Saturday, April 17, 2010

A giant Fawn and a sneak peak!

The month of March was jam-packed full of fun and wedded bliss, and it was also a joyous period of my life because I got to spend some treasured time with my family who were visiting from England.  And that meant… visiting places!

There is so much I’d like to share… pics of places we stayed (a gorgeous little cottage down on the coast which was so shabby chic!) and visits to animal sanctuaries… the beach… the hills… and of course, one of my favourite pastimes… shopping!

The “fashion capital” of Melbourne is Chadstone shopping centre, referred to by the locals as “Chaddy”!  I don’t visit very often but just had to take my SIL and my nephew’s girlfriend to see the gorgeous boutique shops they have there.  But also… I was busting a seam to see the giant Fawn that was gracing the entrance to Sportsgirl, because it was designed by the lovely Jhoanna of One Red Robin, and I LOVE Jhoanna’s work!

One Red Robin deer in shop

Here I am with the giant Fawn… isn’t she divine?!  Jhoanna makes the most enchanting softies.  Here is a link to the softie that this big beauty was modelled on.  :-)

While at the shopping centre, my SIL and I fell in love with these coats…

Linda and Vik with coats

We “ummed” and we “aahhed” and then we said goodbye to the coats and went on our merry way.  The next time we visited the shops, I purchased the coat (that’s me on the left) and my gorgeous SIL purchased the bag she is holding (on the right)!  My SIL and I are very close, and most people think we look more like sisters than me and my brother look like siblings!  It sure was lovely to have girlie shopping dates together!

On the sewing front I have been falling in love with these…

blog rounneries fabric 

A fabric line called ‘Rouenneries’ by French General for Moda.  I’m enchanted with it!  When I go to a fabric store I am always attracted to pretty florals, retro prints and/or prim tones… so this isn’t the “usual” for me… but gosh I love it to bits!  I can’t show you what I’ve been up to just yet, but here’s a sneak peek!

rounneries teaser

I know, I’m not giving much away am I?!! LOL…

On a final note for today I’d just like to say a big hearty {{Thank you}} for the lovely comments you have been leaving in my last post (If you haven’t already done so, please go and leave a comment to enter into my giveaway!).  I am absolutely delighted that you like the hearts I made for Homespun.  :-)

So when you create gifts for others… what do you enjoy to make?  Softies? Bags? Stitcheries? Cushions?  Something pretty or something useful?  Or both?  Do you like traditional or quirky?  I’d love to know!  :-)

Until next time – have a great weekend!  Hugs! Vikki x


Simone de Klerk said...

What a lovely happy post and so nice to see you in that lovely coat with your SIL!
What I enjoy making for others is a stitchery. It's what I love doing most, so i want to share it with others (O:
Have a great weekend!

Dawn said...

I just love that Fawn... so darn cute... even at that big... Very Bond looking in those coats... he sure do look alike Vik... I have a pink one very similar...ah ha..Now I wonder what you've been up too with that yummy 'Roonies'... he he.... I am sure its fabulous... started cutting out my hearts today, can't wait to finish them...
hugs Dawn x x

Jan said...

Gosh just look at that fawn isnt it wonderful ,How lovely to have your family visiting ,where in the UK , are they from ? I live in the Cambridgeshire Fens near Peterborough ,Iam intrigued to know what you are making ,I am very new to all this have done some patch work but am now starting to quilt ,I am curious about your bags , Jan xx

Deb said...

Aw sweetie what a fabulous time you had with your dear SIL. Those coats are to die for, I am so glad you bought yours and that handbag you had, how did you stop yourself there. The fawn is so cute and wow obviously huge, you are like a little child beside it although I know how petite you are anyway. I have just started getting urges to make softies so might have to look at that link. I think its because there are so many babies happening around us at the moment. Loving the French general fabric you're using hun but have you seen their new one- rural jardin- OMG, hyperventilating.
hugs Deb

Liz said...

Great pics Vikki, and lovely to have time with your family, it's very special when they are so far away! Know all about that! I was just looking at your fabulous feature in Homespun and couldn't remember whether or not I told you congrats?? Well anyway, congratulations, dreams coming true now, well deserved. Have a great weekend.

Vicki ♥ said...

What a lovely post Vik :) and yes you do look like sisters :) Both gorgeous! Love the coat too and you look very lah dee dah in it :)
Hugs sweetie :)

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Mmmmm, sweetie, I am with you on those coats!! They are gorgeous - so glad you got one! And the bags...drooling all the way from the top of Australia!!! LOL!!

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Vikki,

That is a lovely coat. I loved your hearts you know i get Homespun :) I also have your lovely stitchery...had to buy Handmade :)
What fun you had with your relatives here.
That giant fawn is great...I love Jho's designs too, but haven't been game to make any of them up, even though I have a couple of her patterns :)

When making something for someone else, I like to take into consideration the colours they like and then combine that in a stitchery...unless its xmas when red always works LOL

Hugs, Sharon

Jo in TAS said...

I try to make something that matches their personality. Not sure I always get it right for bloggy buddies but the colours and fabrics I choose reflect what I imagine them to be like!
You look rather swish in that coat!!

Cyndi said...

What an exciting month you had! You and your SIL do look like sisters. I'm close with my SIL, too, and we also enjoy shopping trips! That fawn is something is fabric? If so, I'm glad that I wasn't the one sewing it! LOL

When I make something for someone else, it is usually a bag, wallet, zipper pouch, jewelry bag, etc. That's mostly what I sew and just love making them!

Have a lovely weekend!



Joy said...

Oooooh Darling ... so glad you went back for that coat its so GAWJUS and it looks FAB on you!!! Now you better go back and get that bag too cos it's to die for as well ;o)!!
Looks like you had a wonderful day with your SIL, such happy smiles - and yes, you could be sisters :o)!!!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Ange Moore said...

Gorgeous coat - and I agree that you and your sister-in-law look very much like sisters!

Micki said...

You and your SIL really do look like each other. What lovely coats and bags!


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