Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas show and tell!

Have you been following along with ‘Simply Christmas’?

Kerryanne, over at Shabby Art Boutique has been spoiling us with ideas, tutorials, guest posts and giveaways… and in addition I have welcomed the motivation and gentle prompts to get my Christmas planning organised!

My ‘wrapping station’ is set and ready to go! I have wrapping paper, tags, ribbons and bubble wrap enclosed – the baubles are just for eye-candy at this stage, reminding me of my colour palette for this year’s decorating!

Xmas wrapping station

I picked up the basket really cheaply at IKEA, and have a separate box (pictured lower left) to store cellotape, pens and bows – all the things my daughter would love to get her crafty little hands on, if they were on visual display! Ha ha! There are methods to my madness! :-)

I purchased these fabrics a few months ago – again, in the blue and red colour palette – to create some table decorations in the form of napkins, runners, bon bons etc. I should have bought some plain fabrics too – but will visit my local patchwork store to match up the hues.

Xmas 12 days of xmas fabrics

The range is called 12 Days of Christmas, by Kate Spain for Moda. But I’m sure if you are a fabric junkie like me, then you would already have recognised it!

Would you like to see a Christmas finish?!!! I’m absolutely rapt with this one!

Married snow couple by Cyndi

The stitchery on this cute little cushion was designed by the gorgeous, enthusiastic, and talented lady known as Cyndi of Stitch Stitch Stitch Bee Tree Designs. Isn’t it gorgeous? I love Cyndi’s work! Always, there is humour!

The stitchery is just one of 16 snowman-themed blocks forming a delightful quilt aptly named, Snowballs. I am a very lucky girl because Cyndi gifted me a few of her patterns after winning my giveaway back in May. She won the giveaway – and then was gifting me! But that is the type of generous gal she is – always giving. She has some delightful downloads on her blog and is always thinking up new ideas and sharing…

Thank you Cyndi! Although this year I hadn’t the time to make the full quilt – I couldn’t resist stitching this married snow couple in memory of my marriage to Mr SUDs this year – so I added the date and made it in to a little cushion to put on our bed! x

But – there is more!

I put the embroidery needle aside for a few days and took up my paint brushes.

What started as this…

Xmas planner in my creative space

(can you guess how many times I dipped the paint brush into my tea to clean its bristles?! LOL)

Evolved in to this…

Xmas penguins close up

Yep – it’s the Christmas Planner designed by the lovely, aforementioned Kerryanne English. I’m taking her online class (which you can view at the top of my right hand side bar) and it’s FANTASTIC!

This isn’t the finished piece, still lots to do, but do you notice how miffed the penguins look? Me-wonders if maybe Rudolph ate all the cookies before they found the empty plate?!! (Or maybe they would just like their beaks? – Ed) A quick email to Kerry to ask, “How do you get your penguins eyes so cute?” and a few brush strokes later (plucking the offending eyebrows!) and I am much happier with the result…

Xmas planner cute eyes

Not finished by a long shot – but getting there! Do you notice how Santa’s hat is shaded and highlighted, compared to the last photograph, for example? It all comes together.

How are you doing with your Christmas planning?

Till next time – hugs to all!

Vikki x :-)

PS: I dipped my paint brush into my tea twice.

PPS: Picked up my daughter from kinder with a big green stripe down one side of my face! Ha ha!


Sue Niven said...

So good to see you in your element! Love your color palette and your painting is just wonderful. Great Stuff, I just adore Christmas!

Unknown said...

The tea always tastes better with a swish of paint through it anyway , lol . Your painting is wonderful too !

Fee said...

Super gorgeous painting Vikki !! I am sure that they just thought you had been to playgroup or something - LOL... Nice to see you creating again sweetie.

Hugs - Fee X

Betty said...

Love your snowpeople pillow. I personally know Cyndi and you are right she is very generous and crafty.

Cyndi said...

Vikki, your painting is soooo wonderful. My goodness, girl, you are one very talented lady!

And Cyndi H. is a peach....she's another talented lady. I don't think there is much that either of you cannot do! :o)

And my tea usually ends up with little bits of thread in it...can't tell you how many times in a day I have to make a new cup!



Maria said...

Beautiful projects Vikki.
I am sure the tea still tasted nice and you would have looked sweet with the paint on your face. LOL

John'aLee said...

What a great inspiring post! You look so organized! Love your artwork...and the stitchery is just adorable!

Vicki ♥ said...

I remember I did that quite a few times when I painted...coffee flavoured with paint lol. Love your painting Vik...its looking really fab :) Your cute little pillow is sweet too. Thanks for showing us sweetie :)hugs Vicki xx

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

I'm glad to see you so enthusiastically embracing Simply Christmas. Your wrapping station is fab and I had to laugh, I purchased those same wrapping papers and red polkad dot tissue paper (LOL)... we must be on the same wave length!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Jo in TAS said...

Wow, so organised! You're painting looks fabulous!!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Oh darlin', better keep that mug of tea right away from you when you pain! LOL!
So many pretties to see on your blog today - that cushion is the sweetest thing, and *well done* on your painting!!

PatchworkPottery said...

Now you are all set for Christmas!!! I need to get organized! I always dip my brush in my tea too!!! Haha! Hugs, L

Crowing Moon said...

the painting is gorgeous!! Love your xmas fabrics too

Trines hobby said...

Koselig blogg og flott maling. Du er veldig flink!
Klemmer Trine

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the colours in your wrapping station - pretty and bright! Love your cushion - what a fun idea to commemorate the first Christmas as husband and wife.

Micki said...

I love your painting Vikki..it is wonderful. I love Santa!

Leanne said...

Your painting is great. Did I ever tell you that I used to paint too! I can't remember how many times I dunked into my cuppa!!!! It was lovely to see you on the weekend. Hope you got lots of inspiration - I know I did. Came down with chest infection courtesy of DD so couldn't work, now have to work all next week - yuck!!! Rather be stitching! Can't wait to see your finished christmas goodies.

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Vikki! OK ... you're WAY too organised and you're scaring me that Christmas is creeping closer - I'm firmly in denial! :0) Your planner is coming up a treat and I had a giggle at the tea-dipping brush and the green-stripe kinder pick up! :0) Nice to know I'm not the only crazy craft chick out there! Tee! Hee! Hee! Can't wait to see your finished planner. Bear Hugs! KRIS


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