Friday, April 11, 2014

The Debutante Ball

We are almost at the end of Week One of school holidays.  There have been play-dates and movies and a little sleeping-in during the morning hours as well!  It is nice recovering from a hectic week that was… but what I am busting to share with you is the experience of being a proud mum at my son’s Debutante Ball.

Aaron Bianca Deb 6

But first of all, let me introduce you to my sixteen year old son, Aaron, and his gorgeous girlfriend of two years, Bianca.  Don’t they make a cute couple?!

Aaron Bianca Deb 7

These beautiful photos were taken by Bianca’s step-mum, Sharon, she’s an amazing photographer!  In fact, she’s pretty amazing at whatever she puts her hand to – cooking, baking, hair-up-doos… you name it.  But the photography?  Wow!

Aaron Bianca Deb 8

I may be biased, but I think she has very good subjects (wink)!

Aaron Bianca Deb 3

Thank you for fixing up his dickie-bow Bianca, and to both of you for looking out for each other as you do! x

Aaron Bianca Deb dance 3

Aaron and Bianca were the first of 31 couples to walk out of the curtains, down the stairs, and present themselves to the Federal Member of Deakin, Mr Michael Sukkar.

After the couples had all graced the floor, the girls in their amazing dresses and stunning hair-styles, and the boys all looking so debonair in their ‘tails’, the formal dancing began…

Aaron Bianca Deb dance 2

And this mum lost it… I was so overcome by how grown up they all look, how graceful they moved, and how these two kids look in to each other’s eyes…

Aaron Bianca Deb dance 1

And I cried… in happiness and love bursting in my heart… because I love them so dearly.

I wish I could share more of the photos but I don’t like to share without permission from the other Deb couples in the pics. 

The boys all did a dance, which was fantastic!  Then the girls followed suit with a dance of their own… and the finale was the couples dancing to two more songs, with beautiful choreographed moves.  Aaron and Bianca were chosen to give a speech on behalf of the other Debutantes and partners, and they did a great job!

Then, a very special and poignant moment for me – the first dance with my son as a young adult… and his childhood flashed before my eyes as it dawned on me just how quick it all goes.  I love the sensitive funny young boy that he was, and I love the kind and intelligent young man he has become.

Aaron Bianca Deb 12

I’m so proud of you Aaron!  You are the perfect son for me!!  And Bianca, you are a sweetheart and everything I could hope for in the choice of Aaron’s heart!  Love you, kids!!

When I was at school in England, we never had anything like this.  I was surprised that Debutante Balls were a big thing in Australia because I had always thought of them as being American.  I think it’s so special that these young people learn how to dance and present themselves so gracefully – what an amazing – and confidence-boosting opportunity!  Have you had any experience with such occasions?

Okay… best go dry my eyes… 

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!  I’m off to the Australian Quilt Convention tomorrow and I’ll take my camera!

Much love, Vikki xo Smile


Marilyn said...

Oh Vikki, what a gorgeous couple they make. It would have been a very proud moment to see your lovely son looking so handsome and grown up. Such a sweet girlfriend too, and those photos are amazing. You are entitled to shed a few happy and proud tears, and then enjoy your dance with him. xxx

margaret said...

what lovely photos. Your son has grown up ansd i s now a young man certainly they look very much in love. We are now having proms here in the UK, my granddaughter has hers in june she too is 16 but no boyfriend at least not that we know of. She still seems very young in lots of ways bit in others so mature, knows so much about life, in fact more than me.

Deb said...

Ow what beautiful photos hun. They look so mature and I can't believe only 16 and looking so serious. Wow.
You have the greatest honor of being a proud mum and good on you, it all represents the wonderful way you have bought Aaron up. Well done.
Our kids had proms in their year 12 and 13 but nothing like the deb balls Aaron & Bianca had. I think Jack partnered his 1st girlfriend to her deb ball at her private school and they were presented to someone and then they all sat down for dinner etc.
I can't believe it's been 2 yrs they have been going out, where did those years go to?

simplestitches said...

just beautiful youngest has her Debut ball at the end of June, can't wait. This is the second one, middle daughter did it 2 years ago and it was wonderful!

Melody said...

What a gorgeous couple and you are so right the photos are beautiful.

Quilt Kitty said...

Oh Vik, I would be crying before the poor lad got out the door, you did well to hang on so long. The pics are fabulous & capture the gorgeous couple & their affection beautifully. What a special time! xx

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Oh Vik, I totally get the tears. How beautiful they looked and I can't believe how grown up Aaron is now. It must have been a very beautiful and moving event. Thank you for sharing the photos of this gorgeous couple.
Hugs to you my friend,
Kerryanne xx

Sheila said...

They are a sweet young couple , you should be so proud :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Vik, this is so, so lovely. I think back to Aaron as a baby & little boy & then see these pictures & it amazes me. They look so beautiful together. Thanks for sharing this magical memory. Love you darling, Tam x x x

Christine M said...

What beautiful photos Vikki. Don't they look so grown up! Mitchell is partnering a friend from school and the deb is on the 10th May.

Dot said...

Oh my! Your post made me cry too. It hit close to home. What an adorable couple. My son is also partnering a debutante this year. Aren't we so fortunate to have such beautiful young people in our lives? (sniff)

Eulalia Isabel said...

beautiful your son and his girlfriend, a beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing happy mother.

Greetings from ecuador.


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