolutely *GORGEOUS* room - and if the rest of the house is anything like it, you can pretty much imagine my dream home!! ... One day I'll have a special room like this ... but for now, I'd just love a house all of my own, lol! Still living with parents - and sharing your room with your 4yo daughter (!!) - makes it difficult to utilise & decorate many spaces just the way I'd like. Need to work around what they've got :) ... Wishes become dreams become goals become one-day-realities!! ... At least, I keep telling myself that, lol!
Once again, a wonderfully delightful space that I can imagine inspires many a new design and pattern!! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with over the coming years :) Hugs!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Your studios is so beautiful and cosy and I love this white desk !! Where did you find it cause I'm looking for a desk and this one seems perfect !


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