Friday, April 9, 2010

Meet Kayla, and some more eye candy!

It is my very great pleasure to introduce you to the newest member of the SUDs family…. 

Kayla 2 picnik

Meet Kayla!  :-)  Isn’t she gosh-darn cute?!!  She is a Maltese Shitzu cross Jack Russell Terrier and is simply adorable!

Kayla 5 picnik

Mr SUDs and I have been chatting about extending our family to include a fur-kid for quite some time… and boy have I been broody!  So, I had “half an hour to kill” a couple of days ago (will share with you the reason why in just a tic..) and decided to take my my two kids to the pet shop, you know, just to see some cute animals.  (Oh okay you got me!  Actually it WAS to check out if they had a new family member for us!!!  But that’s just between me and you, right?! <wink>)

Well!  The girl in the pet shop was a born match-maker and when she handed me this gorgeous little timid little puppy, me and my two kids fell in love instantly!  I was able to put our pup “on hold” for a few hours, but gosh it was hard leaving that shop without her!

Kayla with mummy small

Now I’ll explain why I had half an hour to kill! My DH’s car was written off a couple of days ago due to hail damage. Melbourne had the most incredulous hail storm a few weeks ago, on the day after my wedding actually, and boy was I glad I got married the day before!  My English family were staying and I’m sure they thought that this kind of thing happens in Australia all the time – but honestly - it was a first!  Check out the size of the hail stones…

Hail stone small

They were the size of golf balls!  The storm caused a lot of damage and it has taken weeks for the insurance companies to process all the claims which is why we have only just had the car written off.  It was too dented to repair. 

Back to the story of Kayla!  We are down to one car and needed to pick Mr SUDs up from work… we had visited the pet shop and spent the 10 minutes’ drive to ‘work’ hoping that Mr SUDs would agree that we just HAD to have a furry companion in the IMMEDIATE future!  I honestly thought his response would be, “But Vikki, we need to buy a new car and this just isn’t the right time…”. 

But he didn’t… he said, “So, is the pet shop still open?”!!!!  :-) He did joke about it after though and exclaimed, “Lose a car and gain a puppy… ah well, I’ll just have to put a saddle on her and ride her to work!”  LOL…

If Kayla’s cuteness wasn’t quite enough, I have some more eye-candy for you!

Viks wrap picnik

This beautiful felted wrap and the embellishment on the handbag was made for me by my dear friend Narelle (no blog).  Aren’t they sublime?  I will treasure both, along with their creator, forever! :-)  If you live in Melbourne and would like to see these items in person, they will be on display at an exhibition in the not-too-distant future – I’ll keep you posted!

Until next time – extending friendship your way…  :-)  I’m off to cuddle my pup! :-)

Hugs! Vikki x


Cindy said...

Oh she is such a cute little fur child. Much happiness for the new addition to the family.

CreativeHands said...

Very cute pup!! Perfect replacement for the car! LOL

Maggey and Jim said...

OH, cute puppy,, Jenny(ELEFANZ)just got a new one too and hasn't been getting much sleep.. Good luck, She looks so tiny??

Allie said...

Well now who WOULDN'T rather have a puppy than a car? Kayla is adorable!!! I can't believe all the new puppies in blogland lately, lol.

We just had hail like that here! Not in my town, but not too far. It sure can do some damage.

Your wrap and handbag are really beautiful - tell Narelle to get a blog!

Denny1600 said...

Kayla is about the cutest thing I've seen all morning! Best wishes on your new addition!

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

Kayla is too darn cute! Congratulations on your new fur baby! I am eager to hear more on the bag and wrap, Just too cute. Tell Narelle she Must Have A Blog!!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Vikki,
Oh yes, Kayla is so very cute.
Hm, must be the latest blogger craze with you and Jenny both having new additions in the family.
I'm sure she'll bring everyone plenty of joy.

Bugger about those hail stones-We were lucky and missed them.
I'm sure Mr suds will enjoy his new car. What sort of car is he getting?
Happy Creating weekend,

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Oh Vikki, your new addition to the family is just gorgeous. I'm sure she will be well loved and cuddled by all.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Unknown said...

Kayla is the cutest little thing !I want a cuddle too .

Jo in TAS said...

What a blend that little pup is and I think she was meant for you!
The wrap and bag is absolutely stunning, just gorgeous!!

SheilaC said...

Kayla is adorable!! She is lucky that you found her and took her home :)


Deb said...

What a smooch. She is very cute Vikki and I bet will be a lovely new baby to nuture and "fill the gap".
Lovely to see a close up of your wrap and bag, so special to have them been made for you.
hugs Deb

Liz said...

Well she's very cute Vikki and she looks exactly like my son's little dog!! Gorgeous wrap, lucky lady you are :o)
Have a good weekend

Dawn said...

She's just soooo Cute... I can see lots of fun happening in your house....Your wrap Vikki is just the best... so romantic and suave looking... I love it....wish I lived closer to see it...
hugs Dawn x x x

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a cutie!! Our Bob-the-dog would love her!! Just his type! :-)

loulee said...

Congratulations. Where have I been to have missed the wedding?
Sorry to hear about your car, and yes you were so lucky it didn't happen on your big day.
Congratulations on your new fur baby too. ((Hugs))

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Vikki,

Welcome to Kayla SUDS. Much more cuddly than a car :)
I cannot believe how talented Narelle is...can't you talk her into having a blog. She has so much she can share :)

Hugs, Sharon

Chris H said...

I would have found it hard to resist her too!
In fact our family is getting a new baby in 10 sleeps... a Bichon/Shish Tzu cross girl! We are going to name her Coco... and can't wait.


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