Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine soaps–a quick and fun tutorial

Love heart soap display 2

Will you be my Valentine?

Love heart soap display 4

If you fancy whipping up some sweet scented heart-shaped soaps for those special girlfriends of yours… or for yourself, for that matter, I thought you might like to share in this super quick and easy method!

You will need:

Natural, pure vegetable glycerin soap *

Essential oil of your choice (I used lavender)

Red food colouring

Heart-shaped silicone cupcake moulds, and/or ice-cube moulds

Microwave-safe jug

Silicone or wooden spatula

* I purchased a 2lb brick of Clear Glycerin Soap from my local craft store (Riot Art) for $10.  I only used 1lb of it to make approx. 8 medium-size soaps and 15 small soaps.  Don’t use soap that has additives (such as regular supermarket soap), because it won’t melt properly and will become frothy and unmanageable… I can verify this from recent experience!!

** Just a little note on safety – the heated soap is extremely hot, so do not use metal spoons or spatulas to stir it with as you may burn your hands.  Always supervise young children.



1. Break the glycerin soap in to ice-cube size chunks and place them in to the microwave-safe jug

2. Activate microwave on ‘high’ for two minutes, stopping once to stir. 

3. If the glycerin hasn’t fully melted, heat once again for a maximum of one minute each time, until it has.

4.  Add one or two drops of both the red food colouring and essential oil, and stir until you get a consistent colour throughout.

Melted soap

5.  Carefully pour the molten soap in to the silicone moulds.  Be very careful not to splash yourself as the soap may not look it, but it is extremely hot!


6.  Leave to cool completely for a couple of hours (depending on the temperature in your home!) before gently prizing the individual soaps out of each mould.

7.  Voila!  You are done!

Love heart soap display 3

My daughter and I made these together, she is only young so was carefully supervised, but we had a lot of fun together!  We had various ice-cube moulds in the cupboard, such as star-fish shapes and reindeer heads… so we made some of those as well!  The reindeers are really cute – look how they turned out…


How cute would these be in a wee Christmas parcel, with a spice-based oil added as the scent?! It seems I just can not keep away from Christmas!!!

Happy Valentines lovely people!!! 

Hope you have a wonderful day on Thursday – and I’ll see you again on Friday for some more show and tell!

Big mushy hugs!! Vikki xo


Wendyb said...

OOOh you're an all round clever chooky super sweet!
big sugary valentine's hugs gorgeous
xox Wendy :O)

barb's creations said...

Lovely idea Vikki,will have to see where I can source the glycerine from and have a go at making these,thakns for the tutorial :) Barb.

KMSC said...

This is such a great gift idea! I hope I have time to make some heart-shaped soap before Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Not only is it useful and cute, but it's easily doable - as soon as I find the soap here.


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