Saturday, July 13, 2013

Alisha’s show & tell

Young Rosie and I had a lovely day yesterday!  Our very special friends came to visit - and while Rosie and her young buddy, Saskia, played dress-ups - us mums, (Alisha and I) played show and tell!

Alishas cushion 2

Isn’t this cushion divine?!  Alisha made it for Saskia’s bedroom using fabric scraps from her much-loved collection.  The hexies are hand quilted in red thread around their perimeters while two slim borders and a red piping edge outline the masterpiece and finish it off beautifully.  I love it!

Alisha is a dress-maker by profession and found her new passion for patchwork and quilting just a couple of years ago.  She is so good at whatever she lays her hands on, her work is always finished so beautifully.  We met through a mutual friend a few years ago (the lovely Caroline who I visited on holidays last October), and hit it off straight away.  However it wasn’t until Caroline had her leaving party to move interstate that Alisha and I vowed to stay in touch… and since that time our friendship has really blossomed.  I always felt like Caroline gave us both a lovely parting gift in that through our sadness at her moving, Alisha and I found comfort in each other.

Alisha posy 2

Alisha also gifted me these beautiful flowers!  They are my perfect posy… I could imagine them freshly picked from the meadow and bestowed to a farmers wife who put them in a pretty jug set upon a lace cloth on her table.  They smell divine too!

Alisha posy 1

Till next time!

Vikki xoxo


Allie said...

Beautiful cushion - and how lovely to get flowers from a good friend. Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

cottonreel said...

In the order of things , I love those hearts at the top of your page , we see lots of hearts but these are so pretty
I love those flowers , being a gardener myself I love flowers from the garden , a snip here and there , and flowers from the garden always go in a large coffee or jam jar .
I have a posy in me hallway now . Only shop flowers go in vases .
The hexie cushion is beautiful ;

KaHolly said...

It's just beautiful!! She did a lovely job, on the cushion AND picking out the perfect posies for you!

Christine M said...

Alisha's cushion is beautiful. Sounds like everyone had a lovely day.


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