Monday, November 10, 2014

Did you ever wonder what a Skating Angel looks like?

Then look no further...

This gorgeous Skating Angel is one of many glorious projects by the fabulous Tone Finnanger, from her Tilda's Winter Delights book.

She was a pleasure to make!  I fell in love with the faux fur when I made this doll and that's what spurred me on to design some projects using the same material.  But it is a little trickier to sew with than my usual cotton choices.  It tends to slip and slide around, so getting seams to match up is challenging.  But I can live with that knowing how soft and luxurious it both feels and looks on the finished project!

I've just ordered Tone's latest book, Tilda Homemade and Happy,  and have seen projects from it popping up all over social media... so I can't wait until it arrives!!

Are you a Tilda fan?  If so, what's your favourite project or book?  I bet that's really difficult to answer - not sure that I could - there are just too many aren't there?!  What I love about the books isn't only the stunning projects, but the photographs and illustrations are sublime as well, it makes a really good coffee-table book (unless you're a sports car fan, then maybe not so much?!)  Do I have any sports car fans reading my blog?!  he he he... you never know!

I am chomping at the bitt to get my Christmas decorations out, but hubby wants to refrain until the end of the month!  I do have a sweet friend who has indeed got her tree up and displays looking all pretty!  (Deb - you have me drooling!  Are you going to put some photos up on your blog? xx)

Until next time - happy sewing!
Vikki xoxo


Deb said...

Hey gorgeous. Yes I will do a blog post in the next couple of days. I have been asked by a couple of lovely ladies to get my act together! Lol. I so adore your skate Tilda, she is beautiful. I have also ordered the new book, I can't wait for it to arrive. Xxx

Julie said...

Oh Vikki your skating angel is just sooo beautiful. I am totally in love with her :-) Your post has made me find my (2) Tilda books in the bottom of the pile & have a wee look through them & be re-inspired. Thanks so much for reminding me how much I adore all things Tilda. x0x

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

She is so sweet Vikki. I still haven't made this one, but I will... one day!
Hugs xxx

Wendyb said...

I wondered, but I never knew she could look so gorgeous!!!!!.....but then, look at her mumma! :o)
sugary hugs clever sweet girl! xoxoxox


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