Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Show n’ tell!

Hi there! A warm welcome to those of you who are new to my blog… and a warm welcome to those of you who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for quite some time!

Thank you for the uplifting feedback you’ve given me about both my chat over at Stash Manicure, and the giveaway! I’m still in the process of visiting new blogs and replying to comments… just when you think you know where the borders of the blogosphere lay, there are new doors opened and more creative people to meet! If only we didn’t have to sleep!!!

As promised, the kettle is on, would you like a cuppa?

Teapot blue

I usually drink Earl Grey tea, really weak with milk. But just recently I’ve been introduced to Chai tea with milk and honey… so lovely on a cold winter’s day! What’s your favourite brew?


We’re on the second week of school holidays here in Melbourne and it’s been cold and rainy for the most part. A good excuse to cuddle up indoors with a movie, or have friends over for play dates!

I’m working on a mystery BOM called ‘Christmas Fun’ by Lynette Anderson. Here’s my progress on block Two!

LA block two pic

Needle turn appliqué and itsy-bitsy Ohio Stars blocks!

LA block two softened

Lynette has just posted a pic on her blog of the progress so far. It’s great fun!

Her new fabric line, Scandinavian Christmas, has just hit the stores so I had to dash out and buy some! (Someone really had to twist my arm! *giggle*) LA fabric selvedge

Even the selvedge is adorable!!

I plan to use the fabric for a new Christmas design… or two… or a few! I think this is going to be one of my all-time-favourite fabric lines. Sometimes you can just feel it in your bones, can’t you?

On to some other show and tell… do you remember this birdie pincushion I designed a while back?

Fresh hope bird 4[6]

Well, the pattern is now available to purchase under the Fresh Hope Patterns label.

Bird of hope pincushion pattern cover

I’m so proud to be supporting Fresh Hope! This is what the charity is all about (excerpt from website):

“Fresh Hope is an association which offers a loving and caring family environment through an eighteen month residential program to mothers and their children suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. Fresh Hope’s aim is to provide, through education and suitable programs, the opportunity for mothers and their children to find their destiny in life and achieve their goals in a healthy, drug free environment, thus breaking the generational cycle of addiction and abuse for the children and future generations.”

I find it hard to put in to words how I feel when I think about the mothers who are courageous enough to look for and accept help. But most of all I find warmth in knowing that their children will find security in a safe haven alongside the women who matter most in their lives. Children are such a blessing - innocents that deserve the very best that life has to offer – as we all do! It’s so wonderful that there are people out there – like Fresh Hope – who help people to step on to their paths of happiness…

Bit profound for a Tuesday night eh?!! Okay – best head off for now – but I’ll be back on Thursday to draw the winner of my giveaway. Have you entered yet? Head on over – and Good Luck!

Warm wishes! Vikki xo


Elyte said...

What a coincidence, I bought a few fat quarters of Lynette's Scandinavian Christmas on the weekend. I love the fabric with the little toadstools.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Cute stitchery blocks and darling Scandinavian Christmas fabric. CUTE selvedge too. I heart all things tea--my favorite being Irish Breakfast brewed strong with milk and raw sugar. Second favorite is homemade Indian Chai using Creamy Earl Grey Lavender for the tea part. Sipping tea and visiting with you right now...

Linda said...

Fresh Hope appears to be a really great program. We have similar programs here. The little bird pin cushion is precious!
It must seem odd sewing Christmas items with snowmen when your Christmas is in your summertime! It's odd enough here in south Texas where, although it is winter at Christmas, the temperatures are usually very, very warm.
I love the snowman, by the way!

Winifred said...

Well I have to say coffee is my brew. Strange isn't it, someone English who doesn't like tea! I drink it summer & winter but hate iced coffee drinks, has to be piping hot.

Seems weird to be thinking about Christmas in the height of summer. Has to be a bit cooler before I can get into gear. Love those snowmen!

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

Scandinavian Christmas fabric about to hit the shops here too, just waiting on delivery!!
I am a serious tea drinker too Vikki, so glad to share a cuppa with you

Vicki ♥ said...

Love your Christmas quilt Vikki it is going to be sooo lovely. I love that fabric too :) Me..I love my coffee but do enjoy a cuppa with my dear aunt on a friday when I go to visit her and do her hair and shopping for her..when I get back she has a cuppa tea waiting for me..oh and a couple of bikkies hehe. Thats great news about your pattern of your little bird for Fresh Hope sweetie and I am sure it will sell lots for them. Such a good cause. Hugs hugs Vicki xxx

webbsway said...

Hi Vikki
Newbie here and thank you for letting me have a wonderful visit. I too, have had the same experience with my teas! : )

I totally loved your precious bird and the Christmas projects are AWESOME! I work on my Christmas presents all year long because I would never get them done later. I am a grandmother 8 and 3 great grand babies so it takes a lot of effort, but it helps me "count my blessings" all year long. : )

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Having a cup of lemon tea as I hop through blogland this morning Vik.

I love Lynette's new fabrics too and the mind is in overdrive [giggle]. Can't wait to see what you design sweetie.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Deb said...

hello gorg girl, love your wee bird, so cute and for such a good cause.
Your mystery blocks are looking fabulous and wow look at that needle turn. As you say even the selvedge is gorgeous.
Nothing like a good cuppa, I used to be an Earl Grey girl but have reverted back to the good old English Breakfast. I adore the Chai too but too much sugar in it for my diabetes and I'd want to drink it all the time so I stay away from it. They have gorgeous teas at the Theobroma Chocolate places.

evelyn said...

I just love snowmen. Your stitchery looks fantastic. Hope I can get some of Lynettes Christmas fabric here in Canada.

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Vikki, I just love chai tea...have even introduced it to a few people. Its even good in summer as iced chai. Yum!
Your blocks look great...haven't made it to a fabric shop this week though. DOn't think Liam would enjoy it and I love to browse :0
Hugs, Sharon


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