Friday, October 1, 2010

Have you heard?

Gosh, there seems to be so much going on in blogland at the moment!

Have you heard…

Simply Christmas button

That the gorgeous, festive, Kerryanne from Shabby Art Boutique is offering an abundance of goodies – in so many forms – to get us organised for a handmade Christmas? There’s so much inspiration on the agenda over the next few weeks that I heard Santa’s elves had decided to take a mini-break so they can keep up with the goings-on!

Plus, I’m sure they’ll be entering this wonderful giveaway designed and painted by Kerryanne, herself. Who wouldn’t?!! It’s a Christmas planner, all bound and ready for you to insert your to-do lists, recipes and everything else that Kerryanne will be offering over the coming weeks.

Just click on either image to take you to Kerryanne’s grotto – oops – I mean, Shabby Art Boutique!

Kerrys xmas giveaway

I plan on getting really organised for Christmas this year, I want to create personalised settings for our table so that dinner is extra-special! I want to make plum pudding and sew gifts for friends and family! I plan to completely over-indulge in the festive spirit and thoroughly enjoy it! How about you?

If Fall is more your thing, have you heard?

That this beautiful covered-candy-jar project is being offered as a freebie by the lovely Roseann of Rosebud’s Cottage?

Check this out!

Falloween by Roseann

Isn’t it delightful?!! Pop on over here if you would like to meet Roseann and download her pattern!

A project for my ever-growing To Do list - which I plan to attack in the very near future!!

Last of all I just have to share that the gorgeous Allie of Allie-oops-sweet-happy-life! has designed the most gorgeous stitchery project – it’s absolutely drop-dead gorgeous – and yes you’ve guessed it – another project on my to-do list!!!

Talking of projects on my to-do list, there were several more added today because my eagerly-awaited book arrived in the mail! Kari Mecca’s More Sewing with Whimsy

Sewing with Whimsy 1

I also purchased a few yards of Spaghetti bias to make some of the trims (left in the pic); and Kari’s “Whimsy Sticks” (pictured right) designed to help create many of the gorgeous embellishments used in her designs.

Would you like to see within the pages?

Sewing with Whimsy 4

It’s a beautiful book in its own right – how gorgeous is the opening page? Plus – I LOVE each and every project – always a bonus! *giggle*

Sewing with Whimsy 2

Sewing with Whimsy 3

I purchased my goodies from this eBay shop and the service was friendly and expedient! Now I need to stock-up on a few more ribbons and trims and invade my stash!

My sewing machine is beckoning… no, BEGGING me to spend an afternoon or two sewing! How can I refuse?? That would be just plain mean wouldn’t it?!!

What are YOU getting up to this weekend?

Hugs! Vikki xx


Maria said...

Thank you for the links Vikki. Will check more blogs out after our hanging next weekend.

WOW!that book is just gorgeous with so many adorable outfits to made for a lovely young miss.

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

well ,I'll be busy answering emails from all the Fall into Fall Giveaways are you going to hop on by?? Someone at your house is going to by stylin' with all those ruffles and trims, SOOOSO cute thanks for the link there.

Dawn said...

Oh Vikki, such eye candy... how divine... Love the little frocks with rosette's... so cute....
Hugs Dawn x x

Allie said...

Honestly, the temptation to forgo sleep and just make everything I see is so, so strong! It sounds like you're going to be very organized and make Christmas a holiday to remember, Vikki!
Thanks for the shout-out, and oh my golly that book looks absolutely scrumptious - please post your projects from it as you finish them - it's going on my wish list for sure!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear girl~!

Deb said...

Hello there Miss Gorgeousness, what a lot of wonderful information you had for us this post. And if I know you you make every event you organise the best ever so your Christmas will always be fabulous. Gosh Miss Rosie is going to have the most adorable wardrobe, so much fun having a girl to sew for isn't it? What a wonderful Mum you are.
mwah xxoo

Vicki ♥ said... makes me wish I had a little girl to sew for again :) It brings back sweet memories of when I used to sew for my daughter when she was little. Gorgeous dresses sweetie :) hugssssss Vicki xoxox


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