Monday, August 13, 2012

Maryborough and Castlemaine… a weekend away!

The weekend before last was spent with a special girlfriend of mine – call ourselves Thelma & Louise – just for one weekend away from the usual hum-drum!

Castlemaine travel in car

Gosh it was good not having to plan a meal – we ate what we wanted - whenever we wanted. 

Maryborough scones

In the evenings we stayed in the cabin we rented and ate take-out pizza while sitting in bed with the electric blankets on, drinking wine and watching the Olympics.  We flicked through craft magazines and inspired each other with all the projects we plan to make or design in the future…  and did I mention there was chocolate?

Casstlemaine cabin

We rented budget accommodation (so we had more spending money) but it was so nice and clean.   The only ‘luxury’ we went without was our very own bathroom.  We’d make a mad dash for it to the toilet block at night and I can tell you – it was FREEZING!!!  But it all added to the fun of doing something different… and the electric blankets more than made up for the brief arctic-like chills.

Castlemaine tree

Check it out – Castlemaine even grows trees straight out of Dr Seuss story books!!!



See the resemblance??  I digress… now where was I?  Oh yes – weekend away…

Narelle (aka Thelma) and I left Castlemaine for the day to travel through to Maryborough, just an hour up the road.  The landscape was different to our Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  Very flat and sparse.  The buildings were quaint, mainly Victorian cottages… single storey with picket fences and tin roofs.  We stopped at a gorgeous little charity shop in Carisbrook – the lady volunteering there was so old and so very sweet!  I picked up a flannelette nightdress – my subliminal mind was telling me to keep warm!  It was colder in the shop than it was outside!!

Carisbrook charity shop

The houses were sparse in Carisbrook and set back from the road.  There was this gorgeous little church set in the centre of the community.  I love this next photo!

Carisbrook church

I love how this church looks like its been taken straight out of the English countryside and yet it is neighboured by a palm tree, corrugated fences and some kind of wind turbine “thingy”.  I just love the shape of that thingy-thing!!

Maryborough station

Maryborough train station was built in 1890 and its glorious solid architecture is such a wonderful striking feature in the otherwise flat landscape.

Maryborough station 2

This lovely old porcelain lady was in the foyer to meet us… she wasn’t much of a talker!

Maryborough station inside 1

The stained glass windows were beautiful both inside:

Maryborough station window inside

… and out…

Maryborough station window outside

There is an antique store inside the station as well as a gorgeous restaurant serving yummy food… like the scones I showed you in one of my first photos.

I’m building to something here… the whole purpose in choosing Castlemaine and Maryborough as a weekend destination to visit was because of THIS place…

Maryborough flour mill building

Just WAIT until you see what’s inside this glorious old building!!!  Lots of photos – so I won’t leave it too long until the next post to show you!  And then of course there’s the Artists market and the Farmers market…

Till then – catch you round like a sweet potato!

Hugs! Vikki xo


Dawn said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had and so nice to have a girly getaway, you so deserve I can't wait to see inside that Flour Mill....
Hugs Dawn x x x

Vicki said...

Hi Vikki, your post brought back many memories. I lived in Carisbrook for 9 years (in the old 2 storey pub, now a house) and owned a business in Maryborough. I have shopped in the op shop, dined at the railway station and attended service in the church. Vicki vickilorraine at hotmail dot com

Vicki said...

I forgot to say that a friend of mine owns the flour mill, I've been there many times. Vicki

Simone de Klerk said...

What a lovely lovely time you had. So good to be away from everything.
Great impressions from the part of the work where you live.

barb's creations said...

Sounds like you had a lovely but chilly girls weekend awayI too can't wait to see what treasure you're about to show us in the flour mill :) Barb.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Sounds perfect Vik and just what you needed. Hope to see you in person next week... I'll call you when I get to Melbourne ♥

Pear tree cottage! said...

The best part of going away and then coming back to your own blog is you hunt out those you loved to visit before and see their wonderful posts......and to find one that is just so much about your own door step is "the best" living in Malmsbury as I do shopping in the district is wonderful as you now know.

Hugs Lee-Ann


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