Thursday, June 3, 2010

Living life creatively

I’m heading on an exciting journey of self-discovery at the moment… and hadn’t realised quite how much I needed it until it began!


I’ve always been a creative girl but I know that there is still a part of me holding back from exploring my full potential… but that’s all about to change.  Sometimes the planets fall into alignment, and those planets aligned for me when I purchased this book, and was gifted a place on Kerryanne’s e-course, Embracing the Passion.

The course runs for four weeks and for the past few days Kerryanne has been focusing on finding our “inner muse”… It’s been incredibly gratifying.  The thing that’s so great… is that there is no right or wrong, and because each student will explore their creativity in a private visual journal, there’s no pressure for it to be shared, no boundaries, no self-judgement… just complete freedom and liberation.  I am in seventh heaven!  As light as one of these white fluffy things…


I’m allowing myself head space to think for “ME”, and loving it!

I have purchased a visual journal and tonight will paint its pages with a primer so that its strong enough to handle the creativity!  OH YEAH BABY! :-)  Can you handle it?  Can you handle it?! :-)

Embracing the passion supplies

So you’re thinking, geesh, Vikki’s this geared up and all she’s done so far is purchased a journal?????  Well, in addition, I’ve already prepared some creative mental space, you know, packed up the procrastination box and sent it on its way!  But today I also spent five hours organising and cleaning my creative space.  Want to see?

craft desk 1

I know it doesn’t look very tidy… but believe me, it’s a vast improvement!  The giant teddy picture on the wall above my desk once belonged in my son’s nursery (12 years ago!) and although I can’t bear to part with it (excuse the pun!), my son isn’t the only one who has outgrown it!  I plan to cover it (to protect it) with fabric and ribbons and create a memory board.

craft desk 2

A close- up of two of my magazine holders with “Tilda” cut-outs adhered to them.  I’m so happy to have them on display as they’d been hidden on my desk for so long!

Tilda files

A close-up of the treasures on the shelf above my desk…

close up of hutch 

Hutch close up 2

I re-discovered my “fairy box”, one of a few boxes that I have containing various doll parts, whimsical yarns, and iridescent wings.  You can see one of my practice heads in this next photo, too.  Hmmm… my inner muse is telling me she wants to create more fairies! :-)

Fairy box

But you know, the time I have most of my creative inspiration is when I am quiet and peaceful in bed… I go to bed early some nights just to get that quiet space.

Bedside table

My current bedtime reading includes Kerryanne’s printouts from the e-course and the book I mentioned, ‘Make your creative dreams real’ by SARK.  Fantastic!  If you’re wondering if this book is for you let me read what it says on the cover… “A plan for procrastinators, perfectionists, busy people, and people who would really rather sleep all day”.  I think it’s awesome!

I also keep a DS next to my bed – my mind gets so busy with ideas that I have to calm it with word puzzles!  I’m into solving anagrams at the moment.  Can you spot something else rather lovely on my bedside table?

Jennys doily

If you follow the Gum Tree Designers’ blogs you may have seen a few of these already… a few of us made this gorgeous “Florentine Doily” from a pattern designed by our lovely Fee.  We then did a swap!  I received Jenny’s beautiful version, isn’t it just gorgeous?  And I sent the doily I made to our lovely Joy.  We love doing swaps!

Well, before I go I’d just like to leave you with another beautiful picture.  This, together with the sunflower and cloud photos were downloaded from  Enjoy! :-)


Until next time – enjoy living creatively!  Vikki xx 



Sue Niven said...

All the best on your journey Vikki, You know how i feel about you!! Looking forward to seeing you blossom from the wonderful bud you are to a whole bushel if you like!
Looking forward to watching you bloom on your journey.

Elyte said...

Enjoy your journey Vikki and make sure you have some fun along the way.

Marj said...

Love the pictures, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your journey. The book and class look like fun. Good Luck & Happy Creating!

Simone de Klerk said...

What a wonderful inspiring post and thank you so much for the link and the title of the book.
What really caught my eye in your room is the doll (elf?) sitting on the top shelf. She sits there so beautifully and seems to be so comfortable there with you.
Take care, lieve Vikki!

Chris H said...

Lovely post, nice to see your photos.

Cheryl said...

OH Vikki, you will positively BLOOM through this journey, you have such a gorgeous creative little soul and there is so much we're yet to see. I'm incredibly excited for you and looking forward to seeing it all evolve
have fun!!!
love and hugs sweet girl
Cheryl xxx

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Love what you have done with your creative space Vik and pleased that you are feeling enlightened by my offerings.
Love Kerry xx

kerrykatiecakes2 said...

Sounds like a wonderful journey you are embarking on!

Joy said...

Vikki your 5 hours of organising your creative space have inspired me!!! Today I'm going to do the same, although I'll probably do a condensed version lol, I just know I won't stick at it for that long he he he. Look out for some piccies soon :o)!!!! Gosh, I hope that 'procrastination box' of yours isn't on it's way here!!! Oh - hang on a mo, that's right, I've already got a very big one of my own **sigh** he he he ;o)!!!
Darling your e-course with Kerryanne sounds like fabulous fun, can't wait to see your progress - all those gawjus little creative buds of yours are just waiting to burst into flower ;o)!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Vikki,

Enjoy your journey...sounds like you are quite excited about it. As for that book, it sounds like me LOL.

BTW, your work space looks wonderful...mines a mess again...and I didn't even start using it arrgh.

Look forward to your postcard :)

Hugs, Sharon

Jenny of Elefantz said...

You go girl!!! \o/\o/ I can hear a spark of life that has been missing of late...I am so happy for you!!! Cannot wait to see what you imprint on those pages...

Wendyb said...

Can't wait to see your inspiration blossom Vikki....I'm going to watch closely and see if some of the pollen can rub off!!!! (send some my way on the breeze!!!)
big sugary hugs
XX Wendy :O)

Helen said...

Thanks for your message on my blog - have enjoyed reading yours!
Helen x

Jude said...

Have a fun journey and learn lots and awaiting to see the new you.


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