Friday, November 2, 2012

Sharing my holiday snaps!

Hello lovely people… wow it’s been two weeks since my family and I have returned from our holiday on the Gold Coast and I don’t know where the time has gone!  We had an absolutely amazing time and I’d love to share some of my memories with you…

… care to join me???

Having lived in Australia for the best part of nine years, I’ve only ever left the state of Victoria for a drive to Canberra for the sole purpose of collecting a passport, so I was exceptionally excited to be going to stay in Surfers Paradise for the first week of our trip!  Our plane journey was the smoothest ever, and as soon as we arrived at our destination – The Morrocan – we changed straight in to our swimmers and headed down to the pool!!  It was cool and refreshing… but an hour later we were seeking out the beach.  All I can say is WOW! 

Surfers paradise beach 1 small

The sand was so soft and clean and it squeaks between your toes!

Surfers paradise beach Rosie 2 small

It was fantastic seeing my kids enjoy themselves.. with the eight year age gap they still get on so well, and it felt sacred to be sharing this special family time together.

SurfersParadise beach Aaron in surf 1

Aaron loves nothing more than to catch the waves…

Sufers paradise beach Rosie 1 small

Have you ever seen sand captured in mid-air?!!!  YOINK!  This photo really tickles me!!!!!

Holiday day one beach aaron

I love this one too, capturing the energy of Aaron running down the beach!

Sea World dolphin show small

We visited three theme parks – Movieworld, Wet n Wild and SeaWorld.  The latter was our favourite and we especially enjoyed the dolphin show.  Ambient music played while the dolphins displayed their incredible strength and agility.  I fell in love with their grace and beauty.

Seaworld dolphin show 1 small

Seaworld sealiion Claude 1

And isn’t this guy the cutest?  This is Claude.  The Sea lion show is a must!  It’s so funny, and to see the relationship between the handlers (and fantastic actors) and Claude is precious!!

Seaworld sealion 1 small

Of course – Spongebob Squarepants was a big hit too!!!  Here he is cuddling up to young Rosie while her big brother stands guard!!

Seaworld pic with Spongebob small

Seaworld rollercoaster 2 small

Mr SUDs and Aaron loved all the rollercoasters… but they didn’t stop to say ‘cheese’ when riding the last car on The Sea Viper… how rude!!!!

Surfers paradise ferris wheel

One evening we took a ride on the Ferris Wheel overlooking Surfers Paradise… that was fun.  Although, being scared of heights I didn’t care to move around too much in my seat, just in case it rocked too much!!!

Honestly, I’m such a scraredy-cat!  All four of us went on the Looney Tunes rollercoaster at Movieworld.  Aaron had to talk me in to going on it because I was so reluctant; but then Rosie jumped up and down with excitement when she realised that she was tall enough to take her first rollercoaster ride so I really couldn’t duck out… I mean, surely it can’t be that bad if a seven year old can do it?!!!  Rose was an absolute star but I can’t say the same for myself.  I lost my voice after screaming all the way around!!  We all rode on it a second time  because my family sought great entertainment in seeing my face still-framed on the ‘snapshot’ screen (you know – the pics that are taken of you, ahem,,, screaming… while you’re on the ride?)  My face wasn’t a pretty sight… a bulldog chewing a wasp… you get the picture?  Ah well, A family who laughs at their mum together, stays together!!!!  Smile

Morrocan views at night small

We were so very blessed to be put in to a room that had the most amazing views of both the buildings and the beach.  A friend of my husband’s set up a travel agency business with his wife and they organised the holiday for us just a matter of weeks after dad passed away.  So we had no idea where we’d be staying.  We weren’t expecting such wonderful views and the apartment was amazing.  I felt like I was living a life of the rich and famous!!  I couldn’t sleep because at night I wanted to see all the lights and listen to the waves crashing on the shore.  Then I’d be there for sunrise as well, sipping tea outside on the balcony while watching the red rays bounce off the ocean.  Some early-birds would be surfing in the waves while others jogged down the promenade.  The beach was combed, the pools were cleaned and even the sound of the garbage trucks was sweet music to my ears.  In this kind of environment – everything is glorious!!   It’s a wonder I had any energy left for the day-time.  I just couldn’t sleep through and miss all that beauty.

Morrocan views sunset small

Here’s the first sunrise I shared a cup of tea with…

Morrocan sunrise  small

The view from our balcony… and here’s a panoramic that Mr SUDs sewed together using images from his IPhone… imagine it convex instead of concave!

Morrocan panoramamic view

I’ll be back soon with some more photos from our holiday – whereby I met two of my most favourite blogging buddies and then stayed with precious friends living in a sweet country town in NSW!

Till then – have a wonderful weekend!

Vikki xo Smile

If you were wondering… and would welcome the ease of having a holiday organised for you… I highly recommend Brand Travel!


Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Oh Vikki
Your holiday looks wonderful. I love hearing 'southerners' swoon over our Qld beaches. It really is a lovely part of the world. So glad you had fun.

Christine M said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. That is a great photo of Rosie with the sand in the air.

Wendyb said...

How absolutely wonderful Vikki!!! the most fabulous memories right there......and yes, it is heaven on earth up here (although we're another 1400kms north of that still!!)what is it they say....Queensland - sunny one day, perfect the next!....So glad to see you had such a terrific time..can't wait to see part 2!!
Big sugary hugs sweety
xox Wendy :O)

Tatkis said...

Wow, you had a great time! Surfers Paradise is a wonderful place to spend a vacation :)


B J Elder said...

I LOVE the photo of Aaron in the waves! Wow! Looks like it was a wonderful time.

Deb said...

So thrilled your wonderful wee family had such an awesome holiday as you have had a yukky year and deserve to be spoilt. The photos are fantastic hun, I wish I had been there with you.

Leanne said...

Hi Vikki,
It was lovely to read your description of your first visit to the Gold Coast. It was so refreshing - it brought back memories of my first time there. (A few years ago now (20) but who's counting!!!!!!!) Glad you had a great time, you deserved it.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Loved your holday pitcures.


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