Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Fathers Day, Mr Boggler!

I’d like to introduce you to a very special person in my life…

…this is Mr Boggler!


Oh Okay – I cheated just a bit – this isn’t THE Mr Boggler, this is a doll I made in his likeness some years ago! Mr Boggler is my wonderful Father in Law and he is named so because for 15 years he owned and ran a games shop aptly-named, Mind Bogglers.


I made the above doll for his 60th birthday – complete with a carrier-bag of games (I cut out pictures from toy catalogues and stuck them to foam and cardboard) and a stamp album (Dad also collects stamps and postal memorabilia); and I dressed him in his favourite chequered shirt!

Here he is in true form – this photo was taken nine years ago when my DS and I first visited Australia with Mr SUDs! I absolutely adore this photo. Dad is reading a book with Aaron – he’s so great with kids – the most wonderful Grandad you could imagine! Every Christmas he allows his beard to grow long intentionally so that children stare in wide-eyed amazement… excitedly wondering if he is Father Christmas! :-) Indeed, both of his grandchildren have wondered the very same thing!

Ron 2

I really love this next photo too! This was taken during the same trip to Melbourne in 2001, of me and my parents-in-law at the top of Mount Dandenong:

Ron 1

Aren’t they gorgeous? I really love my parents-in-law! My “Mum and Dad”! Can you guess?!! :-)

It’s Fathers Day here in Australia, and I know that Mr Boggler (giggle) reads my blog… so this is for you, Dad!

I know, I know… Fathers Day!

When you’ve finished boggling and your mind is running free

your nose will be alerted to a fresh hot cup of tea…

And when that tea is finished and your tummy starts to rumble

I’ll serve your fave Roast dinner - followed by apple crumble…


I know the one thing that you love more than Roasts and cups of tea…

...and that is spending special time with your loving family!

So come on over Dad – hugs and kisses - they abound!

Our love for you is strong and true, it’s utterly profound!


(Love ya, my mind-boggling Dad!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx)

I can’t resist sharing this next photo with you as well – when I look at it, I feel the deep love I have for Dad and think it really shows in this pic!

Having a cuddle on my wedding day this year:



Among the Gum Trees’ birthday bash!

September is a very special month – not only is it Fathers Day here in Australia – but my friends and I from Among the Gum Trees are celebrating our First Anniversary!! We are having giveaways on the blog every day so if you haven’t done so already – head on over and enter! Today is my turn to give away a ‘birthday’ prize! I am gifting this book:

Blogging for BlissI haven’t read it myself but have some excellent recommendations! I plan to purchase a copy, too!! So head on over here to enter our giveaways and party along with us!

Until next time – Hugs! Vikki xx :-)


Cyndi loves to stitch said...

Happy father's day to your dad, what great pictures!!!!!! haven't heard much from you much lately assuming you are busy busy busy with all your magazine projects, can't wait to see!!!! hugs

KaHolly said...

Boy, when it came to passing out imagaination, you must have been first in line!! What an amazing gift and a wonderful tribute to your 'dad'! ~

KaHolly said...

Boy, when it came to passing out imagaination, you must have been first in line!! What an amazing gift and a wonderful tribute to your 'dad'! ~

Crowing Moon said...

September is the best month!! Its filled with Spring, Fathers Day, my birthday :D
Your Mr Boggler is gorgeous. It's great you're close with your dad...I don't see mine...but the dad of my children is the BEST They have the morning all prepared for him.
P.S. I love your photos...You have the most gorgeous smile :D

Maria said...

Reading your post gave me a lovely fuzzy feeling. thank you for sharing your special moments with Mr Blogger and your family.

Deb said...

So obvious how much you adore you DIL sweetie. Gorg photos and the wee verse is precious

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Vikki,
Ah, what a lovely post about your FIL! He must be a very special person in your family lives!

Gosh, the replica of him is fantastic.

OK, I'm off to put my name in for that fabulous book.
Have a wonderful day,

Allie said...

How sweet is this post - Happy Father's Day to your dad-in-law, and to your hubby as well! Dad sounds like a great guy, love the beard - your love for him really shines in this post, sweetheart! LOVE the doll you made for him, clever girl!

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

I love your Mr Boggler doll Vikki and it looks just like your F-I-L too.

I hope Mr SUDs has a wonderful Father's day today.
Chat soon.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Such a beautiful post, sweetheart! Happy Fathers Day to Scott and 'Dad'!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely pitcures, it's great to have such nice parents in law. I really like the doll

Micki said...

Happy Father's Day to your dad, and loved all of the pics!

Cheryl said...

Oh Vikki, that is the sweetest story.. made my eyes leak! Happy little mushy tears :)
Mr Boggler is terrific and I love his name... so perfect!
have a fab day,
love n hugs Cheryl xx

Unknown said...

Just a quick stop in to say Thanks for all the lovelies you and the other Gum trees so freely gave to us this year. It is so appreciated.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

How strange for us in USA to see you celebrating Father's Day now as well as looking forward to summer when we are dreading the coming winter.
I wish to thank you for your time and sharing/caring in your blog as well as with the "Gummies". I have enjoyed each and everyone of your blogs as you have grown thru the year. Wishing you all continued success and looking forward to future creativities.

B J Elder said...

I had not realized that Father's Day is in September in Australia. Just assumed it was the same as here in the US. Love the doll you made - it's great. When our daughter was little and her dad had to travel a lot with his work I made her a daddy doll, with fabrics like the clothes he wore and made it to look like him. I would bring it out and give it to her when he was gone. It was amazing how it helped her during his times away.
Thank you for your great blog and your giving spirit.


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