Monday, March 17, 2014

My latest project… it’s sew useful!

How do you like to purchase patterns?  Do you prefer the paper variety or do you like the ease and speed of downloading a PDF?  If the answer to your question is the latter… where do you store your printouts? 

My Patterns front cover small

If you are looking for a cute and inspirational storage system… maybe my latest design, the “My Sweet PDFs” album, is just the thing for you. 

My Patterns front cover option small

I released this design at the Let’s get Stitched event last Sunday.  The project involves a small amount of piecing and applique, together with plenty of embroidery and cross-stitch for embellishment.  The two A4 covers are constructed out of firm cardboard, and there are full instructions and step-by-step tutorials for inserting the eyelets.

I really love scrapbook albums, and although I don’t work with paper crafts myself, I wanted to recreate that kind of look with the album rings and ribbons.  But I think the pom-pom trim is my favourite – I love the stuff!  I found this most amazing colour, a pastel turqoise/sea green hue, in my local Spotlight.  It coordinates beautifully with my Tilda fabric, too!

My Patterns small 2

The back cover is very simple:

My Patterns back cover small

… and the inside pages… I attached some hanky linen for writing notes on… notes that i need to refer to regularly like the stitch length on my sewing machine for getting a perfect quarter-of-an-inch seam allowance, for example. (I am yet to write those notes!)

My Patterns small 3

I have a downloadable PDF pattern for sale in my shop, here. But for you paper-pattern lovers (of which I am one!), there are also paper versions available in my shop here.

So, I’m interested to know… do you go to many stitching/workshop events??  Are you hoping to go to one in the future?  Or do you belong to a regular stitching group filled with close friends?

I try to catch up with crafty friends as much as I can, but we find it difficult juggling work, studies and family life so it’s not as regular as any of us would like… and I usually only catch up with one friend at a time.  But the stitching event last Sunday really opened my eyes to catching up with like-minded ladies on a more regular basis.  It was just great looking at everyone’s hand-made projects, their sewing bags, pin-cushions and mug-rugs!  It was like one big show and tell!  It’s always so much more fun to see these gorgeous creations in real life isn’t it?  Photos really don’t do justice, even when those photos are amazing… you wish you could actually fondle the creations in your very own hands!!  But of course, it’s not the creations that make the occasion, but the ladies themselves… I know I’ve said it before, but honestly, you couldn’t have wished for a more lovely bunch of souls to connect with.  I truly felt humbled to share some time with them. 

Another thing that was so sweet about having the whole weekend away (such a rarity for me!) was that my family was so very pleased to see me when I returned!  You’d have thought I’d been away for a month!! 

I had only been gone a day when I returned back home with Jenny, so we could spend some quality time together, and so that Jen could meet my family and see where I live.  Kayla, our pooch, went ballistic!  She didn’t know whether to jump up, roll over or lick… so she attempted all three at once, it was hilarious!

Kayla in car

She is a bit more composed in this photo! One of the things she loves as much as her Mum (and her new Auntie Jen!) is a ride in the car… she gets as excited over the word ‘Car’ as she does over the word “Walkies’!  Bless her!

Jenny and I shared a fabulous day together even though we were both so tired from our 3am bedtime a few hours before-hand!! I’d longed for so long to be able to make her a cup of tea and chat in my sewing space… it was like a dream come true (except I didn’t end up making the tea, the gorgeous Mr SUDs made us coffee!  Love him!)  This is my fave photo of Jenny and I together, taken in the hotel shortly before I said my goodbyes to all the girls…

vikki and jenny

I’ve borrowed the pic from Jenny… she has a fantastic camera… and she gives fantastic cuddles! 

I’ll be back with some more memories of my weekend away… a day out in Fitzroy with two other gorgeous gals… I’ve got some links to share for some interesting vintage and quirky shops! 

It’s past midnight as I write this… the house is quiet and Kayla is at my feet… I think we’ll have a quick cuddle and then I’ll head off upstairs for some shut-eye.

Whether it’s night or day for you right now… sweet dreams my friend!

Vikki xoxo Smile





Christine M said...

I love the pattern you designed for us last week Vikki. It has been added to my "To Do List". I'm glad you got to spend some special time with Jenny. She is a very special lady.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to start mine Vickki,I so enjoyed meeting you,you rock and how cute is Kayla.xx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

LOVED being together 'for real' sweet sis!
And cuddle little Kayla for know she stole my heart, right? :-)

Love ya!

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Oh Vikki,
Your project is beautiful. It is just perfect. It is going to the top of my 'new project' list. We have our quilt show at Easter, so I am in frantic finishing mode, but when that is complete I can make new projects.

It has been wonderful today to read both your & Jenny's accounts of your day together. It felt like I was reading about my family going on holidays without me. So glad you could meet & catch up.

I hope you are catching up on your sleep.


Noela said...

It was lovely to meet you Vikki. I hope to get started on my LGS patterns soon. I like to have paper patterns but also like to get PDF's as they are instant. Your project is gorgeous. Hugs......

margaret said...

Personally I would rather have a book than a pdf, I am working a quilt at the moment from the pdf which I cannot print out, far too big and would cost the earth in ink.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful sharing, thank you. I've loved reading about this conference, and would love to come someday. I've gone to quite a few big shows that have classes attached, and even taken one or two classes, but none for stitching. I would really like to do that, or crazy quilting, either one - or both! =) I do quilt with friends from time to time, but don't have anyone close by to stitch with me.

Julie said...

Hello Vikki - I am just popping over from Jennys to read your lovely blog. I shall pop back when I have more time but just wanted to say how beautiful everything is that you create - I truely love your work :-) Sending hugs from New Zealand, Julie x0x

Tatkis said...

What a great idea, such a beautiful folder!!


Elaine said...

I love this idea. I must confess to either stuffing things in a file folder or letting them be neglected in the Craftsy folder. Then sadly, it is out of sight, out of mind. Creating a beautiful notebook would be a great way to keep inspired. Thank you!


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