Friday, October 28, 2011

Following your creative dreams – the next step!

Creative dreams!

Doesn’t it make your heart flutter just a wee bit - reading those two very poignant words?!  Yes?   I know – mine is fluttering too!

Bunting kerryanne

We are all individual, and our dreams will all be different… but for us creative souls there is a common ground, for we are always thinking about POSSIBILITES!  It’s the nature of a creative mind… to seek out, to explore… and then to stay awake all night because we’ve stumbled across a new idea that is just way too exciting!  The hamster starts running on its wheel, the cogs start turning, and the idea develops! As far as sleep is concerned - it’s game over!!  I bet I’m not alone, right? *smile*

As your mind explores the creative universe you may come up with ideas of your own.  Perhaps you have friends and family telling you that you should sell your original works or designs?  If you’re still doubting yourself, I can tell you now that if you’re receiving encouragement – GO FOR IT!  What is there to lose?!!   If you have been thinking about taking the next step, then I’m very excited to let you know that there are answers to the questions that you have spinning around in your mind… 

…They are contained within the beautiful pages of this book:

Creative Mumpreneur front cover

The Creative Mumpreneur – How to take your craft addiction from the kitchen table to creative business - by Kerryanne English

(of Woodberry Designs/Shabby Art Boutique)

This beautifully presented E-book takes you through all the key stages of setting up your own creative business.  Primarily aimed at Work at Home Mum’s (WAHMs), this book is also perfect for ANYONE looking to start up a business from home.  Written in Kerryanne’s friendly and professional style, you will learn everything you need to know – the nuts and bolts – of starting out on your business venture - from inception, to maintaining a happy work-life balance!  The topics covered include:

*  Preparation, research, and understanding your ‘product’

*  Business basics –  from understanding the legal jargon to organising your time and workspace

*  Branding – developing your image – and marketing your brand (YOU!) and your product

*  Maintaining a happy balance, dealing with creative block,  and where to next?  All explained!

Kerryanne gave me a pre-release copy of this book to read and review, and I have to say – once I started – I couldn’t put it down!!  I honestly can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone wanting to start out in this wonderful creative industry.  The advice is professional, succinct, wholly appropriate and in my opinion, invaluable.  After absorbing the wisdom of Kerryanne’s 20 years’ experience in business (no mean feat!) you learn more about the lovely lady, herself… I particularly enjoyed reading the story of Kerryanne’s own personal journey, it was just so inspirational!  Then of course there is the project – the artful  ‘Business book project’, designed and USED by Kerry herself!   You can make your own journal to assist with keeping you organised and on-track… quick and easy to make by printing Kerryanne’s original artwork and subsequent templates.  A very thoughtful bonus!

On a personal note, although I have taken a few of the steps in starting my own creative business, I know that this book will be an invaluable tool for me to refer back to on particular topics, and I’m sure it will help enormously with keeping me on track!  I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of Kerryanne’s friendship for several years now and it was she (my painting tutor at the time) who encouraged me to start blogging and put my designs ‘out there’.  Kerry set up my blog and kick-started my journey. I’ve had the benefit of her advice, given so generously, over the years and she is an absolute star! Reading Kerry’s book is just like sitting in a room with her and chatting over a hot cup of tea.  A real pleasure!

If you would like to enjoy this book for yourself, it can be purchased in Kerryanne’s web store HERE

Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  And as if I could forget!!!  Do you remember how wonderful Kerryanne’s ‘Simply Christmas’ was last year?  Well – she’s hosting it again!  Simply Christmas 2011 kicks off on Tuesday 1st November – just a few days away – and I know you’re in for a treat!  I look forward to seeing you there!

Simply Christmas 2011

On a separate note – a quick update on my free BOM, Angels playing Happily!  I haven’t forgotten that my third and final instalment is due and want to reassure you that it will be published on my blog soon!  I shall be offering another free angel design in December as an extra gift because they have been so popular – and because I LOVE angels (and now I know that you do, too)!!! 

Till next time!  Vikki xoxo


Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Thanks Vikki for your lovely words and support. I'm glad you enjoyed my book and to be honest, I'm blown away by the responce to it. Just goes to show there are lots of creative mums out there ready to jump start their creative businesses.
It's been a pleasure watching both you and Sew Useful Designs flourishing.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Ariel Wilson said...

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jamsroot888 said...

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