Thursday, March 20, 2014

A day out in Fitzroy, Melbourne

In my last post I mentioned about a really fun day I had out in Melbourne!  Well, at last I’ve updated all my photos and gathered my links together to share with you – because if you’re ever in the area there are some GREAT places to go!

The day started out with Wendy, Joy and I meeting up in the foyer of our hotel, waiting for any takers for a day out in Fitzroy.  Call ourselves Billy-no-mates but no-one else turned up – so undeterred - off we went!

We braved the trams… (being the only Melbournian of the three I wasn’t any the wiser for how to board or ‘pay’ for the journey)… but we made it.  We may have been shouted at by a passing motorist… but we made it!

Wendy and Joy on tram

Wendy and I on tram

Here I am with Wendy… all very excited about our pending adventures!

Wendy and Joy cafe

We were headed for Rose Street Market, but needed to take a long walk down Brunswick Street to get there.  We were all gagging for coffee!  Know the feeling?  Joy and I had to lure Wendy away from one rather dodgy-looking watering hole… bless her, our naive Wendy didn’t notice the shady characters hanging around as she was so intent on getting a decent brew (coffee not beer!!!).

We found our way in to the cutest and warmest and most vintage-y-est little cafe called Argos loves Company.  If you look in the above photo you will see silverware and an Art Deco window displayed artfully in the background.  The food was AMAZING and when we saw everyone else's plates full of the most wonderful delicacies, we wished we’d ordered lunch rather than opting for just sweet treats. 


But when the sweet treats arrived we oohed and aahed over the china plates so much we momentarily forgot anything else… except for the coffee of course, one never forgets about the coffee! (wink)

Pug love

Okay, so there are a few things I love more than coffee… and right up there with family and friends is… dogs!  I adore dogs!  I am a crazy-dog-person.  So much so that when I developed pug-love, I just had to ask the owner if I could have a photo!  This adorable little pooch was sat outside our cafe… and his owner kindly fed him some ham off her plate so I could get a good photo – it was win-win for me and the Pug, but his owner was sadly at a loss for ham to go with her eggs!

I can tell you, there were some seriously CUTE dogs on the streets of Fitzroy… but so that Wendy and Joy didn’t disown me for being completely crazy, I refrained myself from asking for any further pics! 

Wendy taking pics

Talking of pics, between the three of us girls, we took A LOT!  There was so many interesting things to see, like the children’s park behind Wendy… that had the cutest Matroyshka sculptures!

Matroyoshka park

And then there were the shops we came across… check out this Lion in the window of Mark Denver Vintage & Industrial:

Day out shop lion

It’s made out of wood that’s been combed from beaches.  We took a look inside the store.  There were quite a few stuffed animal heads on the walls… a giraffe of all things!  I’m not really into taxidermy, but it was an unusual sight.  I LOVED the vintage globes on display everywhere…

Day out globes

We took our time, enjoying the ambience and the sights, and eventually got to the Artists Market…

Wendy and Joy market

Wendy and Joy were admiring the jewellery, while I was admiring…


… the chairs!

Artists market

There were lots of lovely stalls and some delightful people to chat to.  After browsing around (and feeling quite hot with the sunny weather), we decided it was time for lunch, so went to the accompanying cafe, and promptly took a selfie.

Wendy Joy and I at cafe

After enjoying our food and people-watching, we headed out of the market and in to a couple of other quaint shops.  This is one store that we all fell in love with…

Day out shabby shop

It is called Frances Pilley and is full of, as the business card puts it: “Exceptional products chosen for their quality, beauty, uniqueness and luxury”.  And that’s exactly what was inside!

Day out shabby shop 2

Laces and textiles, wooden spools and buttons, mannequins and Victorian clothing, old feed-sacks, chairs and just so much “stuff” that you just wished you could take home with you!

Day out vintage feed sack

Day out shabby shop 3

I made one purchase – I’ll show you next time!

Day out street view

Heading through the streets we saw some amazing graffiti-art.  Wendy has many more photos on her blog that you can see here.

If you look closely at the building facing you in the above picture, there is a gigantean Cupie doll just sat there on the front!  I love the sky… it really has so much character doesn’t it, with those fluffy clouds?

Day out De Vinci art

Day out moped

One thing that really did steal my heart however, was this scooter.  Isn’t it divine? (Should I be calling it something like a moped or a Vespa?!)

As they say, all good things must come to an end.  (Don’t you hate it when “they” say that?!!)

Our feet were aching, our joints were sore from walking… and we all agreed that we felt at peace having enjoyed the most amazing day out. 

Waiting at the tram stop for our journey back to the hotel looked like this:

Day out waiting for tram

My gorgeous companions won’t be seeing Melbourne for a while, but as for me, I don’t plan to go back to Fitzroy any time soon.  The memories created with these two girls are precious and I don’t want to taint them by attempting to repeat the journey.  Does that sound weird?!

However, if the Pug asks me out to join him for a coffee and some ham… how could I resist?!

Till next time!

Vikki xoxoxoxoxo


Stop Press: I have been advised that Joy is the naive one – it was Wendy pushing Joy away from the dodgy cafe!  Oops, I have a weak memory!  (But it’s ok Wendy, although you’re not as naive as our cheeky friend, you are indeed very sweet! x)



Anonymous said...

lol lovely post Vikki and what a wonderful day you 3 had,thankyou for sharing.xx

Dawn said...

Oh what a brilliant day and wonderful memories. ...miss you all like crazy. ..
Hugs x x x

Janet said...

Thanks for the tour! It looks like it was a fun day for all.

De said...

Oh what a wonderful day! I miss you all xoxo

Joy said...

It really was a fabulous day, loved every minute of it with you and Wendy, truly did ;). That cafe' was such a terrific find wasn't it!!?!
Love n hugs,
PS ... It was ME who Wendy had to push past the dodgy café ... I was just gasping for a brew lol.

Farm Gate Creations Incorporating Hummingbird Quilting said...

It looks like you gals had the perfect day, I'm so g;lad that you kept Wendy away from those shady characters.

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Vikki! Our saying is "Nigel-No-Friends"! :0) But with three of you to go play, I think you had all the company you needed. My bro lives in Melbourne and after a flying visit for a Christening recently, GB and I have decided we need to go back to explor soon and I've noted a couple of your 'finds' to put on my list. Looking forward to LGS coming north next year ... bit closer to my home on the 'hill' ... perhaps I'll be able to come play, too! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

Melody said...

Sounds like a brilliant day. We have so much in common. I adore dogs too. Takes me ages to walk anywhere I as have to stop and pat every dog I see.

Julie said...

What a fabulous day out Vikki - thanks for taking me on a little journey with you. I am sure I wouldve enjoyed it all thoroughly as am rather in love with that little pug dog myself. Oh & that vintagey store with all the haberdashery !! Be still my beating heart :-)
A great post - thank you so much. Julie x0x

GerryART said...

What a wonderfully fin day you gals had!!!!
I, for one, am soooo envious!!
Next adventure, count me in !!!!

barb's creations said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun exploring Melbourne together and visiting lots of unique spots :) Barb.


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