Friday, March 1, 2013

Holly Rose is published, and a sneak peek!

I have been experimenting with new embroidery stitches and free-motion quilting just recently.  I love playing around on my sewing machine but to be successful with free-motion I know it’s going to take a lot of time, patience and practice – so therefore it’s fun to balance that with something more instantly gratifying – and that’s where the embroidery has worked wonders!  I’ve been looking up stitches in one of my books, but to be honest, checking out You Tube videos has been a much easier way to learn. You just do a Google search on whatever stitch you want to learn, and Bingo!  Bob’s your mother’s brother!

I’m currently in love with Fishbone stitch and have used it in a project I’m about to submit to Creating Country Threads – here’s a sneaky peek photo of some embroidery before I ironed and pieced the project together.

Sneak peek polkadot

I’m really loving the sweet country colours contrasting with a big splash of fresh blue polka-dot goodness!  I wish I could show you more but it would give too much of the design away, but I’ll be sure to share more with you when the project is published.  I think it might be my favourite design, to date!

 Holly Rose close up

However, I can show you my Holly Rose quilt as it’s in the current issue (Vol 13 no 10) of Inspiring Country Threads. 

Holly Rose table topper

This is my first pieced quilt design and I felt a great sense of achievement on completing it.  I added felt rosebuds close to the centre panel, but left the centre square free as I thought it would be a great place to position a plant, fruit bowl or tea tray, if used as a table topper.


I have a very sweet friend named Holly… she really is such a great friend and I love her to bits – so this quilt is dedicated to her and my young daughter Rosie… who is a daily source of inspiration… and lets be honest… exhaustion, too!  Ha ha!  Bless her cottons! 

Holly’s nickname for Rosie is “The little bundle of WOW!”  because Rosie’s playful creative little mind is always running at the speed of light!!  I’ll never forget the day I left Rosie with Holly to mind her for an hour while I went off to collect my son’s school books.  It was a couple of years ago now.  Holly has raised three boys and they were easy going youngsters, either playing on their own quite happily or with each other.  On returning to collect Rosie, poor Holly looked like a stunned rabbit who had been caught in the headlights!  “WOW!”  Holly exclaimed, “She really doesn’t stop interacting does she?”!!!

Talking of WOW

… I’m really excited because I have been asked to host one day of a book tour to share some insight in to a wonderful new book by quilt artist and author, Margaret BucklewWow!  Wow for many reasons! 

WOW because…. have you seen her quilts?!!!!! 


Check out the book cover… has your jaw dropped to the floor?!!!!!  I am blown away by the detail and the essence that is captured and conveyed so beautifully and passionately.  The portrait of the Officer has me entranced… you can read Margaret’s personal account of the quilt here.  It’s a very touching and most beautiful story.

WOW again, because…

Margaret shows you how to make your own portrait and pictorial quilts – and demonstrates that it isn’t as hard as it looks!  Are you kidding me?  Isn’t THAT amazing? 


For more details of the book tour, click on the button above (or in my side bar) and it will take you directly to Margaret’s fabulous blog.  I look forward to sharing more with you on 12 March when it’s my pleasure to host!

Till next time – catch you round like a fruit loop!!

Vikki Smile


Deb said...

You're such a clever chook. Can't wait to see more of your embroidery and as for your gorgeous Hollie quilt-WOW!!

Sue Niven said...

All i can say is STUNNING! way to go girl!

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Lots going on in your world right now Vik... how exciting it all is.
LOVE your new quilt. It is so perfectly YOU and I'm headign off to get a copy of the mag.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

My Brave True Hero said...

Your creations are great and impressive, I also search in Google and YouTube if I want to learn something.

KaHolly said...

This Holly Rose quilt is extraordinary!! So precious and delicate! Can see why the magazine scooped it up to show it off.


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