Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A day at Flemington Market!

Picture this:  The sun is shining on a cool autumnal morning, its gentle rays reaching out to the blue sky with a promise of glory. The smell of freshly cut grass engulfs your senses while the gentle ‘hubble’ of meandering people, caresses your ears.

That’s how I’d describe my relaxing day at Flemington Market.   A beautiful day spent with a dear friend, which began nice and early before all the crowds came out to play!

Want to see some of the sights?


This lovely young man was selling sweet treats… lollipops in all shapes and sizes.  I thought about buying the dummy-shaped one for Mr SUDs… so that I could quickly pop it in his mouth when I told him how much I’d spent while I was out! LOL…



Beautiful paintings and prints by Gail McCormack… very shabby chic and incredibly pretty!  I wish I could have a house-full of shabby chic, but I don’t think the light colours would last too long in my house… I’ll share why later! :-)


Leora Abraham from Polymer Clay Creations is a beautiful, vibrant person to chat with… and her polymer creations are amazing!  Just check out these little characters…


The amazing thing is that the face ‘beads’ were ‘sliced’ from one long piece of intricately-created polymer.  It’s difficult to describe, but trust me, this lady is talented!


I absolutely loved this stall! “Two old bags”, these ladies had great humour which was so evident in their banner, but also – their bags were just such fun!  Not to mention, beautifully made!  I just wish I’d had more cash in my pocket as I’d certainly have purchased one of these beauties!  The denim bags were patched with just the right amount of either floral or polka-dot fabric… fun but classy!  Check out this link to see more from these fabulous ladies.


My friend purchased an exquisitely-made tote from Fraulein Jaeger Fabric Designs (pictured above).  Fabulous fabrics… I could have really dented a hole in my purse at this store!  I have a telephone contact for this designer but no website to link to.  However, she does attend at each market in Melbourne, which you can find out more about here.


Oh my!  Cute teddies!  I absolutely fell head over heels in love with all the little characters made by Sharon Hale from Shaz Bears.  Want a close-up?


Simply adorable!!!


Then there was this gorgeous stall run by Kellie Daws of COCOROSE.  She had the most beautiful children's bedroom accessories.  I love those decorative letters!

I was a good girl, really I was!  I didn’t really need to purchase a dummy-shaped lollipop to stop Mr SUDs jaw from dropping when I told him how much I spent!  I bought this gorgeous original painting, I’m sorry I can’t tell you the name of the lady who designed and painted it – she didn’t have a business card but told me she goes to all these markets.

Flemington market painting

You’ll never believe me if I tell you how much I paid for it!  Twenty bucks!  It is an original painting and there were many more of the same.

I also treated myself to this…


A fabric-covered pendant!  I love it!  I don’t have the contact details for the ladies who created this gorgeous accessory, so if anyone knows can you please contact me so I can rightfully attribute this creation to them?  Thank you!

Last of all I shall leave you with a photo of our 12-week-old puppy (bathed last night, I might add!).  This is why I dare not have shabby chic in the house… I don’t think the soft muted shades would last for very long!!


Until next time – may your days be full of fun and blessings!  Vikki x


Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Loooooove the Flemington market!!!
I bet you had a fabulous time Vik. Thanks for the tour - oh how I miss these things!

The newest SUD, Miss Kayla is certainly mischeivious. I hope there wasn't a plant in that pot? LOL
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Fee said...

I so wish I was there with you - What yummy stalls - I adore those shabby paintings - Ohg my I am off now to look at the web site.

Hugs Fee XXX

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Vikki, that painting is GAWJUS - really, really sweet!! Love your little pendant too - what a great idea!
LOL!! Your Kayla has a naughty streak too?? She should come play with Lily Rose...NOT!! LOL!!

Unknown said...

What a lot of lovely things ! Too many tempting things . What a cheeky pup she did make me laugh .

karenshopes said...

What a lovely day out it wold be hard to resist all those lovely
stalls. The picture you bought is lovely and I NEED one of those pendants lol.......

retdairyqueen said...

Sounds like you had the best day

Cyndi said...

Oh, what a great market. Looks like you had a lovely day. I'm afraid I would have had to buy more than one lollipop to poke into my hubby's mouth when I told him how much I would have spent there! LOL

That photo with your puppy in the flower pot is toooo cute! But I know what you mean...my house is decorated in cottage style and I have two cats and a dog. All I can say is, thank goodness for slipcovers!



Dawn said...

Sweetness, looks like you had a ball... I lurve those shabby chic paintings and the one you got for $20 bucks is absolutely gorgeous...Markets are great fun... so many nice things to see and buy... he he...
Hugs Dawn x x x

Maria said...

Looks like you had the most wonderful day at the markets. So many gorgeous stalls.

Oh love your puppy, very mischievious but cute.

Anonymous said...

Woah what a great market, I wish I could have visited it. And I LOVE that pendant. I'm a big fan of Matrouska's. So when you know were I can buy that pendant please let me know.

Joy said...

Wow!!! What fabulous markets they are, oh how I would've loved to join you there .... but then again ... I just KNOW I would spend to much. WAY too many gawjus things to choose from!! Your painting is t'riffic, what a bargain.
Kayla's adorable ... how on earth could you get cross when she looks at you that way LOL.
LOVE the pendant ... hey, I know where you can get fabric to make a bag to match he he!!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Cheryl said...

Well that was a delightful way to relax with a hot cuppa! Thoroughly enjoyed my Flemington markets tour this morning & thoroughly envious of your buyings :)
What a treasure little Kayla is... I bet she and Rosie are bestest friend
love Cheryl x

Unknown said...

Love that little Kayla, and thanks so much for the market tour. How wonderful!

Beertje Zonn said...

What a lot of lovely things!
Bear regards,

Beertje Zonn
Bear from the Netherlands

Vicki ♥ said...

I think I am going to have to go to these markets Vik :) Looks like you had a wonderful time browsing all the stalls. Thanks for showing us all the lovely photos and I just cracked up when I got to your lovely little missy Kayla......she is such a little treasure hehehe...I love her :) hugs Vicki

webbsway said...

Dear Vikki,
Thank you SO much for your kind words. There is nothing like having a friend to share the rough times with. I truly believe when you do that - it does Have the burden and that is such a help!

So neat to see your little "furbaby"! Full of energy and the joy of life ! How many shoes have you lost so far???? LOL

I love the shabby chic also - there is just something soothing about it.

Thank you for your post on the market today - That is REALLY Awesome! One of my "magic tricks" is when we get to go to a market far away from home I always enjoy myself because I become "invisible" to the world. I did not know unti lately that I am an introvert personality and that is why I have problems -fitting in with people! But, when I am invisible - that makes me loosen up and enjoy myself. (Yea, I know I am 'quirky" ) ~smile~
That was one reason I REALLY enjoyed your visit to the market-you did all the work! :)
So, Thank You-Thank you! :)


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