Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In the garden… a sneak peek!

As I sat having breakfast in the garden I started reflecting on how I’ve become more and more interested in gardening over the past six months. 

Breakfast edited

The mother of my son’s girlfriend is a real enthusiast and gave me loads of cuttings from her front yard, and I think that’s where it all started.  Realising that I CAN actually nurture these wee plants and they grow and thrive gives me such a great feeling.

wheelbarrow flowers


The above picture is my inspiration!  Thanks to recent hard-rubbish collections I have obtained two more out-of-use wheelbarrows that I’m going to plant-up with my young fledglings. 

One is ear-marked for a herb garden that I hope will be as lively as this one: 

Wheelbarrow-veggie planter


Don’t you just love all the moss and ground-covering plants between the paving stones?

The reason for my initial lack of confidence?  I seemed to kill everything I planted when I had a garden in England and thought I was destined never to grow flowers!  How silly!  Okay – even sillier – I propagated buttercups!  I had no idea they were weeds at the time, before they flowered the plant looked so healthy that I thought I’d spread it around!! Ha ha!  Lesson learned… now I learn what the plant is before I start sharing the love!

Garden stitchery 1

I have always been a nature lover and with my new-found interest in making a garden of my own it has been a pleasure to work on this garden-themed project for one of my favourite magazines.

Garden stitchery 2

It will be available later on this year, I’ll let you know when!

Garden stitchery 3

Till next time – happy creating!

Vikki xo



Jenny of Elefantz said...

It's beautiful, Vikki, and so will your garden be. xxx

Unknown said...

Нежная и простая но очень приятная вышивка. Красиво!

margaret said...

the wheelbarrows look wonderful, so glad you have the gardening bug, at times I find it tiring but when everything is in flower it is so rewarding.
Your new project looks interesting.

Lindac said...

Those wheelbarrows look great. I always throw our old ones out because I never imagine they'd look very nice in the garden but now I think I may give them a go.
Looking forward to seeing your project.


barb's creations said...

There must be hope for me yet then cos I'm just as bad as you with a garden lol....look forward to seeing your green thumb emerge and your garden growing :) Barb.
P.S: Love the sneak peak of your new stitching project :)

Quilt Kitty said...

My gardening skills are not at the level I wish they were. I'm very good at killing seedlings. I wish I wasn't and hope the future sees me become a better gardener too. That stitchery looks wonderful, can't wait to see it in the magazine. xx

Noela said...

The wheelbarrows look great with all the flowers and herbs in them. Your stitchery is looking good so will look out for it when it is published. Hugs.....


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