Sunday, March 4, 2012

Do you fancy a song?

Singer 1_picnik


Singer sepia

… I know…

Singer brick wall

… a lovely Singer.

Singer landscape

Do you????


Joy said...

Oh it's gawjus Vikki!!! Is it yours??? If it is maybe you should call her Nellie, or Miranda - two fabulous Aussie "Singers" ;o).
Love n hugs,
Joy :o) xxx
PS ... I'll be down there to visit you in a couple of weeks - WooHoo :D

Anonymous said...

He looks very handsome

GerryART said...

Love your Singer.
Love my Singers.
Love ALL Singers.

I am envious of your cabinet.
Did I say I am envious of your cabinet.

I do have one Featherweight Table though and wouldn't part with it for a cabinet, though.

But now here's the dilemma. I have a 1948 and a 1953 Featherweight. Not as old as your's because I can see the detail in your faceplate.
The dilemma is - son has shipped me a Singer Model 15 with wooden case with the rounded top. Where to use it - where to store it.
Your post has given me a push to get those three Singers a right proper home and showcase 'round here.
Love your posts, Vikki.


memmens said...

Lovely! I have a 99K rescued from my husbands work (the mental asylum bit that closed - it was called that). It is wonderful, I use it for embroidery and it's beautiful - enjoy.

Christine M said...

Your Singer is lovely. I am lucky enough to have one and always have my eye out for another. Although I don't know where I would put it!

Leesa Gentry said...

Looks so much like the one my Grandmother had when I was a little girl. That was almost fifty years a go and it was a pedal one. Still can see her pedal that sewing machine. Well always remember when she got a new machine she complain for years that it wasn't as good as her Singer.

Vicki ♥ said...

OOohhh.....its gorgeous Vik!! I love your sewing machine and arent we lucky ducks getting these lovely old machines to treasure :) Hugs Vicki xxx

Anonymous said...

I love Singer too. My Singer is very, very old - from 1893, his fabric number is 11777974


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Vikki,
Ohh, you lucky lady!
Looks fabulous in your newly painted room.
Creative hugs,

Unknown said...

Oh she is just beautiful ! I love her xxx

Crowing Moon said...

OH very nice Vicki :) I have a singer too <3

Jane Beagle, Ukraine said...

So what'sup? why you no blog now?


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