Sunday, July 25, 2010

A great day at the Craft and Quilt Fair!

My Saturday adventure got off to a slow start as I’d decided to take the train in to the City, but the line had been closed down so a bus took me to the next Station… overall - I love taking public transport! I don’t think I’d like to do it on a daily basis – but it’s exciting when it’s a journey to somewhere special!

My first date at the show? Catching up with my sweet gumnut sister, Vicki (from Tozz’s Corner). Vicki arrived sooner than me so had some scrummy show n’ tell to share as we sipped our coffee and had a natter… and a few hugs!

Vik and Vic

Vicki met up with her lovely friend to attend a workshop, and I headed off into the crowds to start shopping! And chatting! Have I ever mentioned that I like to chat?

Barb at Theodora Cleave

Meet Barb, the creative goddess behind Theodora Cleave. She must be a goddess because I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when I cast my eyes on the exquisite buttons that she designs and hand-paints! It took me ages to make up my mind which to purchase, if I was a rich lady I would have bought them ALL! I am very happy with my choices – want to see?

Theodora Cleave buttons

Aren’t they gorgeous??? Barb was joined by the lovely Brownyn, who says she reads my blog but does not have one of her own (yet?????). HI BRONWYN!!!! :-)

I also met up with the gorgeous Brenda Ryan – geesh I love her work and was so rapt to be able to hold one of her infamous fabric boxes in my own hands and admire her embroidery. I was too busy chatting to take any photos! I also chatted to Katie from Cottage Garden Threads – who has started blogging… if you’d like to say hello, pop on over HERE! You can also read about Brenda through the same blog :-)

I look a bit like as stunned rabbit in the next photo – I was awe-struck when I met Lynette Anderson from Lynette Anderson Designs. Silly really as she is so friendly and down to earth!

Lynette and me

I could not decide what pattern to buy… I really must start doing the Lotto – wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about budgets?! :-) I loved viewing Lynette’s work. Seeing hand-made creations close-up is so wonderful isn’t it? This is what I bought!

Lynette Anderson pattern

I got chatting to a lovely lady on the Homespun stand (did you know that I love to chat?!) Again, I was too busy talking to get the camera out… but I’d love for you to meet my new friend – Leanne Knell from Petals & Patches. (Does talking to someone for 10 minutes count as friendship?!!! Are you worried I’m a stalker, Leanne?!! LOL) Leanne designs quilts, dolls and other gorgeous patchwork items and I’m in love with her new BOM; “On Freedom’s Wings” – you can see it HERE!

There was also a quilt show at the event – I took a few photos to share with you.

Quilt 1

This quilt is titled “Remembering Thylacines” by Cindy Watkins. The colours were striking and the stars in the sky were diamante's and twinkled beautifully. (Thylacines are Tasmaninan tigers).

Quilt 2

Would it be too corny is I said that I fell in love with the above quilt?! It was my favourite in its beautiful simplicity. It was created by Anne Davis and is titled “First Kiss”.

Quilt 3

The detail in this quilt was incredible, and it’s difficult to tell from this photograph, but the teddy in the boys’ arms was two-dimensional. The photographs around the edges of the quilt were printed on to fabric and stitched on. It is entitled “Hand me downs” and created by Jocelyne Leath. I loved Jocelyne’s Mission Statement and would like to quote her: We live, we learn, we remember as it always was in the past. The frame may hold some memories but the mirror always reflects the truth”.

There was also an exhibition of wearable art – would you like me to share some pictures with you during the week? I didn’t want this post to get too long!

I’ll finish off for now with a few pics of my purchases!

Katkins brooch

How appropriate is this ‘gumnut girl brooch’ for a Gumtree designer? (Okay girls – now you know what you’ll be getting for Xmas!!!) The brooch is designed by one of my all-time-favourite Aussie designers, Karlene Atkins from Katkins Designs.

lazy susan

I want to get into some patchwork and piecing… I bought some hexy templates and this small-sized lazy susan cutting mat, rulers and cutter set. A show special! I bought it from Amitie. (Girls – if you live in Melbourne – Amitie is having a sale on Friday 6 August – instore only.)

Craft show goodies

I also purchased the above background fabric from Amitie. It’s called November Books Geschichte in Waldern. The cowboy-boot fabric is for an upcoming project… and the buttons are a staple in my stash – country style hearts from ‘Dress it Up’!

I headed home from the show after five hours…. across the river…

Melbourne city 2 july10

Well – over a bridge actually!

Melbourne city july 10

I passed a lady who was picking up fallen leaves from the concrete pavement… I told her that I was glad I am not alone in doing such things! She was going to use them for fabric printing purposes… guess where she had just come from?!!!

The journey home was fun – the train was full of footie fans leaving the City – one gentleman almost fell asleep on my shoulder and apologised once he’d realised. I told him that it was okay but his snoring was pretty loud – then laughed at the look on his face before admitting… “only kidding!” :-)

Home again… via a Fast Food shop… with cuddles galore from DD who said she’d missed me…

Mummy and Rosie july10

Cheeky little imp isn’t she? I don’t know where she gets it from!

