Thursday, May 9, 2013

Playing with a new desk-tidy

I not only picked up some tired old wheelbarrows from the recent hard-rubbish collection, I also came across this bathroom towel rack.  I spotted it whilst taking Kayla for a walk and whipped it up not exactly knowing what it was at first until I found the screw brackets on the back!

Desk tidy unclean

After a good clean and disinfection I gave it a new lease of life on my desk, playing around with different layouts. 

Desk tidy 1

Those little cubicles are just the right size for my fat quarters.

Desk tidy 2

I tried out another scheme…

Desk tidy 4

…and another:

Desk tidy 5

To be honest I don’t really have the space on my desk for it without making it completely useful, and then it’s not half as good looking without the ornaments!  But I had fun playing and I’ll attempt to find some space for it elsewhere in the studio. 

Have you got any unusual storage solutions?

Till next time! 

Vikki xo



Noela said...

I like all your photos but especially like the quilting contents one. It was a great find. Hugs.....

Christine M said...

Great find Vikki!

Unknown said...

Great score , it looks lovely !

margaret said...

lots of good ideas here but you can not tell me that all your fat quarters are on display here!!
I Have a few mini chests of drawers which sit on other pieces of furniture which hold my beads,trinkets and fancy threads. Love wood of any sort

Anonymous said...

I love that it was a found object! I use a variety of empty kleenex boxes to hold my scraps. =)


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