Sunday, October 4, 2009

A trip in to the City

I took a break from sewing last night, wrapped up warm, and had a night out in the City with my two boys!

We parked the car and took a little walk to our final destination... past some yachts...

Waving to the passengers on one of Melbourne's trams...

A quick detour to a fast food restaurant... and I really loved this view from the top of the escalator, so out came the camera again!

And here we are.. ta da! The Etihad Stadium (formerly Telstra Dome) in the heart of City and home to our favourite soccer team,
Melbourne Victory!

These were the only two photos I took of the players. I was too busy during the game, "yay-ing" and "whoa-ing" and shouting "WHOOOO-HOOO" at the top of my voice! :-) And because I'm from England the good ole' Cockney faithful, "Go on my son!" probably escaped my lips a few times as well! Lol...

I really love the picture above, Scott (DH) and Aaron (DS) went to watch the junior players during half-time. I love this stadium. I love how we shared the space with nearly 20,000 people, and yet it is so incredibly spacious and energising that there is no way in the world you could feel claustraphobic!

And here is the Englander herself, and her *real* son! We are smiling even more due to the winning score:

Melbourne Victory won 2-1 against
Brisbane Roar.

Go Victory!!!!! :-)

Until next time - WAH-HOOOO! Hugs! Vikki :-)

Footnote: I don't look much like a soccer supporter do I? What a poor effort! Looks more like I am going to check out the show dogs at Crufts!!! Lol...


Vicki ♥ said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time Vikki darling and you look gorgeous! You could have all the crazy supporters stuff on and you would still look gorgeous :) hugs

Fee said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time --- Nice to see the boys having some "boy" time. Hugs and XXXXXX Fee Fee

Dawn said...

Oh you look fabulous... a real.... Mum having a great night out with her 2 men... he he
Hugs and Sweet Blessings
Dawn x x

Abby and Stephanie said...

I love soccer. Never knew anything about it until my son started playing when he was 8. We have professional soccer team and stadium here--Columbus Crew. So much better to watch in person than on the t.v. When at the Crew stadium everyone wears Black and Yellow.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Go soccer!!! Go Italy!!! Go Rome!!!
Ooops...I don't follow an Aussie team. How naughty of me. Go Australia!!

Joy said...

You and your boy look like you're having a fabulous time Vikki Sweets :o)!!! Not sure we'd be barracking for the same team though ... me being a Brissy girl and all ;o).
Big hugs & Love,
Joy :o)

Carin said...

I am glad you had a wonderful time. I being way to American have a hard time getting into soccer/football. I love American football but most sports aren't my thing. I just hate contention and I hate being in a crowd soooo I don't do a lot of sporting events.

You look beautiful!

Allie said...

Now that sounds like a fun day! You look lovely and I'm jealous of your gorgeous hair - wishing mine was that long again! Glad your team won!

Deb said...

What a hug stadium hun. You certainly looked like you were having a good time. Lovely photo of you and Aaron.

Simone de Klerk said...

My men love soccer! They even saw Aresenal playing a few weeks ago for the Champions League in Liege, Belgium. They are both Roda supporters in the Dutch league.
Wonderful to share all this with your men!

Wendyb said...

Sorry Vikki....I know we lost but....go Roar!!!! (It's the queenslander in me!!) Actually, being the North Queenslander I am, it should be, Go Fury!!!! (but we're on a real losing streak!!)...but I was born in Melbourne, so Go Victory!!!! aaaargh...I can't decide!!!!
Oh well.....woohoooooo Storm!!!!!!
'o) Wendy B XX

Jo in TAS said...

What no painted faces!! Bit dissappointed that Roar lost but if they had to lose I rather it be to Melbourne. And congrats to Victoria for winning the ARL, NRL, A League, Netball & Basketball, what a huge year!!

Liz said...

Ryan (grandson) was there too and he's a 'pommy's' son so you could probably hear him too!!
Glad you had a good night with your boys. Been a big couple of weeks for all the Melbourne boys??

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Hey Vik ~ I've been AWOL from blogland again this week but have just caught up on all your news.
Hope you are well and will chat this week.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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