See you tomorrow! I’ve got a pincushion to show you!!!!

Hugs! Vikki xx


Jan said...

Oh Vickie ,what a wonderful day out ,and what super things to see and buy ,and then what a lovely welcome after you had been away Jan xx

Elyte said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time meeting old and new friends. I bought some Theodora Cleave buttons too, I was so overwhelmed by the volume she had on her stall! I too wanted to buy everything and came home with some little birds and a red robin.
And for an extra treat, I met some blogging friends, totally unplanned and unexpected. I think a great day was had by all.

Deb said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time Vikki. I hope its just as good when it comes here. It will interesting to see who has displays, would be nice if some Aussie ladies came.
How exciting that you now have lots of "new friends"!! lol.
Loving the photo with Rosie-looks like she is being squeezed to death, I can just hear the sounds she's making now.

KaHolly said...

Vicki, what a delightful posting of your day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am now convinced I want to move to Australia!! Those buttons, wow! I saw on Lynette's blog how she makes buttons and I was in total awe. You made some lovely purchases!! I'm envious. Have lots of fun working with all your new treasures! And yes,share more pictures with your delightful dialogue! You certainly are gifted with words. ~karen

Cottage Garden Threads said...

Hello Gorgeous!!! Was so great to meet you and I'm glad you found me. I've just got home and into my pink cupcake pj's. It was a great show and you look like you got some wonderful goodies. I'm looking forward to following your journey. xox Katie

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

oh you met all my favourite people, what a fun time, how lovely that you were able to get to this fantastic show!

Simone de Klerk said...

Wow, Vikki, what a wonderful time you must have had, meeting so many nice people and seeing so much loveliness!

Joy said...

Oh Darling, how I would have loved to be down there with my two favourite Vikk(ck)ies ;o). Looks to me like you had a fabulous time, and meeting Lynette Anderson, how very cool. I think I would've been a bit starstruck too, I'm a big fan of her work :o).
Love all the quilts - and I'm with you, I'm in love with the black and white one too!!! Just gawjus!!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Vicki ♥ said...

It was a fab day for sure Vik sweetie and it was just so good catching up with you again. You certainly got lots of goodies and I too just loved the Theodore Cleave buttons.....had to resist and only get one. But I told Barb I would be having a spend up soon on her blog :) Hugs Vicki xoxoxox

retdairyqueen said...

I loved hearing about your day

Denise :) said...

It sounds like you had a most marvelous time!! I particularly liked the snow friends bag and the "First Kiss" quilt. Fun, fun, fun!!! :)

Cyndi said...

Wow, Vikki, what a fabulous day you had. And you are so like me....I love to chat and meet new people. I spend half of my time doing just that whenever I go somewhere!

Love all of your purchases, and I ADORE those birdie buttons you got from Theodora Cleave! OMGosh! Too, too cute!

So glad you had such fun, and your daughter is just as cute and adorable as you are! :o)



Maria said...

What a great day out meeting so many lovely friends and crafting folk. Then to came to to such a great big hug. How gorgeous is that.

Micki said...

What a wonderful day! I loved sharing it with you!

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Aahhhh Vik, I feel like I was there with you. Maybe next year!!
I can just imagine you chatting to everyone.... such a shy girl [giggle]. You came home with lots of lovely purchases and no doubt heaps of inspiration too.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne xx

Jo in TAS said...

Great post Vikki! Sounds like you really enjoyed your day out!

Joy McD said...

Looks like you had a great day Vikki! I didn't go this year... mind you I have never been, I keep thinking I will be tempted too much and spend too much.. maybe if I start saving I can go next year?! It does look like lots of fun!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Vikki,
sounds like you had as much fun as I did at the Craft Fair!
Lovely goodies you bought!
Happy creating,

Anonymous said...

You had a wonderful time going to the craft fair. You bought some lovely things. Are you going to buy the BOM freedom of wings? It's a really nice BOM. But if you win something in the Lotto,you have no budget woories but you have to worrie about the time to make everything (sigh)

Cheryl said...

Hi Vikki :) What a day!! and loads of fab goodies... and loads of catchups with all those famously famous people!
Best part is the end of the day when the gorgeous mummy still has the biggest smile and cuddle for litte Rosie... so perfect
love Cheryl xxx

Leanne said...

Hi Vikki,

It was so lovely to meet you in person. Some friendships can be instantaneous! (Hope I spelt that correctly.) You really did have a wonderful day. I can't believe we loved the same things!!! I too love barb's buttons. With Lynette being opposite I had a great time. My daughter loves her designs and is stitching her Noah's Ark Block of the Month (very slowly - but now with fractured arm it's a little hard to stitch). Did you say you love to chat? Hhmmmm something else we have in common.

Talk soon,


Allie said...

Wow Vikki, what a day!!!!! I'm in awe of everyone you got to meet and now I'm following their blogs, lol. LOVE all of your purchases, especially those gumnut brooches! How cool is that!

Bronwyn said...

Hi Vicki, So nice to meet you. Have just managed to find time to read all the blogs. Yes don't have a blog myself but I do love lurking about. Love the birdie pincushion. I think all crafters love a chat.


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