Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vintage leather bags

I’m very much a 70’s “chick” at heart…

I was a young child during that era and lived with three teenage brothers – all of whom donned long hair and were obsessed with motorbikes and the legendary rocker, Suzie Quatro!  I was only four years old when my eldest brother married, and I smile now as I remember his attire included the wearing of platform heels – so COOL!

It’s no wonder that I grew up with a love of the fashion and music, and it wasn’t long into my twenties before I began seeking out retro clothes in thrift stores.  By then my brothers and their wives were cringing at my choices – but I just couldn’t get enough of 70’s fashion!  I began a collection of leather coats and jackets, mostly purchased on eBay.  It became a bit of a hobby.  I still have these coats (and a small collection of Gunne Sax dresses purchased from America) but unfortunately I have expanded in size over the past few years and they no longer fit me!

But there is one accessory that always fits…. our much-loved…


I purchased this one off eBay and collected it just this morning.  Genuine leather and more than 30 years old…

Vintage bag

I love it!  I was experimenting in Picnik (online photo-editing software) and used the “1960s effect” for this next image:

vintage bag 1960s style

It’s amazing how just the look of an old photo can set you back down memory lane, isn’t it?!!

The bag lining is quite tatty but I like the idea of keeping it as part of the original bag.  So I’m going to deodorize it and make a fabric insert to go inside.

I also picked up this little leather satchel bag from a thrift store a few months ago:

Vintage small bag

It needs a long handle but I’m not sure whether to make one of out of fabric (do you think that would look odd?) or to buy a leather handle from a bag making supplier.

My little Kayla made me laugh while I was staging the bags to take photos – she was quite wary of them!

Kayla bag collage

Maybe 70’s vintage just needs to grow on her a bit?!!!

If you have any vintage handbags then I’d love to see them!  Give me a shout if you’d like to see some more of my bag collection.  I don’t have as many as the lady who sold the large bag to me on eBay.  Can you believe she had a collection of 2000?  That isn’t a typo…Two THOUSAND!!!!  Whoopee-doo!!!  Yep – my chin dropped to the floor too!!!!!

Hugs! Vikki Smile



Dana Gaffney said...

Love that big bag, old leather bags are something I love too. There is a seller on etsy who takes old leather jackets and turns them into handbags. They have the old look, but are new bags, no tattered lining.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Some people do shoes, this lady does purses! I keep wondering where you store them all? Great bags. Wishing I had some of mine from the 70s!

Purse Stuff said...

I didn't even know I wanted one until I saw yours! They are beautiful. Love the idea of leaving the tattered lining and using an insert. You asked about fabric or leather handle for the satchel. My vote would be to go for leather. I'll bet they can dye leather to match your satchel.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Glad to see you are indulging your hobby Vik. Makes you feel good doesn't it.
The 70's still make me cringe a bit, but I was a teenager then and wore some shocking things... yes best forgotten!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Jeanette said...

Ahh that brings back memories Vikki. Great bags you have purchased. I'd got with leather handles for the bag. Happy Stitching,

deanna7trees said...

love your old leather bags. i have an old coach bag i bought on ebay a few years ago and i love it.
i would add a fabric type strap to the bag. or you could buy some leather cord in a craft store and braid it.

barb's creations said...

Love the bags especially the satchell one,so cute! :) Barb.

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

oooooh some gorgeous arm hangers there Vikki, and they look like they could be very practical as well - BONUS! Do you have a big wardrobe then?

ewallen said...

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