Thursday, October 13, 2011

Handmade Country Christmas and stitching progress!

I’ve been thinking about Christmas a lot this week, planning gifts to make and getting excited as I’m seeing the glitzy decorations fill up the shelves in the department stores!  In my book, Christmas can never come too early!!

I guess the weather in Melbourne of recent has certainly got me ‘feeling’ Christmas too… it’s been so cold and blustery that it could be mistaken for a December day in the northern hemisphere  (okay I exaggerate – it’s way colder in England  - but the ‘feeling’ is the same!!!)

Today however, Spring has come back for a visit and I’m hoping that this time she’ll decide to stay  :-)

I took some photos outside this morning, and snapped this one of Kayla enjoying the freshly cut lawn and soaking up some sunshine…

October Kayla

… can you smell the sweet scent of the grass?  It made me smile this morning taking Rosie to school because she exclaimed, “I LOVE the smell of the weather!”  Kids put their thoughts in to words so well don’t they?  I had a second smile to myself after having a discussion with her about her teacher’s new puppy.  On pondering what breed the dog might be, Rosie thoughtfully announced, “Well, I think it’s either a girl or a boy…”

Yep – gotta love kids!

Back to the garden, and the photographs I was taking.  Now are you thinking exotic plants and amazing water features????  He he he… well in my garden, there are magazines!!!  A magazine bush – wow – wouldn’t that be good????  Each new issue of our favourite magazines produced each month is a bio-degradable cellophane wrapper to keep the snails from nibbling!  I think there is an equivalent, it’s called a ‘subscription’ or something like that – but a magazine bush would be much more fun don’t ya think?!

Today, my magazine bush flourished with the latest issue of Handmade magazine, the Country Christmas Crafts issue (Vol 29 No 8)

Handmade Country Christmas mag fc

I have a stitchery project published in this issue, let me introduce you to Pudding Cheer

Handmade pudding cheer

A Christmas pudding full of festivity… gifts, a bulging stocking, a reindeer and snowman all enjoying the swaying baubles as they listen to their favourite Christmas tune!

There are some cute projects in this issue of Handmade including some cute decorations by Michelle Ridgway:

Handmade M Ridgway

A sweet table-runner by Jenny of elefantz:

Handmade Jenny

And this pretty wall-hanging by Val Laird:

Handmade Val Laird

I have been enjoying the Christmas Fun BOM by Lynette Anderson, and my needle turn applique is improving… unless I’m chatting with friends and then it all kinda gets a bit wonky!

Christmas Fun bear

This little bear looks right at home on top of the plum pudding.

Christmas Fun reindeer closeup

While this reindeer patiently waits to have the love heart stitched to his antler!

Christmas Fun santa sleigh

It just remains to start loading up that Santa’s sleigh with toys!!!!!

Are you as excited about Christmas as I am????

Till next time – hugs! Vikki xo


Rosa said...

Congratulations, Pudding Cheer is absolutely gorgeus!!
Yes,I love christmas decorations and now I`m wworking in xmas projects too.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Pudding Cheer is sweet as can be. Looks like this magazine issue is chock full of terrific Christmas ideas.

Anonymous said...

o.k, o.k I got it you love x-mas. The magazine is very nice and you have a lot to do. I found a nice christmas tree to make, but it is in dutch. But go over to her She makes lovely things

Allie said...

Vikki!!! Your Pudding is just delicious! And wow are you in good company in that issue - good job! Kayla is darling and Rosie is so cute, lol....enjoy your spring, girl!

Vicki ♥ said...

Oh Vikki your pudding is just gorgeous!! Love it :) Congratulations on having it published looks great :) and you darling little Kayla is so cute :) hugs Vicki x


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