Saturday, October 24, 2009

Inspirational shapes, Kellie's designs and a sneak peek!

Time flies by so quickly and it seems like only yesterday that I was sharing stories of my *teenage crush* with you! It was wonderful to hear about your teenage crushes too... thank you for sharing! :-)

A dear friend of mine confessed to having a crush on the famous 80's pop-singer, George Michael, and I had a giggle to myself because I remembered that my very own darling mum had a small poster of Georgie-boy on her bedside wall. And she was aged 50 at the time! I think she was all for supporting me with my teenage *crushdom* so thought she'd join in the fun. My mum continues to be the angel she always 'was' and her love and support still radiates to me from heaven. I wonder if she still dons the poster of George, though?! :-)

Have you been downloading your freebies from Among the Gum Trees? They are darling aren't they? I really love designing for Christmas - nearly as much as I like *making* stuff for Christmas! Here's a little sneak peek of one project I've been working on... I wonder who the little Robin Redbreast is singing to? :-)

Changing the subject, I went for a trip to Ikea with my dear friend Anne. I could have spent a small fortune and..umm.. ahem... I think I did! But a girl can never have too many cookie cutters or magazine holders, right?

But what I found fascinating stemmed from the inspiration I gleaned from Stephanie's post about random shapes. If you fancy an interesting read with loads of architectural eye-candy, click here. I started noticing *shapes* everywhere! In particular, two net curtains in Ikea caught my eye. Here's the first:

And what it reminded me of...

Yep! The first is the same shape as the Jacobs Coat quilt pattern. And I read about
Kellie's quilt-along for this design just a few days ago! This is one of Kellie's photos of a quilt she quotes to have pieced "another lifetime ago"! Thanks Kellie for letting me use your photo!

Here's the second curtain:

It reminded me of the feather shapes I had free-motion quilted in a workshop (of Kellie's) I attended recently.

Have you checked out Kellie's two new pattern releases? The pic below is of "Willow". Gosh it's gorgeous, isn't it?! If you visit here you can see the other fabulous design and enter Kellie's giveaway while you're there. Good luck!

Until next time, I wonder if you'll start seeing *shapes* everywhere now? I hope you do because it's so much fun!

Hugs! Vikki xx
footnote: Thanks Kellie for allowing me to publish your pic of Willow too!


Simone de Klerk said...

I enjoyed reading this post, Vikki. Lovely to see those curtain shapes back in quilts and quilting. The red robin is very cute!!!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Vikki,
Gosh, you're a busy lady-off shopping to Ikea to find shapes LOL

Your red robin is very cute and yes i'm wondering who he is trying to whisper to>

Allie said...

LOL - when Lord of the Rings came out, my mom had a huge crush on Orlando Bloom. And she was what, in her 60's?
Your robin is so, so cute! I fell in love with him as soon as I saw the picture.
Don't you just love Ikea - and how funny that they're getting inspiration from quilts, lol! No good design ever dies, it just gets recycled, right?

Deb said...

Love those first net curtains Vikki, I can jujst imagine them in our bathroom......................nope,real my thoughts in, no spending.
Love your wee red robin, he is adorable, someone is going to be extremely happy I think.

Hope all well with you, Mr Suds and Aaron and Rosie,
big hugs Deb

Jo in TAS said...

Love your little red robin, looking forward to seeing the whole project!
Kelly does some amazing work, she's very inspirational!

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Oh how I wish I had of been there to zip off to IKEA with you and the lovely Anne. You know how I love IKEA and of course the company of my crafting buddies - gosh I miss our Tuesday night get togethers.
I'll have to suffice with internet chats until I can get back down for a quick trip.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Sandra said...

Hi Vicki..!!!
Gracias por el freebie..!!!
Te aseguro que después de leer ésta entrada, veo formas y posibilidades en todos lados..!!!
Nuevamente gracias...
Buena semana!!

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Vikki,
The robin looks great and I love the curtains and quilting connection. Its funny how when you start doing a craft, you look at the world anew.
I remember how much I noticed white highlight dots in eyes etc once I had started to paint.
Lots of hugs xx,


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