Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fairy frolics, RAKs and cuteness…

Thank you so much for your kind words of understanding and support in my last post. You girls are the best! :-)

Are you enjoying the weekend? We had beautiful weather in Melbourne yesterday so my family and I sat in the back garden to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. I finished stitching my daughter’s fairy house and she thought Christmas had come early! :-)

Rosies fairy house

This is the third fairy house I’ve made – the other two were for my son and another friend’s daughter. I used this gorgeous pattern by Julie McCulloch of Magic Threads. To this house I added a love heart to the top tendrils, and decorated the outside walls with some ribbon embroidery and buttons.

Fairy house close up button

Talking of fairies… here she is! My own real life little bundle of fairy mischief!

Rosie with Debs bag

Looking a wee bit dishevelled – as some fairies do! *wink* :-)

Do you see the beautiful hand-made bag she is cherishing? It was a delightful surprise gift this week from the gorgeous Deb in New Zealand! Deb and I have been blogging buddies since I started out on my blogging journey and we have become good friends over the past year. In an email I disclosed to Deb that my DD has had some anxiety issues of late, which has caused her not to want to go out anywhere because she is afraid of noise. So Deb made this sweet bag for Rosie, to encourage her to want go out shopping with mummy. How gorgeous and thoughtful is that?

Thank you Deb – you are such a sweetheart – and I cherish our friendship! xx

Deb is a Material Chick! By that I mean she is one of the founders of an on-line pattern store named Material Chicks! They are having a sale at the moment and I was quick to snap up this gorgeous BOM by Libby Richardson.

Girls day out patterns

I have already started collecting the fabrics and over the Christmas holidays I plan to put the materials with each block – so that I create a job bag from which to work from each month. I love being organised! And one of my favourite pastimes is putting piles of fabric together! Is there a word for this kind of behaviour?!!!

On my fabric hunting-gathering expeditions I also picked up these little beauties:

Scissors - fairy

They’re called ‘Embroidery Angels’! Aren’t they sweet? I shall keep one pair and the other is destined for a gift.

I’ll leave you for today with one more photo of cuteness… my pup, outside in the garden, covered in freshly cut grass and begging her mum for a play!

Kayla cute

How could I resist?!!!

Until next time – Hugs! Vikki :-) x


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Vikki - I think that your fairy house is the sweetest thing I have ever seen! What a lovely little house to encourage hours of creative play - your daughter is so lucky!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Deb said...

Aww, talk about cute as a button. The fairy house is just adorable Vikki, I can see Rosie is thrilled to bits. Pleased she likes her bag, it was my absolute pleasure sweetie.
Love your little four legged baby also, so cute.

Penny said...

OMG!!! The fairy house is amazingly adorable! And your fairy is such a an angel! :)

Maria said...

The fairy house is gorgeous and your Fairy is just so cute. No wonder you want to spend more time with her.
How wonderful to have a great friend like Deb.

Jude said...

your little fairy and fairy house areb just too cute and those scissors are great. your bloggingb friend is indeed an angel.

Scottish Nanna said...

I love your fairy house I have never seen one before Looks like A lot of work went into it.Your Daughter is Beautiful.I hope you now have time to spend many happy hours with her and the rest of your family.
Hugs Mary.

Wendyb said...

Vikki you lovely thing creative and special is that fairy house??!!! I wish I had little girls to spoil too....I don't think my 16 year old (well 3 weeks!!) 6 foot 2 inch son would appreciate one quite the same way as a little girl would!! hee hee.
Sad to hear you are leaving the nutters, but i know you will never be far from their hearts....or ours!
Sweet hugs my dear friend
XXX Wendy :O)

Joy said...

That Fairy house is simply adorable - gosh you're clever!!! No wonder Rosie was so excited ...... oh and that's the cutest piccie of her, she looks like a little angel :o).
Isn't it funny, I bought a few pairs of those scissors the other day too ... simply irresistable ;o).
Love n Hugs,
Joy :o)

Sue Niven said...

Love the fairy house, very cool indeed. Your daughter looks like a fairy her bag is lovely and i adore those wonderful scissors, where did you get them?

Blåbærtua said...

What a lovely fairy house. Your daughter is very lucky.

Crowing Moon said...

AHHHHH TOO MUCH sweetness and're post is going to cost me a fortune clicking on your links. Those scissors are way too cute....I need a pair... and the little fairy house came up gorgeously You did a great job...I need to get the pattern
And the BOM... OH SO PRETTY ...I can already hear my purse screaming in protest :(
And your little Rosie is a stunner and her bag is very thoughtful and pretty :)

Crowing Moon said...

*sniffle sniffle* I think you bought the last BOM's. None left :(

Micki said...

The fairy house is a work of art. I am curious to know where you got the scissors. I would love to get my best friend a pair as she collects them.

Jo in TAS said...

Geez I wish I had a little fairy to make one of those houses for! What a sweet little fairy she is too! Anxiety is not nice, hopefully she'll overcome it, if not get some help before it becomes a major issue.

Chris H said...

Oh that Fairy House is is your wee girl and her bag.
AND as for the dog.... PERFECTLY CUTE.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a gorgeous Fair House!!! I can only imagine the 'play' young Rose will have in that! Does she have fairies inside? :-)

Anonymous said...

Your fairy house is so beautiful. Your little girl is so lucky especially with the new bag. You know I love bags. And the scissors are sooooooo cute, I not only have a thing with bags and pincushions but also scissors. Can I buy them on-line. Good luck with your Girls day out, I will start quilting today on mine.

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

OMG, this fairy house is gorgeous!!! I love it!!! I would have loved to have one like that when I was a child! Hugs

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Vikki,
Love the pink version :)
Your fairy looks likes the cute butter wouldn't melt in my mouth kind :D
and that was so thoughtful of Deb too
Lots of hugs, Sharon

KaHolly said...

WOW!! At first glance, I thought it was ceramic and perhaps you had picked it up at some amazing store. But NO, it's fabric and it's just delightful. You are too clever for words. What a precious little fairy girl you have there. Enjoy every single second because they grow up SO fast! Mine just celebrated her 33rd birthday and it totally blows my mind. ~ kaholly

MOMENTS Designs said...

Hi Vicki,
you just have to tell me where you got those Angel embroidery scissors...I am in love! I just gotta tell Santa to bring me a pair but I don't know where to tell him to shop ( I googled it but couldn't find anyhting :-(
Any help would be appreciated :-)
P.S Your fairy house and daughter are the cutest I have ever seen!

PatchworkPottery said...

Seriously! Your faerie house is AMAZING!!!

Sonia said...

nice works but the best is your pup
I love his face
I have 4 cats and one of them loves to play with a small ball and she comes to ask me to play with a so sweet face that I could not say no
I love your blog
sonia from Italy

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Vikki! Your faerie house looks FABULOUS! I actually think I have a pattern for that in my cupboard somewhere, but when I got it home from the craft fair (impulse buy!!) it all looked too hard, so was shelved! :0) Your own little faerie looks gorgeous ... windblown from flitting through the forrest perhaps! :0) And I sure couldn't resist your little poochie's pleas ... is it a Westie?? My dream dog is a Westie ... one day! Have fun - Bear Hugs! KRIS


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