Thursday, July 4, 2013

A day at the beach in Winter

Mentone beach 10

School holidays and time to chill out with the kids and get some fresh sea air…

Mentone beach 2

Mentone collage 1

Mentone beach 5

Mentone collage 2

Rosie has been learning about dinosaurs this term and happened to stumble across a pre-historic footprint…

Mentone beach 9

But apparently I was the only dinosaur on this beach! Ha ha!

Mentone beach 11

Not sure what Aaron is doing here… holding an invisible ice-cream cone perhaps… or practicing in to his mike for Australia’s next “The Voice”?!! 

Either way – looking good Aaron! Winking smile

Seeing as it’s Winter in this neck of the woods, I’ll be back tomorrow with something festive for you - something that reminds me of Winter in England – see you then! x

1 comment:

Sue Niven said...

The pictures are lovely! Is it not cold though?


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