Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tour of a beautiful garden…

When I moved to Australia (just a few months shy of ten years ago), I inherited a lovely group of friends thanks to my husband.  Our group consists of four couples and we have nine children between us.

Garden 1

Each year we gather together to celebrate Christmas, enjoy delicious food and a drink or two, play cricket with the kids if the weather is good, and laugh at the expense of each other as only good friends can do!

Garden Rosie 2

We celebrated last Sunday in a friend’s garden… and I took lots of photos!  My friends are a bit shy so I haven’t included pics of them, but I thought you’d enjoy a tour of the garden?  It’s set in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges… and I am in love with it!

Garden 2

The vegie-patch is full of interesting shapes and display pieces to add interest. 

Garden 4

I love all the pots, the curved shapes of the vegie beds, and the plant-filled bird cages that are scattered around.

Garden 3

Here, my friend uses an old single bed-stead as a trellis.

Garden 5

And I have a passion for flower-filled wheelbarrows (I have three at home!)

Garden 6

You can just make out Mr SUDs up at the drinks table in this picture.  He’s not much of a drinker… Diet caffeine-free coke is his beverage of choice!  I was drinking a Rose wine.  Hic!

Garden 7

There are interesting lanterns, ornaments and gazebos scattered around… as well as a cubby and tree-swing for the kids.

Garden 8

A very beautiful day was had by all! 

Garden Rosie 1

I adore this picture of Rosie, the sweet little love!

Have you had many Christmas get-togethers’ this year?  Where do you like to celebrate?

Till next time!

Warm wishes!  Vikki xo


margaret said...

sounds like you have a lovely time, your friends certainly have some unusual bits in the garden.
Xmas for me is on 28th when my 2 daughters and granddaughter will be coming for their turkey, better late than never, will have a quiet few days running up to the 28 as I live on my own, probably do some stitching!!

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