Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vintage textiles and a SEW Useful piece of history…

Hanky linen rose close up edit

I’ve been collecting some sweet vintage napkins and handkerchiefs…

Hanky and linen 1 retouch

I love all-natural fabrics but cotton lace and cross-stitch linens top my list! I also picked up some vintage hankies, and although they are a less-favoured polyester blend, they brought back happy memories of days-gone-by, when Mum would stick a hanky up the sleeve of my cardigan to take to school with me.  I thought these little retro finds would make great handkerchief skirts for Rosie’s dolls, so that is what they are earmarked for!

Hanky and linen lacy skirt retouch

It’s amazing what you find in op shops, and although I usually browse through clothing to purchase for myself to wear… I couldn’t go past this cute 100 per cent cotton skirt… even though it was four sizes too small for me!  The lace inserts are exquisite.  I don’t usually like to cut up clothing unless there is a fault with it, because I like to think it will go to a home where someone can use it for its intended purpose.  But I couldn’t leave this little beauty behind.  There are about six panels like the one pictured above.  It would look lovely re-made in to a christening gown.  But  I will keep it safe until I discover the perfect project that will display it’s lacy panels in all their glory!

If you are seasoned visitor to my blog you will know that I have a childlike passion for vintage toy sewing machines!  When I visited the Maryborough Flour Mill Gallery & Museum, I fell head over heels in love with a New Home adult-size sewing machine dated circa 1890.  (You can read about it here)  My weekly searches on the Internet and eBay, in particular, led me to uncover this beauty, a New National… the machine I most coveted over any other…

New National matte edges

I still have to pinch myself that I actually found one that was affordable and now resides in my family room!  I’m fascinated with the history… I wonder who first purchased this machine – was it a gift?  Was it a necessity?  I wonder what garments were created?  How many children would have learned to sew on it???  If only it could talk! 

I would sit, listen and indulge it for hours on end!

New National old photo

It is one of my long-term dreams to make a Victorian or Edwardian nightgown using a sewing machine from the same era.  I’d like to research old techniques, use the appropriate sewing feet (that appear to me to look more like antique items of dentistry torture than anything else) to create pin-tucks and ruffles.  One day… one day!  Of course, I’d have to make it from a vintage pattern, so if you know where I could purchase one I’d love to hear from you! 

So what long-term dreams do you hold for the future??

Until next time – happy sewing!

Vikki xo Smile


Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

What a beauty she is Vik... if only she could talk. I bet she had a hard working life. So nice that she has somewhere lovely to rest up now ♥
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Oh Viki, the lace, the linen, the sewing machine...SO exquisite!
You lucky duck. Really happy for your treasure hunting finds, my


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